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Erik Werenskiold (1855-1938) - From Telemark (1883). In the collection of the National Gallery, Oslo.

Play at spotting the differences.

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this is my first request on your blog ><'' uhm, so a hc with the rfa+v+saeran where they see MC at a public place (bus/train station, supemarket, park, etc..) and they are immediately captivated by her. Will they approach her? you decide :D thanks!!

uwaaaaaa~ welcome!! <3 please enjoy your stay~! sorry it was a little late, i have a bunch of things going on so they all might be a little shorter too T_T

P.S. I’ll try and post a bunch of stuff today to make up for all the time i didn’t but i can’t promise anything <3

P.P.S I think i’m sick now so i guess I have more time to write??? T___T But being sick sucks… lololol alliteration



- Yoosung was rushing his way to school. His bus was very late so he had to catch the train

- then he saw her

- she stood on the other end/side of the platform with her head bowed, focused on her phone, headphones in her ears

- he saw the clear screen of flappy bird and the score of 74 in a window reflection

- as he stood, waiting for the train, he couldn’t seem to keep his eyes off her

- soon enough though, her train pulled up quickly and she was enveloped (is that the word its the only one that i could think of) in the crowds of rushing people

- his train pulled up soon after and he got on, almost bumping into someone

- when he got to school, all he could think about was the girl on the other side of the platform

- his friends teased him during the breaks about why he was so distracted the whole day


- you were super excited to get these tickets

- most of his shows were all old out within the first hour but one of your friends had pulled a few strings with her sister who was a friend of the wife of one of the actors… basically you got free tickets!

- who were you seeing??? well, duh, Zen~!

- you fidgeted in your seat, your friend laughing at you from her seat beside you

- when Zen came onstage you were captivated by his singing… his acting… his dancing… and his looks too of course

- honestly you were incredulous that he even existed (did i use the word right…? i know what it means but still…)

- he saw you in the crowd too and for a second he seemed to forget his lines for a second

- he sent you a discreet wink and you died inside as your friend laughed at you silently

- sadly, after the show ended, you got swept away by the crowd and didn’t see him again… until you met the RFA~


- it was one of the very rare occasions that she had a day off

- Jaehee was ecstatic when Jumin told her she could relax for the day because he had to go on a business trip with his father and all the other sections would deal with things

- she decided to go on a refreshment day which included going to one of the new cafe’s that opened close to the C&R building for breakfast

- she pushed open the door with a new skip in her step and ordered a latte as well as some (insert cool breakfast food here)

- when she went and sat down, another girl walked in, ordering a latte also before going over to sit with her friend

- when the barista people called out the latte order, both Jaehee and the girl walked over to collect it

- their hands cliche-ly touched as they reached for the cup and Jaehee felt her heartbeat speed up

- “oh, sorry about that.” Jaehee smiled and pulled her hands away

- “don’t worry about it. thank you” the girl smiled back and took the coffee, going back to her table

- Jaehee watched her go, smiling to herself as her coffee came also


- You sighed, swirling your drink around in it’s crystal glass (oh, you’re super fancy fancy high class etc etc here)

- you stood, bored out of your mind on the side of the room, watching as people talked mindlessly amongst each other

- it was a boring dinner party hosted by one of your acquaintances. you’d only agreed to see if you could meet any new companies for deals.

- it had been about three hours and a bit when you decided that if you left now, it wouldn’t be seen as rude

- you placed the glass down, making your way over to your acquaintance to tell her that you were going. you didn’t notice the eyes that followed you across the room

- a dark haired male watched as you walked over to your friends

- he hadn’t met you yet, though he had heard of the incredibly talented owner of your company. aka, you

- he was already infatuated from earlier that night as he saw you deal with incompetent businesspeople

- though he couldn’t talk to you as he was already too busy with the people surrounding him

- you left soon after, not noticing that he was entranced by you completely


- he was undercover at a nightclub for a field job

- attempting to be undercover, he went over to the bar to grab a drink

- there, he saw a girl who looked incredibly uncomfortable as a guy started going closer to her and talking to her

- he could see why, the girl was stunning and he’d heard her joking around a lot with her friends earlier, but clearly she wasn’t enjoying it

- deciding to help out (plus it would help him look less suspicious), he walked up to her and put his arm around her, glaring at the other guy.

- “hey babe, come with me, i want to introduce you to someone” he said before leaning down and whispering to her “i saw you looked super uncomfortable earlier and i thought i’d make sure you’re okay. let’s just make sure this guy leaves you alone for the rest of the night.” she nodded and whispered back a ‘thank you’

- they left the other guy, quickly reporting him to the bar people and walking over to a table (idk as i said i’m a tiny child i’ve never been to a nightclub)

- after chatting for a while and making sure she knew where her friends were and that she was okay, Seven saw his target ducking away

- he quickly apologised to the unknown girl and slipped away, following his target and hoping that he’d meet her again one day (though he knew it was futile)


(okay, so he’s not blind here just for convenient purposes)

- you decided to visit the park for a one-person picnic lunch

- you hadn’t been to the park in ages because you were too busy with work/school but the weather was lovely today so you thought screw it i’m going

- after spreading out your picnic blanket under a tree, half in the sun and half in the shade, you spread out your small arrangement of food and just enjoyed the peace and quiet

- soon enough, when the soft golden light gently danced across your skin, you fell asleep, headphones in your ears and listening to music

- a certain light blue haired man was passing by, just taking photos for his new exhibition at the art gallery

- he spotted you laying down on your picnic blanket, the dappled sunlight grazing across your skin. the lighting was perfect and you looked beautiful

- he took the photo juuuuust right so you wouldn’t be able to tell the identity of the person in it. when he looked at it again, he just smiled to himself


- he was out at the shopping centre, keeping an eye on a potential target for Mint Eye

- he sat in the food court with ice cream, trying to not look suspicious

- looking around he was surprised as he saw a girl get dared to eat a whole (massive portion of food) by her silver-haired friend (>.0 thats what i’m here for //slapped)

- she finished it off soon and he was impressed by her skill as well as her in general

- as she left the food court, so did his suspect so he followed the two of them, walking into random shops and looking around why was he in the pet store

- her jokes and just mindless chatter with her friend intrigued him and he found himself genuinely laughing at some of them

- when she left, he found himself upset, though he couldn’t grasp a reason as to why

- so, for the remainder of watching his suspect, all he could think about was the girl in the food court~


uwah, i couldn’t really think of anything for saeran, so apologies for that

also writing really late at night makes me want to use really fancy words lolololololol

i hope this could satisfy you, dear anon~

bye bye~! *poof*

A Trip to the Washroom

This ficlet is part of the Jamie Through the Stones AU which starts with Third Time’s the Charm.

This ficlet is a direct continuation from Impatient

My Fanfiction Master List

Available on AO3 as Written in the Stones

This is an Outlander canon divergence AU ficlet.

Let me know what you think.

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Denver day! After lunch we headed towards Denver to check out some Art galleries, local coffee spots, and food, of course. My sister tried to use her photography skills on me. I only half complied, ha ha. C'mon. Tell me you wouldn’t have tried to pick that giant nose! I’ve had a such a blast here. If she didn’t have to work I would’ve definitely stayed longer!

Cracks In The Mirror: Caught

(I have had this idea for a terrible “Through Imperial Eyes” AU running around in my head for like three weeks and now I must inflict it on the rest of you, because the hiatus is already stinging.

The basic premise: Kallus gets held up on the way to Ezra’s cell, so Thrawn gets there first.

Also on FFnet here.


He had to hurry.

Lyste’s stolen data cylinder burning a hole in his front pocket, Kallus beelined for the secure cell where they had taken Ezra.  The quicker the boy was out of his hair and restored to his crew, the better.  Kallus had no intention of leaving with the young rebel–and if the plan he’d set in motion panned out, he wouldn’t have to.  But it required careful speed and precision.

He was almost to the right corridor.  If that junior officer hadn’t waylaid him in the hall earlier he could have been here ten minutes ago.  Every second counted in operations like this, and he sped to make up the lost time.

Kallus was in such a rush he breezed right past Chopper and AP-5, hovering just shy of the corner.

AP-5 raised a hand.  "I wouldn’t–“ he tried to warn the agent.

Kallus rounded the corner and then immediately had to lunge back behind it, biting down an internal scream of frustration.

Thrawn and Pryce and three Stormtroopers were right outside Ezra’s cell.

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Dealings with a Devil (Part 10)

Dealings with a Devil (Part 10)

Reader X Darkiplier

You, Reader, have made a deal with what you believed to be a fantasized version of your favorite YouTuber’s alter ego, Darkiplier after he’d visited you in a dream. You believed Darkiplier to only exist in your dreams and on Markiplier’s YouTube channel, but by some impossible way he’s real and he intends on collecting on your debt to him.

Originally posted by thean0nym0usmusician

Drying your hair you sit on your bed. Today you’ll be going to the beach. Sean had offered to join you. He likes the beach, Mark on the other hand declined. His odd dislike of the ocean makes him more endearing to you. You could almost see him just standing on the sand and flipping the ocean off, shouting a loud, ”fuck you ocean!”

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These beautiful advertisements for ‘Portraits Of An Icon’ at National Portrait Gallery have been spotted in tube stations around London.

The top photo was taken by me at Piccadilly Circus. The bottom shot was taken by Terence Pepper at Charing Cross.

Audrey Hepburn: Portraits Of An Icon is showing at National Portrait Gallery until 18th October. Don’t miss it!

Never Going Back Again 

Pairing: Steve/Sophia
Rating: NC - 17
Words: 6000+

Summary: Steve fluff and smut and general cheesy 2013 Megan writing. Just wanted something to upload, tell me what you think. 

Warning: Strong adult themes including sex and other fun stuff. Do not read click read more if you are uncomfortable with these things. Or if you’re a child.

Steve wasn’t happy. That was a fact. He hadn’t felt anything since waking up, he just felt completely numb. Every day was a constant battle of him trying to push his emotions down to the pit of his stomach, and face the light. He was really trying, he’d recently moved to Washington, gotten himself an apartment and a permanent job with Shield, but it still wasn’t the same, and eventually he knew his emotions would catch up with him. But, who wants to see Captain America cry? America would fall! Or, at least that’s what he told himself. Steve knew he had to make changes in his life; otherwise he would stay miserable forever. Yes, he’d missed out on a huge chunk of time, but he was awake now, and determined to try and make it all worthwhile.

As much as he tried to ignore it, Steve knew he needed to move on from Peggy. Director Fury had given him her file, and he was relieved to see she was still alive and well. However, there was nothing he could do. He was still in his twenties, and even though he didn’t feel like he could ever be happy again, he needed to try and find someone knew.

That’s where she came in…

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I got a last minute chance to get a vendor spot for Galacon and I am
super excited to go!

Our vendor stand can be found on the bottom floor of the convention center. We’ll be two tables wide, so you can’t miss it. Table 54 and 55 are the place to be!

I’ll be selling my collection of mane 6 and princess prints.
Of course the Silly Lyra comic book will be available! The book will be for sale
in a special “harder than soft” glossy cover. I also have prints of various other
works from my gallery. Commissions on the spot will once again be available!

Looking forward to seeing you there! Feel free to stop by our table for a
friendly chat and a brohoof!