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Photography documents life — and food, whether in the fore or background, seems to always be in the picture. The two intersect in a new book, Feast for the Eyes, written by photography curator Susan Bright and published by Aperture. Find out more about it (and see more cool pictures) here.

And then go spend a day going down the Web 1.0 rabbit hole that is the Gallery of Regrettable Food. I promise you won’t regret it. Much. 

Image shamelessly lifted from the Gallery of Regrettable Food.

– Petra

idreamofpants  asked:

Mr. Badge, Mr. Badge, how much jello-ed everything and mousse-d everything are they eating in The Silver Age? Because I saw that 70s Dinner Party Food Frights thing and I thought they must eat this all the time please, it's creepy and weird and they must eat it, right? Did you mention jello? I must read it again.

I don’t think I did mention jello – I do mention food a bit but usually in the context of the Jarvises cooking it, and they’re much more focused on solid traditional cooking, particularly traditional European Jewish cooking in Anna’s case. 

I don’t really know much about how Terrible Seventies Food interacted with class in the US, but I can take a few swings. I know in the early part of the century gelatin was considered sort of special and classy because you had to have a fridge to make it, and not many people did, but I think by the seventies it was a sort of middle-class-with-aspirations kind of a good. A lot of the “horrifying food” we see on the internet comes from food advertisers, who were aiming at the middle and upper-edge of the working classes, and it’s frequently aspirational in nature. 

I don’t think the Starks ate much jello salad, though mousses, perhaps, and maybe occasionally some kind of protein-in-aspic. Maria always struck me as Old Money, and while Howard is self-made he’s also vastly self-assured, so he doesn’t need to impress anyone. 

That being said, I’m willing to bet Clint has EXTENSIVE experience with jello salads and other Gallery Of Regrettable Food style horrors, and Bucky and Steve probably think they’re very classy, so I bet there’s like…jello-salad night at the penthouse they all room in, at least once a week. Especially since Coulson is a midwestern-bred military brat and probably got a lot of the same foods Clint was exposed to. 

So like – Clint and Phil are experimenting with corn in gelatin, Steve and Sam are splitting a bowl of whipped fish, Bucky is eating something with more mayonnaise than is really ideal, and Tony paid a chef at a local five-star steakhouse to bring him a rare filet mignon with new potatoes for him and Jan to eat because oh my god, these savages. 

Natasha will eat anything, but Clint found out she secretly likes orange jello with mini marshmallows in, so they ALWAYS have orange jello with mini marshmallows in.

Maria made the mistake of doing a surprise visit during Trash Food Night one time. Tony had to mix her a restorative martini before she could recover. They all agreed Anna must never know, or she might insist on leaving Stark Mansion and moving into the penthouse so that they don’t all die of malnutrition.