ok but my personal headcanon is Spock gets hellllla more flustered around Kirk than Kirk around Spock, it’s just not as noticeable cause of his ~vulcan control~ 

like the one time we sorta do see Spock’s feelings for Kirk - the overly angst ridden ‘when i feel friendship for you i feel ashamed’ scene in The Naked Time its like WOW 

Spock getting slightly greenish tinged ears when Kirk looks at him a bit too long, Spock having to control his breathing, Spock having to lower his heart rate around the captain, Spock restraining himself from reaching out, Spock still slipping up by gazing into Kirk’s eyes with a slight smile, Spock calling him ‘Jim’

Spock being insecure and wondering if jim likes him (ʘ‿ʘ✿)

 ( i need 293829 fics of this please and thank) 

all neat lil indicators of a wealth of hidden emotion tbh 



I need to know: how exactly was Slick planning on killing LE like I’ve been thinking about this for the last two days like you can’t stab thru those muscles man yoU CAN’T STAB ROCKS, SLICK