The first time I met Paul Roden, one part behind the Tugboat Printshop duo (well, three including their bambina), was at the Gallery Crawl’s Night Market in October of last year.  I am a huge lover of woodblock prints so their tent immediately caught my eye.  Melissa and I both loved their story, personalities and the quality and character of the work. 

After this initial encounter I became a bonafide fan and regularly stalked the website for new work.  And when the “Four Elements” set became available it was the perfect time to pounce because the work compliments both my personality and loves in life.  Being the lucky gal I am, I ending up receiving the set as a holiday gift from the silly and wonderful man that brought me to Pittsburgh!! 

Now they happily live in the Treading Art gathering room and are enjoyed everyday!



The first Gallery Crawl of 2015 took place January 23. The Gallery Crawl is a free quarterly showcase of art in the Cultural District, Pittsburgh PA. The first three images are from the Cultural Trust Gallery. The last image is from Shaw Galleries Bad Art Sale. All photos by Victoria Alexes Mikula


TONIGHT we’ll be at @CASNightLife for their semiannual Gallery Crawl! We will have works from #PlatinumBlend‘s Christina Mrozik Art and our upcoming March solo featured artist L. Bustamante Art

We will also be previewing next month’s 'The Zealot’s Elixir’ with exciting new works from Doubleparlour, Steve Ferrera, and Crystal Morey Sculpture. Join us 6-10 PM in the African Hall!


Gallery Crawl: “Summer/Selections” – Works by Margaret Kilgallen, an interview with Book Conservator Dan Flanagan at Ratio 3 in San Francisco.

NoDa, Charlotte, NC

More shots of the neighborhood, this time on a Gallery Crawl night last Friday night. All taken (somewhat blurrily) with my Samsung Epic 4G phone and the Vignette app. Full sized photos can be found at my Flickr.

External image

The Neighborhood Theatre

External image

Drum circle at Smelly Cat Coffeehouse

External image

Cabo Fish Taco

External image

Tasty Yo Frozen Yogurt

External image

Growler’s Pourhouse (yes you’ve seen lots of photos from here)

External image

Band outside of Salvador Deli

External image

Outside of Solstice Tavern

External image

Food stand outside of The Neighborhood Theatre


We had such a fun time at @casnightlife! A huge thanks to Matthew Robertson and Calvin Ma for sharing some progress on their upcoming solo shows this Fall and for letting the crowds get up close and personal with their works!


We are coming to @calacademy this Thursday for Gallery Crawl NightLife! Leon Loucheur will be previewing his work for his upcoming solo show “Sentient City” in November and Erika Sanada will be working on her newest ceramic piece as well as featuring works from her current solo “Odd Things”. + Much more awesome art from the gallery!

We hope to see you there! More info here: