callout post for ichiruki shippers

you’re all amazing and i’m so proud of this fandom. you’ve all (so far as i can see) handled yourselves with the grace of Kuchiki Rukia herself.

your fic and art and meta are top notch. you are generous and downright prolific with it all. it makes me so happy to see everyone banding together both in support of one of the most wonderful ships ever and of each other.

stay strong, stay proud, stay kind. 🌞🌚

//Look I know Im on hiatus and I still am but I’m back REALLY QUICKLY because someone brought up an absolutely fucking incredible point on deathberry. You guys ready? Retcon number 193846287109750573424758506 in chapter 686: 

When Ichigo fell into despair and almost gave up in the Aizen chapters, his inner world changed from ‘tall, hopeful skyscrapers’ to Karakura Town. Karakura Town literally represents Ichigo’s fall into despair, represents the fact that he’s given up, represents stagnancy. Tensa Zangetsu literally yells at him for this, that he’s ‘halted his progress’. Karakura Town represents stagnancy and not moving on for Ichigo. Karakura Town shackles him from his true destiny. We have literal canon proof of this. 

Ichigo was meant to grow above and beyond Karakura Town. All of Bleach, we see Ichigo grow from ‘I’m not that good of a guy to risk my life for strangers’ to ‘I can’t say I’m going to protect the whole world, because I’m not superman, but I still want to protect a mountainload of people’ to ‘Please hold on, Urahara-san, I’ll definitely protect everyone’. The final step of this growth should have been actually SHOWING Ichigo protecting everyone in the world; by either completely reforming the Gotei-13 and sitting at its head or as a renegade who works beyond the confines of both human and shinigami law to protect humans, spirits, quincies, and hollows/arrancar alike. 

And the ending robbed us of this. The ending robbed us of the final step in Ichigo’s heroic development. We never got to see Ichigo mature into the hero he was meant to be. And as someone who really fucking loves Kurosaki Ichigo as a character, this is devastating to me. 

Well I digressed a little from the point there but tl;dr canon literally has represented Karakura Town as Ichigo’s stagnancy before and u wanna tell me him staying in Karakura Town and running his little clinic is the pinnacle of his character development? Lmao miss me with that shit bye martha 


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If I had to describe the word ‘nonchalant’, this would be the image I’d use. Look at those eyes. They are just so airy, aloof, apathetic, blasé, calm, careless, casual, cold, collected, composed, cool, detached, disimpassioned, disinterested, dispassionate, easy, effortless, happy, impassive, imperturbable, incurious, indifferent, insouciant, lackadaisical, light, listless, loose, lukewarm, mellow, neglectful, negligent, neutral, offhand, placid, serene, smooth, trifling, uncaring, unconcerned, unemotional, unexcited, unfeeling, unflappable, unimpressible, unperturbed, unruffled, untroubled.

Yeah, I googled the synonyms for ‘nonchalant’.