You know, this is precisely why I never answer to summons, invitations, or suggestions from the other members of we happy few, Gotham’s elite.  One wayward phrase, a simple challenge and suddenly the very notion of stepping on toes is grounds for nightmares that the staff at Arkham would have a heyday with.  Scarecrow, the perennial spoil sport…not that Doctor Crane was ever an eligible participant in this little round; not after a long history of dreadful performances on even the simplest brain teasers.  No, no, no…so quick to anger, o’mighty Phobos!  For shame, for shame.

(Dipping my toes back into the water after a lengthy pseudo hiatus spurred on by a variety of life circumstances that have since been taken care of or are on the mend.  These photos are actually from the beginning of last month.  I’ll be steadily getting back to each of you who have so generously left messages over time.  As such I’d like to extend my thanks to each and every one of you lovely folk!)

anonymous asked:

Hey, Jen! I was just looking through lots on the Gallery, and spotted what appears to be someone taking credit for your Aunt Jo's Farm lot. It looks practically identical on the exterior. The ID for this person is Grasveldje, and the name for the lot is, "A Farmers House." This lot is also being featured on SimsVIP. I just wanted to let you know, as I really appreciate what you create, and seeing what appears to be someone stealing your work isn't cool. Thanks for all you do! - Lindsey

Hi Lindsey! :) Thank you for your note! I truly appreciate your attentiveness and sense of fairness. However, I’m not too concerned in this case - I don’t think they uploaded my lot directly under their name. It looks like they copied the basics of my lot but built it from scratch. It’s enough where you can recognize the similarities to my lot immediately, but different enough that I can’t call it the same. I’m always encouraging people to do whatever they want with my lots (including using them as a base or inspiration), so I can’t be too upset about this. It does bug me a tiny bit that they don’t give credit, but oh well. I’ll live. ;)


These beautiful advertisements for ‘Portraits Of An Icon’ at National Portrait Gallery have been spotted in tube stations around London.

The top photo was taken by me at Piccadilly Circus. The bottom shot was taken by Terence Pepper at Charing Cross.

Audrey Hepburn: Portraits Of An Icon is showing at National Portrait Gallery until 18th October. Don’t miss it!

The Ugly Duckling (1950). Frank Cadogan Cowper (English, 1877-1958). Oil on canvas. Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum.

Cowper spotted Valerie Tarantolo (then Anderson), aged 16, working in Boots and asked her to sit for him. Once Valerie found the portrait, after 60 years, she said, "He was a lovely man but when he showed me what he had done, I was so disappointed. I wanted him to make me look like a film star. In my mind’s eye I could see Betty Grable, but instead he painted me as I was with my rosy cheeks.“

Have you ever wanted to see an entire wedding/elopement from me? I put a link in my profile from a wedding I photographed last year in my new galleries from @cloud_spot.

If you’re interested in trying it out, they have free accounts and you can use the code ‘benj’ for 10% off if you want to upgrade either monthly or annually.

Also, every time I see photos of Snoqualmie Falls it still blows my mind how beautifully powerful that thing is. I can’t get enough. Photo by Benj Haisch

I got a last minute chance to get a vendor spot for Galacon and I am
super excited to go!

Our vendor stand can be found on the bottom floor of the convention center. We’ll be two tables wide, so you can’t miss it. Table 54 and 55 are the place to be!

I’ll be selling my collection of mane 6 and princess prints.
Of course the Silly Lyra comic book will be available! The book will be for sale
in a special “harder than soft” glossy cover. I also have prints of various other
works from my gallery. Commissions on the spot will once again be available!

Looking forward to seeing you there! Feel free to stop by our table for a
friendly chat and a brohoof!