ok there are numerous posts going around about this issue so i figured i’d put a post together to make things somewhat clearer & hopefully put minds at ease

1) måns made stupid and ignorant homophobic statements while very drunk on a swedish tv-show (Pluras kök) back in 2013, what he said was basically that anything other than heterosexuality is a deviation, straightness is more “normal” and that non-straight people can’t have biological children.

2) yes, this was a Very Bad thing to say and i 100% acknowledge the shittiness of the statement and i was, initially, hurt by it.

3) however, he has ever since that statement apologized several times over and regrets it deeply.

here are a few comments by him about his unfortunate statements

“Jag hade kunnat skylla på alkoholen men det känns som att det vore fegt. Det jag pratar om i programmet är biologi. Jag lägger inte någon slags värdering överhuvudtaget i homosexualitet kontra heterosexualitet, säger han och fortsätter:
– Däremot använder jag ett oerhört klantigt ord, vilket är avvikelse. När jag i stället borde ha använt Miriams ord, vilket är att det är mindre vanligt. Och detta är jag jätte, jätteledsen för.” 

source: (x) (in swedish)

here’s a very quick & very sloppy translation by me:

“I could’ve blamed the alcohol but it feels as if it’d be cowardly. What I’m talking about in the show is biology. I don’t value one over the other. He continues with: “I use an incredibly clumsy word however, which is deviation. When I should’ve used Miriam’s words, which is that it’s less common. And I’m very, very sorry for this.”

in another interview (x) he states:

- Men det var ordet naturligt som i det här sammanhanget var absolut dummast. Där passerade jag gränsen på så många sätt. Jag vill verkligen poängtera att det absolut är lika naturligt med homosexualitet som med heterosexualitet. Det är lika naturligt med sex mellan män, och sex mellan kvinnor.
- Diskussionen rörde fortplantning och vad som för människan vidare. Och det var vad jag syftade till. Och nej, att fortplanta oss är självklart inte det enda syftet med vår existens.”

again a very quick translation:

“But it was the word natural in this situation that was the absolute dumbest. I went out of line in so many ways. I really want to point out that homosexuality is just as natural as heterosexuality. It’s just as natural with sex between men, and sex between women.
The discussion was about reproduction and what brings humans forwards. That’s what I was referring to. And no, to reproduce is of course not the only point of our existence.”

4) i’m sure there are more articles about this, several even, but i’ve followed the links as adviced in this blog entry and i personally feel that these comments sum up his own feelings on this quite well. i recommend you read it as well.

5) the statement was homophobic, insensitive, heteronormative, and ignorant. måns recognizes this and does not deny it. 

6) måns is active in the lgbt+ community in sweden, has always been supportive of it and has done a lot for it. he thinks of the lgbt+ community dearly, as they do as well. many were hurt by his statements.
“Dagen efter diskussionen under inspelningen av Pluras kök i oktober 2013 mådde Måns dåligt. För sitt ordval, för sitt resonemang och för att han kände att han sårat dem som han alltid fått kärlek från. Dem som han alltid tyckt så mycket om, och som är hans vänner.”

“The day after the discussion during the filming of Pluras kök in October 2013 Måns felt bad. For his choice of words, for his reasoning and because he felt like he had hurt those he had always received love from. Those who he’d always held dear, and those who are his friends.”

7) this happened quite some time ago, and i personally don’t feel like it’s fair to hold this against him at this point of time as he’s obviously tried to improve and has continued to support the lgbt+ community. he hosted the QX-gala, which is a famous lgbt+ gala in sweden, and later performed in it himself. 
i obviously don’t know måns personally, but from personal experience i know that a year is a long time and that so many things about oneself can change during it. roughly a year ago i didn’t see anything wrong with “slut shaming”, i was prone to victim blaming and i was generally unaware of many things that i now am and i see the errors that i’ve made in the past and the shitty views i’ve held. i’m not trying to white-knight or be a “månst stan”, or defend the “attractive male fave” but i really do believe it’s wrong of the media (and tumblr) to dig up things from the past and exaggerate to make something seem worse (and more recent) than it is. this receipt & callout culture is very :////

8) it’s okay to be upset about this but please try to view things u see on tumblr critically! here’s another post (shorter with some fun pictures) for your consideration

feel free to add to this if you wish, but please try to be civil!! don’t be a zero, be a hero :-)