I want to try something

On December 17th, the week after the #BringMickeyBack movement, I want to show the staff writers why we still want Gallavich.

For some reason, it appears that the cast and crew may have forgotten why Gallavich became popular in the first place, how much they mean to us, and why we want them back even after all of this time. So, now is the time to let them know and try to get them to understand.

On December 17th, Tweet #Gallavichmatters and tell them why Gallavich matters to you. Please post your own reasons-as many reasons as you have! and as many tweets as it takes to get your point out-and retweet any you see and let’s make this a really powerful moment, and make it so that the Shameless execs will never question this ever again. And definitely Re-tweet any you see and like so that everyone’s voice is heard!

Ex. #Gallavichmatters to me because the LGBT+ community deserves more happy endings, and Gallavich was one of the best written gay pairings on TV.

person : what are you always reading on your phone?

me: *blushes* nothing…

person: come on … I can see you always reading something

me: *blushing intensifies* it’s just …stuff

person: no , seriously what is it?


Mickey Milkovich was the best character on this show. And now you’re trying to erase his existance by calling him “ex boyfriend”, “escaped convict ex”, “fugitive”. But no matter how you try it won’t work. He’s still the most discussed person. And he has a fucking name.


do you ever have a ship that you obsess over for a couple of weeks/ months /whatever and then slowly a new ship takes over and soon it becomes a year or 2 and many ships have come and gone, where each time you just enter a stage of intense dedication and obsession until one day, some new fandom material comes out from one of your old ships and you find yourself nostalgic so you just sweep Ao3 for a few fics and next minute you are in so deep through the ship’s Tumblr tag that you realise you are exactly where you were, 2 years ago, obsessing over the same ship, looking through the same tag, scrolling through the new fics and you think


some things never change

You know that feeling when you get into a new fandom and you go to AO3 to search for it for the first time and there are ALL THOSE FANFICS already written by those wonderful and talented writers and you are not even sure where to start but just know you have found your new home for at least the next few weeks

Dear Lord, that feeling