I was invited to Endgame, a show about video games, by Gallery 33.
It’s starting February 14, so if you don’t have any plans for Valentine’s day and you happen to be in the neighborhood, don’t miss it!

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Etsy + Rijksmuseum present: Guild of ’14

The Rijksmuseum

 in Amsterdam (NL) was completely renovated in 2013. During the renovation a large part of the collection was digitized establishing 

the Rijksstudio

, a website where more than 150,000 works of art may be found.

The Rijksstudio

  wanted to acquaint the Etsy community with the art of

the Rijksmuseum

, therefore they organized a design competition – the 

Rijksstudio Award

The Rijksmuseum

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Here are the pieces I made for Gallery 33’s Endgame, a show about playing video games.

If you are interested in getting a physical piece. It is pretty cheap for all the love I put in them, and the three of them are unique pieces!

Buy it online here