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So well, technically the Wind Agency is supposed to have his month later on… well, much later on, but since I now finally know their names thanks to the Joker Game setting material list I thought I would share in case you know, someone needs them for a fic. Too bad the settei don’t include draws for the the unnamed D agency members… ;_; I was hoping to get them as well…

Relevant notes here.

First of all the guys’ name are written only in Hiragana. The kanji used to write their names aren’t official but suggested by Japanese fans. I figured I would post them in case people were to need them.

Note that these aren’t perfect scanlations of the settei. In the first picture the heights weren’t included, while in the last one the names weren’t included (and yes, half of the settei is missing).

Other relevant info are that Gamo’s height is 175 cm while Kazato is 178 cm.

More will hopefully follow