drabble: some women want flowers

“I smell chips,” said Rose.

“You’re having olfactory hallucinations,” said the Doctor.

“No, really—it smells like it’s coming from…”—she looked around slowly, sniffing—”…over there.”

“Rose, we’re on an interstellar cargo ship hundreds of light-years from Earth. You’re smellin’ things that aren’t there. I promise.” He handed her a stapler gun. “Now try and focus.”

She cocked an eyebrow. “Then why’s that sign say ‘Cafeteria 0.2km Ahead’?”

“…Well.” The Doctor frowned, straightening his leather jacket. “You never know,” he said matter-of-factly. “It might be a trap.”

Rose rolled her eyes, but couldn’t help her smile. “You still owe me chips, you know. Haven’t forgot, have you?”

“Never could dare,” he assured her.

“Well come on then, tightwad. Second date. You know what they say, turnabout’s fair play and all that. Chips are on you this time, mister.” She caught her tongue between her teeth in inviting grin. “And no excuses, ‘cause you’ve got your currency chip on you. There’s none of this business that can’t wait ‘til after lunch.”

“Some women want flowers,” said the Doctor, almost to himself, as he pocketed his sonic with a sigh. “Rose Tyler wants potatoes. Unusual girl, you are.”

“I don’t hear you complainin’.”

“Never will, Rose,” he grinned widely and took her hand. “Never will.”

drabble: keeping time (1/2) - for gallifreysuns

It wasn’t that unusual for Rose to shuffle into the console room in her jimjams. More often than not, she’d come in with a big stretch and a big yawn and a kiss to greet the Doctor, ask about the day’s itinerary, receive an exuberant lecture about the virtues of wherever they were going, and then she’d wander off to dress and make breakfast.

It was a good life, with her as first mate. He got to show her the universe and she loved every moment of it. Rose gave his life structure and purpose, provided the little extra thread to tie together the endless world-saving and rabble-rousing. Sure, he did good–they did good together–and it meant something to so many people all over the universe. But doing all that with her meant something to him. It was right.

She was also brilliant. And wonderful. And captivating! Molto bene.

Once in a while, she was also full of surprises.

Like candy-cane striped toe socks.

“You know,” he told her, staring at the red knitted nubs of her toes. “There are birds on the planet Foledura that would find your feet irresistible. Their mating displays are…bit odd, you might say, in that the best mates go to the females that look most like barber poles, but the end result is that the breeding season–”

“Down, boy.” She pinched his elbow harmlessly, stifling a yawn behind the back of her hand. “These are special occasion socks, but not that special. I’ve got somethin’ to show you. D'you have a mo’?”

“For you? All the time in the world, Rose Tyler. Lead on.”

And oh, that smile. He’d stop time itself for that silly human if she’d keep on looking at him just like that.