gallery heist

“He stays in Chicago.”

Hannah shook her head, “But…” she trailed off.

The hard look on Colin’s face was telling enough.

“I’m so sorry,” she spoke.


Between Armsy taking Taylor’s blame for Mr. Rottendick, failing to stop the gallery heist, and being generally disliked as a leader, this was kind of… well, not expected, because I didn’t think to expect it, but it’s not exactly surprising either.

“It’s the politics,” Colin spoke, leaning back, “I’m good at this.  Better than most, if you don’t mind me boasting.  Everything I bring to the table, I worked my ass off for.  But when it comes to shaking hands, managing people, navigating the bureaucracy… I’m not good at it, won’t ever be.  Because of that, I’m getting demoted, and I can probably give up on ever being in charge of another team.”

He’s always been the type to speak his mind, I suppose. Not something the bureaucracy always appreciates.

“I’m sorry.  I know how much you wanted-”

“It’s fine,” he said, but it was clear in the curtness and hardness of his tone that it wasn’t.

His precious reputation has taken a hard hit. There’s not much that would be less fine for him than this, really. Well, other than even harder hits.

He turned away and touched his keyboard.  In the darkness of the room, his face briefly reflected the blue light of the screen.  His brow furrowed.

Hm? Is the Endbringer being detected? It seems like it’s about time for that.

“Dragon.  That program you gave me, predicting the patterns of class S threats, remember it?

Sure sounds like it.

I made a few modifications, to see if I couldn’t catch any highlights, I’m running a dozen of them concurrently.  One, I called HS203.  I want you to look directly at this.  I’ve put it behind some pretty heavy security, but if you wait a second, I’ll-”

Man, I hope the thing that interrupted him was the realization that Dragon had already managed to bypass that heavy security.

Ahaha, that is pretty much what Coil has, isn’t it!

It still has the potential to feel rather cheaty, depending on the scale of the power (which you may recall is currently my biggest question about Coil, trumping even things like “can we trust him?”).

I think a medium scope would be the best - powerful enough to make smaller parts of the plan, like the gallery heist, go his way, but not enough to just say “I’ll successfully take over the city” and wait for that to come true with minimal effort.

I’d also like it if there are weaknesses to his power, such as the number of people involved limiting the power’s potency.

anonymous asked:

Sam! Did you hear that the Italian police found & recovered the two Van Gogh paintings stolen from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam in 2002? theguardian com/ artanddesign /2016/ sep/30/ italian-police-find-van-goghs-stolen-in-amsterdam-gallery-heist

I hadn’t! That is great news. It’s splendid to see art returned to museums (even though it looks like a while before the Van Gogh Museum may get them back physically).

And it’s another lesson in “art theft and the real world” – stolen art generally isn’t stolen for someone’s collection, but rather either a) with the expectation of selling it, which is then quashed because it’s too famous, or b) with the intent of using it as collateral in criminal dealings such as drug deals or illicit loans – which is how it ends up being used even if the situation started out as A.

I’m just glad to see they aren’t too badly damaged. Congregation Leaving The Reformed Church in Nuenen is especially lovely, nice to see it in the hands of people who know how to care for it again.