throughstormsandfloods  asked:

Hi! I saw your post about the sansan fanarts, i didn't want to reblog because i'm afraid my followers would grow tired of all the sansan on my dash ;) i enjoy fanarts and as soon as there's credits it allows us to discover artists and that's awesome. So please never stop tagging sansan if it's sansan fanart. (My only problem about fanarts in the sansan tag is when it's the same posted again and again, because people feel the need to post instead of reblog, and that's something i don't get -_-')

Oh, I promise I’ll never stop reblogging sansan fanart and tagging it “sansan”. (And I assume my followers must be used to my obsessions on their dash by now. ;)) But it was heliotropa (who runs Gallery of Thrones) who asked the question, not me. I’ll make sure to tag this reply so she can see your opinion, though. :)

And I know what you mean about multiple posts of the same fanart (especially, oh, when bubug has just released new art), but if they’re posting to tumblr from a deviantart link, at least they’re giving the artist proper credit. I assume the people posting are just not looking at the sansan tag to realize it’s already been posted (sometimes moments earlier) and are just like, “oh my gosh, this is so amazing and beautiful, I must share with my dash and the tag!” I can’t fault people for good intentions even if the result can be a bit annoying.

(But seriously people, it’s a good idea to check the tag before posting art, even if it is super-wonderful and you must have it on your blog right away. Somebody might have posted it just a second ago, and it’s easier to reblog, right? You don’t want to flood the tag with the same picture over and over again, no matter how pretty, right? And it’s awesome when one art post gets hundreds and hundreds of notes so you can see how many sansan fans there must be on tumblr, right?)