So, this guy who’s making a game commissioned me to do a bunch of character designs for him. After months of commissioning, I’ve done about 20 designs. He only commissioned lineart from me, but I decided to be super nice and color in all of them. he liked them so much, he said I could post them.

So here they are. explosion-juice gave me brief prompts for each drawing, and I designed the rest.

black silver classic torbie


Supreme Champion Lancarrow Scala
breed: Oriental Longhair
breeder and owner: Charly Riis and Jan Krag

© Inge Jarm

Happiness von Nafys Zarafa
breed: Oriental Longhair
breeder: Friederike Kischka-Antoni
owner: Inge Jarm 

Opening Tonight—Richard Serra at Gagosian Britannia Street, London

October 1, 2016

Tonight, October 1st, from 6–8pm GMT, Gagosian Britannia Street, London opens an exhibition of three recent large-scale sculptures by Richard Serra.

Since 1983, Gagosian has presented more than thirty major exhibitions of Serra’s sculptures and drawings in the United States and Europe.
Image: NJ-2 (detail), 2016, weatherproof steel, 157 ½ × 571 ¼ × 325 inches (400 × 1,451 × 825.5 cm) © Richard Serra. Photo by Mike Bruce