Do you ever wake up one day feeling empty, feeling like you have nothing left, even though you have everything you ever wanted? It’s a paradox, but you have to admit that you live in an illusion. Sometimes you allow people to come into your life because you are lonely. Or because you wanna feel loved. Or because you want someone by your side. You want this so much that it doesn’t matter who that “someone” is. Sometimes you fool yourself thinking that this is your worth and this is what you deserve. But just because that person can fill you with love doesn’t mean that he is your person. No. Because you don’t need just that. You need someone who you can talk about aliens with, about the Sun and the Moon, about the stars, about the immensity of the sky, about what the soul needs. Don’t settle for less. Know your worth. You have something special. Something that most people don’t have. You have that sparkle in your eyes, you are a mistery, you have flowers growing on your body and gallaxies in your mind. That’s why just few people can understand you. Because your silence is hard to understand. Because the Universe that exists in your eyes can be seen just by someone who has the same perspective, who sees the world just as you see it, who can create with you a connection beyond the barreries imposed by your bodies. A connection of your souls. This is rare. This is what you deserve. So if you wake up one day feeling empty even though you have what you think you need, you’ve got to leave people that don’t help at your growth go, even though you may think it’s hard. You are way too complexe to settle for limited people.