The Mystery Shack Minecraft Server

Hello! This is literally just an advertisement for my Minecraft server, which I decided I would make a post about here because most of you might enjoy it. Sorry for the long as hell post but I gotta get all the detail in, y’know!

Basically, The Mystery Shack Minecraft server has many enjoyable activities such as Survival, Creative Plots (They’re fuckin’ giant dude like 101x101), and various roleplay maps (Undertale, Gravity Falls, London, Gallifrey, etc). The server is not just for Gravity Falls, as you may have been able to tell by the list above.

The server is themed around a multitude of franchises/fandoms, such as, but not limited to: Gravity Falls, Undertale, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Gorillaz, Star Wars, Rick & Morty, Marvel, DC, etc.

Our server has been open for 2 years (3 this March), and is still going quite strong. We have a very welcoming community, that I would almost say is like a family. Sure some of us are fuckin’ crazy, but it’s a good time. The Minecraft Server is not the only platform though, we also have a discord server.

From here on out I’m going to show some pictures of our server and hopefully you will join us.

Here’s some pictures of our Gravity Falls, lovely town, innit. :P

And here’s our Gallifrey. Soon to be redone once 1.12 comes with the new concrete blocks.

Baker Street, in London, duh.

Mt. Ebott, 201X

and finally, our Survival spawn.

We hope you would want to join us sometime! Here’s a friendly note, we don’t use the traditional spawn-world system, but rather, a menu system. When you first join a menu chest-GUI should open, but if not, run ./menu! There are tons of easter eggs on the server, I bet ya can’t find them all (I can’t even find them all because tbh I can’t remember..) Oh yeah, here’s the ip:

(This is you, this is you joining ;D)


So I went to the Doctor Who themed restaurant in Beacon, NY called The Pandorica and I fangirled my little heart out. It was a really cute place with food cleverly named after characters and Doctor Who eps playing in the background. Oh and did I mention the FANTASTIC fan art all over the walls? Mind blown. Definitely worth a visit!

Lance Parkin’s War: an index

The Infinity Doctors: There is a list of groups who will fail to destroy Gallifrey, but it is known that Gallifrey will regardless fall in a war against an unknown enemy. The Doctor is a teacher on Gallifrey, and his student Larna goes to investigate the Effect. The Doctor’s father works at Berkeley, but his name isn’t Ulysses.

The Gallifrey Chronicles: Larna meets Ulysses and Penelope Gate, who have a son on Gallifrey, with Saldaamir and Marnal. She has a list of attacks that Gallifrey is destined to survive (see below). However, she says the Time Lords will regardless fall to an enemy who will remain unknown until Last Contact is made. A single Time Lord will be central to all the attacks; they will find the Lost Scrolls of Rassilon and lead Gallifrey from darkness.

  • The Three DoctorsThe Infinity Doctors: The Doctor repels Omega’s attack on Gallifrey.
  • The Invasion of TIme: Savar, eyes intact, watches the Doctor fight off a Sontaran invasion of Gallifrey.
  • Death Comes to Time: In a universe with inexplicably few Time Lords, the Minister of Chance helps the Doctor defeat General Tannis.
  • The Ancestor Cell: Romana III’s Gallifrey is destroyed in an attack by Faction Paradox in the first fifty years of the War.
  • The Return of Varnax: The Doctor saves Gallifrey from Varnax; in a trial, he is grounded to Gallifrey and condemned to a stint training new Time Lords.
  • The Tides of Time: The demon Melanicus uses Catavolcus as a pawn in his Millenium Wars before being defeated by the Doctor.
  • Timewyrm: Revelation: The Doctor defeats the Timewyrm.

Mister Saldaamir: Saldaamir lives in San Francisco. He protects the existence of the timeline. He’s kept in touch with some like-minded individuals. He has seen Last Contact in the future, and it worries him.

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So my Professor was talking about how phone booths are obsolete technology that nobody has use for anymore and I KID YOU NOT the sixty-something, super serious Business Mathematics instructor popped his head in the door and yelled, “DOCTOR WHO HAS A PHONE BOX!” And on his entire trip back down the hall you could hear him shouting, “Gallifrey falls no more!”
Day. Made.

anonymous asked:

Would you be interested in a 'twelve accidentally gets catapulted into Rose's dimension and asks her for coffee like he's a stranger' prompt? I don't know how you feel about Rose (so don't do it if you hate her) but 12/Rose could be interesting.

The Magician and the Painting

The painting in the National Gallery was almost abstract, all orange blobs, a futuristic city on fire. Of unknown origin, by an unknown painter, and yet it was hung here on the wall, in a corner of a side gallery. Rose knew what it was. Rose knew it was not a fantasy, not a painting that ought to have been the cover of a pulp magazine. It was a painting of a real place. Or a place that had been real once, with real people living on it. Real Time Lords. Gallifreyans, with two hearts. Her heart, single heart, was aching right now. She always went and looked at this painting when it was especially bad.

Today she was feeling particularly aching, because it was the fifth anniversary of the Battle of Canary Wharf. The fifth anniversary of her stranding.

There was a new placard up next to it. It had a title on it. “Gallifrey falls,” she said, reading it aloud. It had fallen. In this universe as well as hers. Only this one didn’t have her Doctor in it.

“It’s called *Gallifrey falls no more*,” somebody said.

Rose looked away from the painting at at the man who’d just spoken. A Scotsman, by his accent, older, reed-thin. He was well-dressed, if oddly so, in a coat that looked like even her father would jibe at its cost, lined with red. And those were Loakes on his feet. Definitely minted, but unkempt. His silver hair was rumpled.

He was gazing at her oddly, but then he’d looked away at the painting again.

“That’s not what the card says,” Rose said. “The punctuation’s different.”

“I know. But it’s wrong.”

“Gallifrey doesn’t fall?”

“No.” He flashed a little smile at her. “Whatever Gallifrey may be.”

“Yeah. A fantasy world, I suppose. The painter did a whole series showing it, according to the card.” Rose leaned as close to the painting as museum manners allowed. “Very realistic. It’s almost like the people in it could step right out.” She wished it. So hard. Wished.

“Almost,” he said, and his voice was contemplative. “A door to another time, perhaps.”

“That would be wonderful.”

“You think so?”


He smiled at her. It was an alarming smile, almost scary, but this man’s face was kind. And young, somehow, despite the hair and the crows feet. There was something about him that caught her attention. A question she wanted answered, perhaps, or a question that he would ask of her.

He said, “There’s a cafe in this museum. Would you like to get coffee? Or chips. We could do chips.”

“Coffee’s great. But first you have to tell me your name.”

He thrust his hands deep into his trouser pockets. The red lining of his coat flashed. “I’m the Doctor. And you’re Rose Tyler.”


The Last Great Time War

Revised version of a piece I did last year, to add new elements and tidy the whole thing up a bit.

The full-scale size of the piece is 5 meters long - which might well be the biggest thing I’ve ever made in Photoshop…

From left-right, the image contains;

Skaro (Genesis of the Daleks) / The Fourth Doctor (Genesis of the Daleks) / Dalek Ship (Resurrection of the Daleks) / The Fifth Doctor (Resurrection of the Daleks) / Lady President Romana II (The Apocalypse Element) / The Eye of Harmony Chamber (The Apocalypse Element) / The Sixth Doctor (The Apocalypse Element) / The Panopticon (Gallifrey: Ascension) / Lady Trey (Romana III) (Gallifrey: Ascension) / Leela (Gallifrey: Ascension) / Narvin (Gallifrey: Ascension) / The Citadel of the Time Lords (Gallifrey: Ascension) / Special Weapons Dalek (Remembrance of the Daleks) / Ace (The Lights of Skaro) / The Seventh Doctor (Remembrance of the Daleks) / Dalek Battle Cruiser (Remembrance of the Daleks) / Supreme Dalek (The Stolen Earth) / Davros (The Stolen Earth) / Cass (Night of the Doctor) / The TARDIS (Night of the Doctor) / Karn (Night of the Doctor) / The Eighth Doctor (Night of the Doctor) / The Great Key of Rassilon (The Forgotten) / Ohila (Night of the Doctor) / The Barn (Day of the Doctor) / Eternity Circle Dalek (Engines of War) / The War Doctor (Day of the Doctor) / The Moment (Day of the Doctor) / Cinder (Engines of War) / Dalek Spaceship (The Parting of the Ways) / The Moment Interface (Day of the Doctor) / The Ninth Doctor (The Parting of the Ways) / Dalek Emperor (The Parting of the Ways) / Dalek Sec (Doomsday) / Void Ship (Army of Ghosts) / The Tenth Doctor (Last of the Time Lords) / The Last Day of the Time War (Day of the Doctor) / Professor Yana (Utopia) / Gallifrey Falls No More (Day of the Doctor) / The Genesis Ark (Doomsday) / Rassilon (The End of Time) / The Master (The End of Time) / Destroyed Dalek (Day of the Doctor) / The Eleventh Doctor (Day of the Doctor) / Gallifrey War Room (Day of the Doctor) / The Crack in Time (Time of the Doctor) / The General (Day of the Doctor) / Androgar (Day of the Doctor) / The First Doctor (Day of the Doctor) / The Second Doctor (Day of the Doctor) / The Third Doctor (Day of the Doctor) / The Twelfth Doctor (Day of the Doctor)

Clara Oswald is NOT just a mystery to the Doctor

I don’t think the Doctor only cared about Clara because she was a mystery…I really really don’t, maybe at first, but go rewatch Journey to the Center of the TARDIS and you can see the exact moment when he stopped thinking about her as a huge mystery to solve and started thinking about her as a person, a friend, a bit of a crush, and mainly someone who needed his protection because she was in fact a person and not an enigma. It’s fairly obvious he does really care about her, he sent her away, not because he didn’t want her, but because he wanted her to be safe, he was alone for years because he made her leave. He went into his own time stream after her, it could have killed him, it should have and he went in and saved her anyway even though he knew what was at stake. His final wish was for her to be safe, and in his time of darkness. HIS WORST MOMENT EVER, right before he was going to destroy Gallifrey he listened to her reason above his own, when he was sad and felt the entire weight of his past decisions when seeing “Gallifrey Falls No More” he grabbed her hand because he’s obviously comforted by her, when she was brave despite being in a position where her life could have been easily ended with Theresa and he said: “Now that’s a real women.” he was showing that he respected her, he tried to warm her up in the snow because he didn’t want her to be cold, because he cares. Those are the kinds of things, big and small, you do for people you care about. Clara Oswald is NOT just a mystery to the Doctor, she is his friend, she is someone he cares about protecting, she’s not unimportant she’s so important. She’s done so much for him and we know she holds him dear, but he holds her dear too, very dear. Don’t underestimate how much he cares for Clara. Yes I will admit he broke her heart many times in the Christmas special, but you must admit as well that he never wanted to, in fact he was trying to avoid causing her pain, he just underestimated, as he always does, how much he matters to the people who love him. So on a final not Clara Oswald is important to him. And she is most definately more than just a mystery.