Ivory silk stenciled with silver and gold mythological beasts and birds, loop shoulder closures with striped white Murano glass beads, silk gauze side panels cinched with silk cord having beaded tassels beneath floating gauze panels with stenciled borders, wrist closure with two beads and beaded hem.

Evening Coat
Maria Monaci Gallenga

Black velvet with stencil of arabesque pattern; bodice with kimono-like over-sleeve; pillow-shaped collar; tassels; velvet lining.

The Japanese kimono was copied, adapted, and finally assimilated into Western clothing. This example, a coat with long sleeves inspired by a Japanese kimono. For surface decoration, an arabesque pattern in stencil-printing was applied.

Image and text taken from the book:
Fashion: A History from the 18th to the 20th Century, Kyoto Costume Institute, pgs 438-439

Breathtaking Maria Monaci Gallenga Couture trained gown dating back to the early 1920’s. The textile art of Gallenga is often compared to that of Mariano Fortuny because they both produced hand-stenciled designs that drew inspiration from the distant past. Gallenga became the mentor of the Italian Futurists and in 1925 exhibited in the Italian Pavilion, winning the Grand Prix for stenciled textiles. I adore the metallic stenciled medieval novelty pattern throughout. The care to place this garment together must have taken weeks. The luxurious heavily-pleated collar and waistband create a beautiful regal effect. My favorite detail is the dramatic winged angel-sleeves which Gallenga was known for.


A Maria Gallenga stencilled persimmon velvet medieval inspired gown, 1920s

Un-labelled, printed with repeat gingko leaf shaped repeats in silver and gold, the fagotted shoulder seams inset with wide coral glass beads, the long sleeves with pointed cuffs adorned with gold crochet bauble buttons, curved lightly gathered waist side seams, trained hem, lined in matching crêpe, with matching draw-string purse

내가 매일 가던 gallenga의 지하 bar
마지막날이라고 아저씨가 카푸치노에 웃는 모습을 그려주셨다.

매일 먹던(내가 살찌는데 큰 도움을 준) un cappucino e cornetto di nutella가 먹고 싶은 이 아침, 이탈리아 사진만 보면 눈물이 날 것 같아. ritornero’, almeno una volta.