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PEANUT ALLERGY DAICHI MEETING MED STUDENT SUGA AFTER HE HAS A SEVERE ALLERGIC REACTION and him being totally hyped on sedatives, meds, etc. and suga is checking his vitals and shit and he just keeps trying to hit on him all drugged up (BONUS: "I might be allergic to nuts but I can make yours the exception")

Suga just laughs at all the crappy pick-up lines Daichi manages to spew, while he tries to convince Daichi to please just swallow these meds they’ll make your throat open up again properly and when Daichi wakes up in his own bed the next morning Suga’s number is scribbled on his arm along with a ‘call me when you want to practice your flirting some more’.

Amo nuestas diferencias por encima de todo. Son terriblemente bellas. Pero más bello es el arte de hacerlas encajar a la perfección como si fueran una sola cosa. Por eso digo que no existen las personas incompatibles, sólo existen las personas con falta de interés.

Part of the art, outlining the lips that would deliver the soaring notes to mysterious melodies and captivating words. Before show prep was always a sacred ritual to Stevie, especially when it came time for her makeup. Always believing that the fans deserved the best, that included the way she looked, as well as the way she presented her songs. Professionalism takes many forms, perhaps none as beautiful as this. Again a big thank you to David Elliott for the generous use of his photographs. It’s good to be back, enjoy!

based on my own headcanon and conversations with jealoussam

Nobody in their right mind would lie to their brother about some special farmer’s market two hours away just so they can sneak away and meet some shady guy with a mohawk on the side of I-40 who just happens to be selling miniature Yorkshire terrier puppies out of a fucking minivan.

Then again, Sam hasn’t really felt like he’s in his “right mind” since he started seeing visions of the future nearly a decade ago. So yeah. Maybe he sneaked out of their new fancy lair and is now on his way back with a sleeping 1-pound puppy in a crate in the passenger seat. Maybe.

"All right, T-Rex, no barking when we get inside, OK? We have to stay quiet so my scary big brother doesn’t make me take you back." As if T-Rex was actually capable of barking. Sam imagines she probably has more of a small yelp for a voice. In any case, she’s still sound asleep.

Sam and T-Rex manage to get all the way to their room without seeing any sign of the no-dogs-allowed tyrant. He sets her crate down and makes sure the home he made for her in the bottom drawer of his dresser is ready for her before he lets her out. Of course, she’s still asleep, so he scoops her up in his palm and sets her down gently on the assortment of tiny baby blankets in the drawer. She yawns and adjusts herself to get comfortable before falling right back asleep.

Sam sits cross-legged on the floor and stares at her for half an hour. She’s absolutely goddamn perfect.

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That beast did seek out the heart with the greatest potential for darkness, yes, but it was wasn’t going after Regina. It was after Emma Swan.