Everything is going so well and amazing! I can’t believe I can actually say this, but I have a show line up now! You can find the list of dates and locations I’ll be showing my work as they come up on my website: tylerthrasher.com
With that being said, I’m looking to schedule shows for 2016 and would love to show my work around the country! I will be looking for galleries and locations to showcase my work and I’m open for suggestions or any galleries interested in having me!!
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Had so much fun at The Axylum show last night!! Just a few photos of my display for the night ;) of course pretty much all of this is in my storenvy as well (except the small prints which haven’t been listed yet), so if you see something here you like check out www.doodlelust.storenvy.com! I’m actually very pleased with how my display came together *v*

Met so many other amazingly talented artists and I am so happy to have been a part of this amazing show! Everybody was super friendly and supportive and happy to be there. With any luck if travel is feasible I’d like to be part of more shows with them but we’ll see how things work out ;u; if you’re an Oakland native or just passing through the area be sure to check out The Axylum and see what cool events they may be doing.