So I went to the Doctor Who themed restaurant in Beacon, NY called The Pandorica and I fangirled my little heart out. It was a really cute place with food cleverly named after characters and Doctor Who eps playing in the background. Oh and did I mention the FANTASTIC fan art all over the walls? Mind blown. Definitely worth a visit!

So my Professor was talking about how phone booths are obsolete technology that nobody has use for anymore and I KID YOU NOT the sixty-something, super serious Business Mathematics instructor popped his head in the door and yelled, “DOCTOR WHO HAS A PHONE BOX!” And on his entire trip back down the hall you could hear him shouting, “Gallifrey falls no more!”
Day. Made.

It’s been five whole days since the S10 finale, so, of course, I think it’s time to start looking towards the future. My S11 wishlist:

  • Okay, the obvious ones: I’d love a female Doctor & for Bill to return. That would be excellent.
  • An encounter with an historical musician. We’ve seen authors (The Unquiet Dead, The Shakespeare Code) and an artist (Vincent and the Doctor), so it would be nice to see a musician. This could be anyone from an eighteenth century classical composer to a twentieth century rock star, but there’s just so much they could do with an episode centered around the impact and creation of music.
  • Period outfits. I understand there’s very little chance we won’t see period outfits in a season of Doctor Who, but still.
  • Romana!!! Actually, anything of Gallifrey and the fallout of that and what’s up with them right now, but now that Gallifrey falls no more, there’s an excellent opportunity to bring Romana back. There are so many directions they could go with this: she could be a powerful ally, a leader of Gallifrey, a reluctant and heartbreaking antagonist, or just someone who reminds the Doctor of his past.
  • Heavy allegories??? Heavy allegories.
  • I would love to see Freema Agyeman return as Martha Jones. Of all the past companions, she’s the only one who really has a way and reason to come back (River’s dead, Amy’s dead/trapped in time, Donna’s mindwiped, the Doctor is mindwiped wrt Clara). Seeing Martha and Mickey Smith-Jones return to the show has been on my wishlist forever, but I would dearly love a two-parter where they help the Doctor out again and bond with the current companion. I’d love to see where they are in their life- Are they working for UNIT? Do they have a kid? Who are their friends and coworkers? What was their reaction to everything that’s happened since we last saw them, like the time the Cybermen rose from the dead?
  • New monsters! What does a Chibnall monster look like? 
  • For very silly reasons I would absolutely love to have Sophie Turner guest star in an episode.
  • I want scenery. Beautiful scenery of beautiful places, both futuristic planets and ships and historical places. I want to see Memphis in The New Kingdom, what the future headquarters of the Terran Conglomerate looks like, San Francisco in the Jazz Age, London five hundred years from now.
  • Give the Doctor a child. This was inspired by the funny little flip my heart did when the Doctor held Alit in the finale. It doesn’t have to be his child (although I’m not entirely opposed to the prospect), but it would be fascinating to see how the Doctor handles prolonged contact with someone that young & impressionable, and it would be cool to see the effect of traveling with the Doctor on a kid.
  • A visit to an ancient library. The Library of Alexandria springs to mind, but other candidates include the Library of Pergamum and the library at the Sankore University. There’s something so beautiful about seeing the Doctor in a place so wholly dedicated to learning.
  • Witty banter is an absolute must.
  • Robots as a story of autonomy and self-determination in the face of a world that believes it can tell you what to be. This is one of the scifi staples, and it’s been done before in Doctor Who, but it’s a story with a particular resonance and one that can be done again.
  • Just… I want it to be fun and beautiful and tragic and uplifting and serious and funny and classic and fresh. I want it to be well-acted and well-written and full of new ideas and full of heart. And honestly? I have faith in this show; I’m pretty sure they can make that happen.

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Gavin who constantly falls asleep in cars and needs to be gently carried upstairs(no one has the heart to wake him up) and everytime someone dumps him into bed and is about to leave he wakes up and starts to whine and demands cuddles( he is not always asleep tho, he just like being picked up most of the times)

haha yesss this is my fav shit. gav’s like an octopus when it comes to cuddling, he holds on tight and refuses to let go. they’ll set him down and try to leave and then he’ll be gently pulling on their arm, whining for them to cuddle. usually they’ll give him, chuckling fondly as they lay besides him, wrapping their arms around him and pressing a kiss to his head. gav just smiles and curls close and it doesn’t take long for him to fall asleep in one of the other’s arms.

Modern Major-General/Gallifreyan Buccaneer: Narvin edition

I am the very best Coordinator of the CIA
On any subject you can name, I doubtless have a dossier
My job is to keep Gallifrey from falling into disarray
Which isn’t very easy when your president is Lady Trey
But I am well acquainted with all matters of security
And practical and theoretic temporal technology
I even have a Chancellor’s political experience (experience… ah)
I did once hold my own in psychic battle with the Eminence

I know your tedious history as Sol III and as Ravolox
But I won’t change that future as I have no taste for paradox
It’s true, in matters Web of Time and aliens and Gallifrey
I am the very best Coordinator of the CIA

Okay, there was that one time with the Monan shields and entropy
But they’re a temp’ral power with no honour and no guarantee
I only intervened for the prevention of catastrophe
In any case, Romana blocked my measures underhandedly
And yes, there was that other time with Valyes and the Skaro quest
But that’s a rather special case that I prefer we not address
Sometimes there’s even more at stake than the entire universe (universe, universe… ah)
You’ll need to learn to clean up all the messes you cannot reverse

So what I’m saying is that this Celestial Intervention deal
Is not for the faint-hearted who can’t earn the Rassilonian seal
It’s true, in matters Web of Time and aliens and Gallifrey
I am the very best Coordinator of the CIA

In fact, I am so good that I’m not threatened by the skill you show
You feisty little human, much like someone that I used to know
I’ll tell you all about her, Ace, if we ever get out of here
But at the moment, how Trey left us is still not completely clear
Well yes, I have a theory, but it’s pretty unbelievable
Though I suppose however Trey was saved was quite improbable
I do hope they come back for us inside this dead old console room (oh, console room… oh, console room, zero room, TARDIS room… ah, I’ve got it)
It’s just a bit unpleasant to be buried in a TARDIS tomb

I’m pleased you find my gallows humour laugh-out-loud amusing
Because just like you, I’ve one life and I’m vulnerable to dying
But still, in matters Web of Time and aliens and Gallifrey
I am the very best Coordinator of the CIA

The Main Reason Why I'm Mad About Gallifrey Not Being Gone

So, at the end of the time war, in RTD’s series, the Doctor makes a decision to destroy all the Daleks, and end the war, but kill all of his people with them. He feels terrible about it, and that choice fills him with guilt and regret, but he still makes that choice.

And then he meets Rose. And through the season, she changes him. He learns from her, and falling in love with her makes him a better person. And at the end of the season, when the Doctor makes that choice again, he chooses differently. He chooses not to sacrifice innocent people to kill the Daleks. And that is one of the best-written character arcs, and the most poignant character development, that I have seen on television.

But because of what Moffat did, saying that the Doctor didn’t destroy Gallifrey, that nullifies that entire character arc. Oops! The Doctor actually didn’t change at all. He’s the same person at the end of the first season as he was in the beginning.

Moffat has taken one of the best character arcs I have ever seen, and flushed it down the toilet. And that makes me really, really, mad.

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Would you be interested in a 'twelve accidentally gets catapulted into Rose's dimension and asks her for coffee like he's a stranger' prompt? I don't know how you feel about Rose (so don't do it if you hate her) but 12/Rose could be interesting.

The Magician and the Painting

The painting in the National Gallery was almost abstract, all orange blobs, a futuristic city on fire. Of unknown origin, by an unknown painter, and yet it was hung here on the wall, in a corner of a side gallery. Rose knew what it was. Rose knew it was not a fantasy, not a painting that ought to have been the cover of a pulp magazine. It was a painting of a real place. Or a place that had been real once, with real people living on it. Real Time Lords. Gallifreyans, with two hearts. Her heart, single heart, was aching right now. She always went and looked at this painting when it was especially bad.

Today she was feeling particularly aching, because it was the fifth anniversary of the Battle of Canary Wharf. The fifth anniversary of her stranding.

There was a new placard up next to it. It had a title on it. “Gallifrey falls,” she said, reading it aloud. It had fallen. In this universe as well as hers. Only this one didn’t have her Doctor in it.

“It’s called *Gallifrey falls no more*,” somebody said.

Rose looked away from the painting at at the man who’d just spoken. A Scotsman, by his accent, older, reed-thin. He was well-dressed, if oddly so, in a coat that looked like even her father would jibe at its cost, lined with red. And those were Loakes on his feet. Definitely minted, but unkempt. His silver hair was rumpled.

He was gazing at her oddly, but then he’d looked away at the painting again.

“That’s not what the card says,” Rose said. “The punctuation’s different.”

“I know. But it’s wrong.”

“Gallifrey doesn’t fall?”

“No.” He flashed a little smile at her. “Whatever Gallifrey may be.”

“Yeah. A fantasy world, I suppose. The painter did a whole series showing it, according to the card.” Rose leaned as close to the painting as museum manners allowed. “Very realistic. It’s almost like the people in it could step right out.” She wished it. So hard. Wished.

“Almost,” he said, and his voice was contemplative. “A door to another time, perhaps.”

“That would be wonderful.”

“You think so?”


He smiled at her. It was an alarming smile, almost scary, but this man’s face was kind. And young, somehow, despite the hair and the crows feet. There was something about him that caught her attention. A question she wanted answered, perhaps, or a question that he would ask of her.

He said, “There’s a cafe in this museum. Would you like to get coffee? Or chips. We could do chips.”

“Coffee’s great. But first you have to tell me your name.”

He thrust his hands deep into his trouser pockets. The red lining of his coat flashed. “I’m the Doctor. And you’re Rose Tyler.”