I don’t know if this has been done yet, so here it Is! Ocs work too!

1. Draw yourself with Circus Baby
2. Draw yourself as an animatronic
3. Draw yourself crawling through vents
4. Draw yourself as purple guy
5. Draw yourself rocking out with Bonnie from the first game
6. Draw yourself listening to the Casual Bongos
7. Draw yourself reacting to the animatronics moving around
8. Draw yourself eating Pizza with Chica
9. Draw yourself about to be scooped
10. Draw yourself in FNAF 1
11. Draw yourself in FNAF 2
12. Draw yourself in FNAF 3
13. Draw yourself in FNAF 4
14. Draw yourself in FNAF World
15. Draw yourself in Sister Location
16. Draw yourself screaming as your being dragged to be stuffed in a suit
17. Draw yourself reacting to Balloon Boy
18. Draw yourself reacting to Phantom Balloon Boy
19. Draw yourself Dancing with the animatronics
20. Draw yourself being jumpscared
21. Draw yourself as the Puppet
22. Draw yourself pushing the nose of the Freddy Plush in FNAF 4
23. Draw yourself crawling through Ballora Gallery
24. Draw yourself crawling through Fun Time Auditorium
25. Draw yourself reacting to Golden Freddy
26. Draw yourself eating cake
27. Draw yourself kidnapped by Baby
28. Draw yourself having a chat about the Pirates of The Caribbean with FNAF 1 Foxy
29. Draw yourself reacting to Springtrap
30. Draw yourself reacting to Hand unit changing your name to Eggs Benedict
31. Draw yourself with your Exotic Butters

This is basically a drawing a month challenge, or you can get requests from your followers!

This was yesterday’s crowd waiting for the YES result. What a day.

I’ve never seen a crowd this big, this quiet. We all had our arms around each other, barely breathing, desperate to finally know after months of waiting and campaigning. When the announcer finally said that out of 12 mill voters, 7 mill had voted yes, we were all cheering and crying, feeling exhausting mixes of relief and unease. Such a narrow win? After we fought tooth and nail for this? Is this what our neighbours, our co-workers, our families, really think of us?

But it was done. We had to put it behind us and be positive for each other, focusing now on getting decent legislation through parliament that doesn’t water down anti-discrimination law. This is just another step in the journey. We’re tired, but we have to keep pushing. 

The rest of the day was a whirlwind. Dance parties in the park, rainbow cake and free ice cream for breakfast, gallery visits, pub crawls and drag queens, almost getting drunken matching tattoos with mates, signing outside pubs, marching down oxford st, karaoke sessions on the train, going wild at birdcage with what felt like every queer girl in the inner west… Strangers on the street congratulating us. Same-sex parents dancing with their kids. The city had so much energy. I’ve never been part of anything like it. 

Honestly, I’m still digesting the result. 60:40 is too close for comfort to me. I live in the state with the lowest YES vote. 12 of the 17 electorates with the largest NO votes are in my city, just minutes from where I live. 2/5 people in my country don’t want me to have equal rights to them. 5 million of them went out of their way in a voluntary process to make sure the government doesn’t give me rights. I have no way of processing that. 

Lucky I’m from a community that’s resilient beyond measure, and I’ve never been more grateful to be among them than I was yesterday at this park, in the city that’s always been my home. I owe my heart to Gay Sydney, forever. 


“But there’s also something sensual about the fit of her clothing. The weight of a sweater three or four sizes too big has an uncanny way of conceiving the nude beneath the bulk. Like women who cover their faces with their long hair or only wear black, Basinger portrays a woman who swaths agitation in fabric, clutching the loose creases of her sleeves, or burrowing in the broad shoulders of her coat —— which has the perhaps unintended way of exaggerating the way she moves.

Elizabeth’s clothes encourage slouching. From the moment Elizabeth meets John, she becomes utterly unfocused at work —— Lyne’s take on lust shrinks a woman to adolescence, to daydreaming about playing hooky. She slumps at her desk so dramatically that she looks about to slowly inch toward the ground and to fall off her chair, as if to flee the gallery by crawling from under her desk out onto the street on all fours.”

NoDa, Charlotte, NC

More shots of the neighborhood, this time on a Gallery Crawl night last Friday night. All taken (somewhat blurrily) with my Samsung Epic 4G phone and the Vignette app. Full sized photos can be found at my Flickr.

External image

The Neighborhood Theatre

External image

Drum circle at Smelly Cat Coffeehouse

External image

Cabo Fish Taco

External image

Tasty Yo Frozen Yogurt

External image

Growler’s Pourhouse (yes you’ve seen lots of photos from here)

External image

Band outside of Salvador Deli

External image

Outside of Solstice Tavern

External image

Food stand outside of The Neighborhood Theatre


The first Gallery Crawl of 2015 took place January 23. The Gallery Crawl is a free quarterly showcase of art in the Cultural District, Pittsburgh PA. The first three images are from the Cultural Trust Gallery. The last image is from Shaw Galleries Bad Art Sale. All photos by Victoria Alexes Mikula

anonymous asked:

I really like your blog! I'm a 19 year old who strives to make their art however still isn't sure on what to create. Do you have any tips?

Hey thanks! My best advice is:

1. Don’t give in to the temptation to compare yourself to others constantly! With so much good art out there, this is probably my biggest struggle, and I feel like I am the most creative/driven when I am able to put aside thoughts like “how are they so young and so much better than me?” or “my style will never be that cool, why am I even doing this?!” I guess where I’m going with this is find the things that really inspire you, but that don’t open up the opportunity for those thoughts. So instead of looking at other art to get inspired, (though this can be really valuable too, in moderation and more in person at museums, galleries and art crawls rather than online) read things that make your mind wander, walk around outside, go to shops that sell old things, look through some books on symbolism/imagery. 

2. The best way I get ideas of what to make is reading books on symbolism and mythology, as well as reading old ghost stories (listening to Podcasts about these things works even better, because I can draw while I listen). I guess stories, characters and symbols just make me want to make things! 

3. Another thing I like to do when I’m really stuck is go to an art store and pick out an item that speaks to me and makes me want to create. This can be a cool paper, a certain color of ink, a new sketchbook, a pen that I’ve never tried before, spraypaint, whatever you want! This week I bought some glow-in-the-dark screen printing ink, and it’s given me a ton of ideas of how to revisit some old ideas and has given me lots of new ones as well! 

4. Make a lot of lists. 

5. Collect images from books that you like, whether you just take pictures of them or cut them out. Keep a folder of them on your desk and look through it when you feel uninspired. 

6. And lastly, my tried-and-true fail-safe way of getting in the mood to make art: collaging. This goes along with the last one, I guess. I collect tons of old books and I’ll sit down with a pile of them and just cut out all of the pictures/words I like. I also have a huge folder of scraps I’ve been pulling from books since high school, and I just start glueing and arranging. Even if it’s just pairing two images together, it always helps me feel more awake artistically. I know that’s a lot, I hope some of it helps!