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Marina Abramovic - The greatest performance of feminism I have ever seen.

Performance artist Marina Abramoivic created a live performance act in 1974 to test the public. This is one of the bravest displays of feminism I have ever seen. People may question whether this was a feminist act of not, however I strongly believe it is, as it takes true strength and bravery to stand the abuse that came to her. Abramovic stood in a gallery and placed 72 items on a table for the audience to use on her in a six hour time period. The items ranged from innocent things like flowers and grapes to a knife and a loaded gun. At first people touched her innocently and gave her the flowers to hold, she stated that in the beginning people were abit scared. However when the initial audience left a new cloud approached, Men groped her, cut her with the knife, ran the roses thorns across her chest util blood was draw. One man put the loaded gun in her hand and held it up to her head with her finger on the trigger, it was only then that security had to get involved and removed the gun from her hand. The performance preceded however until Abramovic was “ready to die”. When the performance finally ended she walked out into the crowd of people who had just assaulted her and they couldn’t even look at her. This proves how the human race can be so cold. The reason why I believe this is one of the greatest public displays of feminism is because it proves how strong woman are. 

“ Legendary Storm ”
 I choose some of my artworks in  “Mega Evolution Artbook Project” to submit in my gallery in 72 dpi.
(I will submit more of them in this quality but NOT all of my artworks in artbook)

Mega Rayquaza
had became my favorite Mega Evolution since I (have to) start draw him! Main Green color quite challenge me at first but I’m so glad when I’ve done this Artbook project and very satisfied how them came out!

[ Same project with this one ]