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Willow Creek Archive - (CC free Makeover)

Lot Size: 30x20
Price: §193 766 (furnished) §58 991 (unfurnished)
Location: Willow Creek Archive (Willow Creek)
Required packs: Get Together, City Living, Get to Work, Romantic Garden, Dine Out, Vampires, Kids Room, Cool Kitchen

OBS! I’d advice you to enable the bb.moveobjects cheat in build mode before placing the lot for the clutter to stay in place.

Download at the Gallery: Origin ID - Allisasims or #Allisas

If you don’t want to download from the gallery I’ve extracted the tray files with the Sims 4 Tray importer.

Download Tray Files


Ruff Times Vet Clinic (CC free)

I’m planning on testing out the vet career soon, and I wanted a place that was a little brighter and cheerier than the default clinic. This is the result! Compact, cosy and guaranteed to fill even the largest cone of shame with a smile.

Available from jadeisallama on the gallery, or get the tray files here.

Please tag me if you use it, I’d love to see it in your game! ❤️


I did the Affordable Home Challenge by @smubuh

- Base game only
- Must be in the 20k-35k range (it is $34,932)
- Must be on 20x15 or 20x30 lot size (it’s actually on a 20x20 lot in Windenburg)
- Needs at least 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom

It’s called Tower House because I based it off of an old house I used to live in called the Tower District. Can be found on my gallery at andinthend or tray files here.


100 Followers Gift!

Thank you guys so much for 100 followers! I am so happy and thankful for each and every one of you guys! So to thank you guys, I decided to make some more cc :D Thank you all again so much! Love ya lots! <3 ~awsimmer92 




  • 4 swatches
  • Standalone Item
  • Skin Detail
  • Base-game Compatible


  • 5 swatches
  • Standalone Item
  • Skin Detail
  • Base-game Compatible

Devin Oswind

  • Download on the gallery, search: awsimmer92
  • Download her tray files: simfileshare
  • CC List
  • In cas and maybe on the files it says her name is Devin Oswald but I’m too lazy to change it so I’m just going to leave it as that in the gallery.

TOU: Don’t claim as your own. Not for use as a base sim. Tag me if you use this sim!

Florence Hair Recolor

  • 48 Different Colors
  • Standalone Item
  • Requires mesh by nolan-sims
  • Base-game Compatible

TOU: Don’t reupload these to any sites, don’t claim as your own, please tag me if you use any of these items b/c I would love to see your creations!

Sorry if they aren’t the best, I’m still kind of getting the hang of making cc.


download tray files

gallery id: dnasz

there’s four five dogs in the household but obvs you don’t need to keep them all if you don’t want!! they include the two dogs (the husky mix and the ??? mix) from the ‘coupla mutts’ post, toro bulah, marshie, and big old wrinkle (aka bow).

anonymous asked:

Could you uploud candy and yukis apartment? Pretty please? 🔮〰🔮

This one, right? The only room furnished in this one so I don’t think it’ll upload it. The bedrooms just have a single bed and most of the other rooms are completely empty. Also, the apartment is one of the ones that has two floors and I’m not sure if I’m able to upload that to the gallery anyway(?)

Tray Files for the living room in the screenshot; It’s the 702 Zenview  Apartment. Enjoy (: