Gallery1988, in collaboration with Paramount Pictures, have created a series of collectable posters for ’Star Trek Beyond’.

The posters, by Matt Taylor and Jeffrey Everett, will be given away this weekend as opening weekend giveaways at Star Trek Beyond 3D screenings in select US movie theatres. The Generic Collector’s print will be available at these cinemas:

  • B&B Theatres
  • Celebration Cinemas
  • Cobb Theatres
  • Frank Theatres
  • Galaxy Theatres
  • Kerasotes Theatres
  • Santikos Theatres
  • Southern Theatres
  • UltraStar Cinemas
  • Wehrenberg Theatres

And these cinemas will have their own exclusive ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Collector’s prints:

  • Arclight Theatres
  • Carmike Cinemas
  • Cinemark RealD 3D
  • Cinemark IMAX 3D
  • Showcase

One movie I really wanted to do a piece on for my MASS HYSTERIA show was 2014’s Snowpiercer starring Chris Evans and Tilda Swinton.

If you haven’t seen it, you really should! It was one of my favorite movies of 2014. It’s rather polarizing, but I really liked it and I kept trying to think of ways I could do a print based on it for my show. I decided that it might be pretty rad if I tried to do a panorama of the entire train, so I sketched it out. That sketch ended up being 12 feet long, so after talking with my framer, I got it down to a somewhat more manageable but still daunting 9.5 feet.

I ended up printing 6 of them, framing one for the gallery. It ended up being one of my fave prints for the show and I had a blast doing it.

It’s sort of hard to photograph, so I created a fly-through video showing the whole print. SPOILER ALERT! it basically shows the whole plot of the movie so watch at your own risk!!!


You can buy the print unframed or framed from Gallery1988

Here’s some horrifying progress shots for those of you who havebeen asking :) as you can see, things start off pretty nightmarish. This piece is a bit different from my usual style in homage to sailor moon. It’s gonna be pretty cute and cartoony. I hope y'all still enjoy! #illustration #painting #progressshot #wip #sailormoon #gallery1988 #paint #acrylic #canvas #pastels #uchi #kelseybeckett

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Pair of vampires painted on @trekell_art_supplies coffin shaped wood panels. I love a good vampire tale…so wanted to add my own thoughts to the undead lore with these pieces! These original paintings are on display at @galleries1988 in LA for my solo exhibit “The Once and Future Weird Kids”. Also available online here:

#nicolegustafsson #nimasprout #gallery1988 #trekell #woodpanel #gouache #ink

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Times are Hard for Dreamers (for Gallery1988’s ‘Subtle Art of Pop Culture’ 10 year anniversary exhibition, Los Angeles)

11” x 14” giclée, numbered edition of 20, $30. The show opens this Friday (11th April) with remaining prints for sale online at some point over the weekend.

Update: Print available now!

The idea for this show was for the image to be an art piece first, with the pop culture reference as a secondary concern. This meant that a piece with multiple portraits was pretty much out of the question, as you can normally guess the film immediately once you have two or three characters in there!

Then I remembered how much I love the scene in Amélie where she dissolves, because she can’t sum up the courage to tell Nino how she feels. I mean, I love the film in general, but tackling that moment felt like the perfect thing for me to interpret.

It’s a huge honour to be taking part in this show celebrating a decade of the gallery that pretty much started the whole pop culture alternative poster scene, especially seeing as I’ve only been contributing to these shows since the start of 2012. Thanks for having me guys – have a great one!

The ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ inspired print 'Our Lady Of Sunnydale’ by Rhys Cooper, is part of the 'Joss Whedon’ Art Tribute show that opens at Gallery1988 (West) Friday September 5, and will be available at the opening reception from 7-10pm, then online at the Gallery1988 website Saturday afternoon and available through Sunday night until 11:59 PM PT.

Follow Gallery1988 on Twitter @Galleries1988 for the on sale announcement.


Adventure Time, c'mon grab your friends, we’ll go to an awesome Adventure Time art show!

Gallery1988 and Cartoon Network are hosting an Adventure Time-themed group art show from April 3rd through April 6, 2014 at Gallery1988 (West) featuring work by over 65 different artists.

Pictured here are pieces by Stephen Andrade, Nicole Gustafsson, Cuddly Rigor Mortis, Audrey Pongracz and Brad Hill respectively.

This exhibit is RSVP only. Email the gallery at to attend.

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‘We’ve done the impossible, and that makes us mighty’ (Inspired by Firefly for Gallery1998 X Joss Whedon, LA, September 2014)

The edition of 20 prints sold out at the weekend, and thanks to a busy week I hadn’t had chance to post on here. I do have a handful of artist proofs though, so please drop me an email (which you’ll find on the about page of my portfolio) if you’d like to get your hands on one.

Firefly is (sadly, was) a fantastic show driven by its characters, and I thought it would be interesting to literally place the characters as satellites around Nathan Fillion’s Captain Mal.


Bust’d Illustrations by Tom Whalen / Website / Tumblr

8" X 8" screen prints, S/N editions of 75. One of a kind metal prints and original sketches will also be available. Artwork online Saturday, October 4th, HERE.

Part of the Bust’d art show, opening October 3rd, 2014, at Gallery1988 / Tumblr