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Proceeding eighty miles into the northwest wind, you reach the city of Euphemia, where the merchants of seven nations gather at every solstice and at every equinox to trade wares and cargo and stories and memory.

This piece was done for a group illustration gallery show themed around Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities. The show will be opening November 14th in the MICA Pinkard gallery with a reception on the 18th; come take a look if you’re able!

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Warm Reception


“More champagne?” Dean asked, sliding into his seat next to Seamus. “I mean, Harry and Ginny were nice enough to provide it for us, the least that we can do is drink it, right?”

He grinned, and leaned in to kiss Seamus on the cheek as he put the full flute down on the table in front of him. 

“You and Fleur have a nice catch-up?” he asked. He’d seen the pretty French girl stop by to talk to Seamus when he’d gone to the bar. “She was certainly glad to see you were here.”


Leighton House was the London home, studio and 30 year long project of the Victorian artist, Frederic, Lord Leighton (1830-96). Designed by the architect and designer George Aitchison initially in 1864, the project was completed in stages and took on  a relatively organic process as the two friends Aitchison and Leighton worked together. The house ultimately served as both Lord Leighton’s studio and own, personal gallery and reception, where even Queen Victoria visited in 1859. It is one of the very few Victorian artist’s house studios open to the public within the UK.

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Leighton House is Lord Leighton’s collection of over a thousand beautiful, Islamic tiles decorating the interior walls and giving the house its notable Orientalist aesthetic. In particular, The Arab Hall, where Lord Leighton’s collection of highly decorative polychrome tiles, mostly from Damascus in Syria dating from the 15th to 17th century as well as 19th-century tiles made by William de Morgan are, is perhaps the building’s main focus.

Leighton House Museum
12 Holland Park Road, London, W14 8LZ T

“Companion” is some new illustration work inspired by one of my favorite games, Journey, and is available at the UPCOMING Pixel Hearts Group Show! 12" x 12" on birchwood. 30 limited edition prints will also be available on the Gallery 1988 website (more info to follow).

GALLERY 1988 West - Opening reception, Friday Feb 5th! 7-9pm (on display til the 20th!) , 7308 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA.

Follow to see artwork as it’s updated before the show!


Jel Ena M


Graphite, Pastel, Ac. Wash on Toned Fabriano Paper

“Confutatis maledictis, 
flammis acribus addict
is, voca me cum benedictus.

(When the accused are confounded, and doomed to flames of woe, call me among the blessed)

my piece 
for "In Missa Interfectionis Show”
The Dance of Death, Hexes, Voodoo, Curses and Witchcraft.
October 15 - November 30 2014 at Stephen Romano Gallery 
opening reception tomorrow, October 18, 4 - 8 pm"


“Atropine”2014, colored pencils on paper, cm 30x30

For my soloshow ‘Immune’ Thinkspace Gallery

Opening Reception: Saturday, November 8th 6-9PM November 8th - November 29th

Tumblr, I need your help. Next weekend an exhibit of my artwork will open at Fokus Gallery in Montreal. Since I’m not from the area, I’m scared that no one is going to show up. I don’t want to fly all the way to Montreal to attend an empty reception. Please help me spread the word. Reblog the poster, share it far and wide, and encourage your friends to do the same. With our combined power, maybe we can reach people in the Montreal area.

The show is called Signes de Vie and opens June 29 at 2 pm. The gallery is Galerie Fôkus at 68 ave. Duluth E. Plateau Mont-Royal, Montreal.

Spread the word. Make my first international gallery show a success.

Book Show Reception!

The class of 2013’s Book Show Reception was a lot of fun.

It was a great chance to show faculty, friends and family the work of the past 9 months.

And most of all, to read books.

The show continues through October 13 at 209 East 23rd Street.

Photos by Rovina Cai, Natalya Balnova, Chemin Hsiao & Andrea Tsurumi