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I’m just so fascinated by adena’s character after this episode. We know from the writers that she’s in her late 20s, so she’s been traveling the world living in different places for different lengths of time for ten or so years. She must’ve had some family wealth because there’s no way should could have afforded to do that on her own, at least not at first. And from 1x04 it sounds like she still has a good relationship with her mom. But she also left at age 17. And at some point she became a photographer, one good enough to have a large prominent gallery opening in NYC and to catch the attention of a magazine like scarlet. Like we actually have no idea how successful of a photographer she is career-wise but it seems like it’s enough so that she’s not working other jobs. Even in Paris she was just trying to find her creative groove and scheduling shoots. And we’ve seen what her apartment in NYC looks like, that place was huge and expensive. The one in Paris was similar. She’s wealthy but she’s also had such a passionate rebellious wanderlust spirit, and she’s learned all these life lessons that have made her the kind of person who can be so patient and understanding and wholly loving of kat.

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"And then for him to go on to actually designing a clothing line, well, that’s a big step to take for an actor with no prior experience in the industry" and may I add, an actor who really has no fashion sense other than looking great in whatever someone ELSE (who likes him to match her) chooses for him. I totally agree, it isn't a stretch at all that his SO/wifey who's got eons of fashion experience would have steered him toward this lucrative deal & helped him "design" the line.😉💁🏻

Yep, and especially as to the “likes him to match her”. You may be on to something there too: the guy is always spot on in his appearances with a certain “her” and really so much when it’s the other “her”. I realize that for his professional appearances a stylist is behind his clothing choices but stylists have to get guidance from someone- why not the wifey? It would go a long way to explaining the very large difference in his two looks: spot on, either in causal mode or professional appearance, when a certain lady could be assumed to have had a hand in it, and then “divorced dad on a date”, as Tom and Lorenzo so aptly put it, when either left to his own devices or listening to another. And boy did they nail that one lol! All that was missing on that red carpet from the NYC gallery opening was a little red convertible and a viagra prescription to complete that “middle aged divorced father of three finally gets loose and is now going after the 19 year old temp from the mail room” look.

Stick with the wifey Sam, in clothes and everything else. She hasn’t steered you wrong yet!