[byakuya voice] that KUROSAKI AUDACITY

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Poetry thief, by Bruno Rosas Frascá

Imagining a character for a fake game! lots of fun :) 

Her name’s Marguerite Porete. She loves poetry and is very rich. But sometimes the best poems in town aren’t for sale… so it comes time to steal them! 

Her dagger is feather shaped and made of iron. - with it, she can summon more feather-blades for defense!

*Marguerite Porete really existed and was killed cause some of her writings..:(

pls consider how after his day with the kurosakis where ichigo shows off his far more superior hairstyling skills (i mean. he’s done yuzu’s and karin’s hair for like. ever.), byakuya gets renji to give him tips (because obv rukia has short hair and she isn’t really into haircare anyway and this is a direct order abarai stop grinning). they spend the whole night doing each other’s hair, so the next time he meets karin and yuzu he can be like SURPRISE!! LOOK WHAT YOUR BIG(GER) BROTHER CAN DO

meanwhile renji has to deal with his boyfriend’s gratuitous sulking because fishtails are hard :’/

byakuya also goes to the 12th division and asks for his gigai to be retrofitted with longer hair for more ~braid appeal~