Louise Bourgeois


Cheim & Read Gallery

A interesting set of suspended works, many in the from gallery are very phallic, which is her style. There is an assortment of textile and cast bronze as well as many different materials used, mostly depicting the body. There is a wonderful playfulness with all the works. Through January 10, 2015.


Erik Van Lieshout

I am in heaven

Anton Kern Gallery

When you walk into the gallery you step through a hastily made tunnel to view his film “Work” and exit into the wider gallery to view these amazing art pieces that depict rioters in mid stride with mouths open, yelling for their rights. The images are peculiar as they are created with vinyl tape that is crudely pasted upon paper. The visuals are very raw and cartoony. Check it out through February 28, 2015.


Jacob Hashimoto

Skyfarm Fortress

Mary Boone Gallery NYC

Beautirul “Kites” that have been hand painted and designed individually fill the Mary Boone Gallery with a riot of color and depth. It feels like a million Marimekko designs come to life on colorful rice paper kites. Super friendly and super fun. This is a must see show. Check it out.


JUXTAPOZ MAGAZINE This is a celebration of the San Francisco magazine that helped define and celebrate urban alternative and underground contemporary art. Plenty of street and outsider art represented and celebrated by this magazine. Largest circulating arts magazine in America. This is special, check it out.


Jose Parla

In Medias Res

Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery

Mature show for Jose Parla. THe work is getting more abstract and nuanced and layered. The show features 2 giant Berlin Wall style pieces when you walk in as well as a back wall that is completely worked and covered in motion that is strictly Magenta. Cool Show, Check it out.



Bloodflames Revisited

Curated by Phong Bui

Paul Kasmin Gallery

Really cool summer show that riffs off of a 1947 seminal show whereby the curator hung all the art in very off-kilter perspectives to create new ways of seeing the art. Phong ties that as a starting point and creates a elevated orange path over a sea of hay/stra that is very strong smelling to create a new way of seeing current art. Fun summer show. Check it out.