So I went to the Doctor Who themed restaurant in Beacon, NY called The Pandorica and I fangirled my little heart out. It was a really cute place with food cleverly named after characters and Doctor Who eps playing in the background. Oh and did I mention the FANTASTIC fan art all over the walls? Mind blown. Definitely worth a visit!

The Mystery Shack Minecraft Server

Hello! This is literally just an advertisement for my Minecraft server, which I decided I would make a post about here because most of you might enjoy it. Sorry for the long as hell post but I gotta get all the detail in, y’know!

Basically, The Mystery Shack Minecraft server has many enjoyable activities such as Survival, Creative Plots (They’re fuckin’ giant dude like 101x101), and various roleplay maps (Undertale, Gravity Falls, London, Gallifrey, etc). The server is not just for Gravity Falls, as you may have been able to tell by the list above.

The server is themed around a multitude of franchises/fandoms, such as, but not limited to: Gravity Falls, Undertale, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Gorillaz, Star Wars, Rick & Morty, Marvel, DC, etc.

Our server has been open for 2 years (3 this March), and is still going quite strong. We have a very welcoming community, that I would almost say is like a family. Sure some of us are fuckin’ crazy, but it’s a good time. The Minecraft Server is not the only platform though, we also have a discord server.

From here on out I’m going to show some pictures of our server and hopefully you will join us.

Here’s some pictures of our Gravity Falls, lovely town, innit. :P

And here’s our Gallifrey. Soon to be redone once 1.12 comes with the new concrete blocks.

Baker Street, in London, duh.

Mt. Ebott, 201X

and finally, our Survival spawn.

We hope you would want to join us sometime! Here’s a friendly note, we don’t use the traditional spawn-world system, but rather, a menu system. When you first join a menu chest-GUI should open, but if not, run ./menu! There are tons of easter eggs on the server, I bet ya can’t find them all (I can’t even find them all because tbh I can’t remember..) Oh yeah, here’s the ip:

(This is you, this is you joining ;D)

How to recognise a french serie from an english serie ?

Plot element: we don’t know the character name.

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Why is it happening in the english show ?


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The silence will fall

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Gallifrey would try to come back

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And would successes, causing lot of trouble.

Why is it happening in the French show ?


Either he doesn’t take the time to pronounce it

or it’s title screen time and the line with the name is cut.

And between the ones who doesn’t remember his name

and the ones who refuse to use it because they hate it,

I can swear you you won’t heard it right away.

To resume: in English shows this kind of elements are SUPER IMPORTANT ! And in French shows… not so much

PS: we ended to know the French character name in season 4.
We all understood why no one used it. Just no.

Okay, so I’m working on a Doctor Who - Time War trailer, filled with original clips and such. I’ll share it here when I’m done, but for now here’s a gif version of a clip of Braxiatel in Arcadia (made using footage of him from ‘The Colour of Magic’). I had to reduce the quality a bit to get tumblr to animate it…. 

Brother my Brother

Since the Time War, Irving Braxiatel has been alone.

Well, alone amongst his species. Considering now they were almost to the brink of extinction. The emptiness inside his head still pains him, even after all this time since the Time War has ended.

That was when he had come back to the museum, to see if the Doctor had figured out the painting he had insisted on being put here. He had it in his private Collection for a while now, due to Queen Elizabeth the 1st Mainly and how she had insisted he would be in charge of it and gladly he did for he didn’t want it to fall in the wrong hands.

He looked longingly at the painting. Not out of wanting to go back to the hell hole it used to be, but back to it’s people. To his Lady Romana, to Narvin and to Leela. If she was even alive at all. “Gallifrey falls…no more.” He spoke in Gallifreyan softly to himself. “No more indeed.”