I should have never watched this show. I should have just kept scrolling down my dashboard. I should have ignored the angry smol gay and the tol happy gay. I should have never went through the notes to find the name of the show. I should have just left these gays alone.

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Okay but when are braindead Sheila/Caleb stans going to realize that we aren’t angry ‘just because we want gallavich.’???? If Ian and Mickey had broken up, and Mickey had been written off the show, and it all had happened respectfully and somewhat realistically - of course it would have still sucked, but we would have dealt with it.

No, we are angry because the writers are homophobic, racist, victim blaming bullies, and they treated Mickey like absolute shit. Not to mention how they turned Ian into even more of a manipulative asshole than he already was. And they didn’t even try to make Caleb a character worth supporting. He could have been a nice person, he could have become Ian’s best friend. And if they absolutely wanted him to be a love interest, they could have at least given Ian a season to get over Mickey and for them to get to know each other first.

No. We aren’t angry because 'we just want the white boy back’ We’re angry because Mickey Milkovich is a fucking groundbreaking character, and he deserved better.

how did we get here

ok i try to be positive and try to have hope but im honestly sad, like im mad but just mostly SAD. Ian and Mickey had a lot of problems don’t get me wrong but since season 1 they had a good thing going, they developed and grew and gosh so many people loved watching them and they were talked about so much and now i see what’s happening currently and want to scream HOW DID WE GET HERE. how did we go from having gallavich focus and hype and screaming over the slightest progress they made and having hope of a future for them to getting excited of just the possibility of Mickey being back for 2 seconds. it just makes me sad how something so tragically beautiful could just be brushed aside and gone,everything the characters worked for and what we wished for to mean nothing now. Ian and Mickey didn’t both go through everything that happened for it to not matter now. for the writers to have this relationship/storyline for 5 seasons and then kick to curb makes me furious but once again just disappointed and sad

the fact that season 6 and now season 7 were/will be full of ian having new relationships and getting scenes we longed for Ian and Mickey to have is so upsetting. we as fans don’t deserve this at all and from the spoilers we are only being treated worse. the fact that Mickey is returning but just an episode before Ian is falling in love with another guy is just WHY WHY WHY. The fact that we will have 10 episodes of Ian falling for another man, having all sweet scenes we wanted for gallavich after a whole season of him falling for another man BUT just 1 episode of possible gallavich that prob won’t even be happy. it makes me sick. plan sick. I mean no one is expecting them to get back right away or at this point get back at all but the gallavich story does not deserve a rushed ending. i want the writers to make up for the 2 seasons of shit we got but clearly that won’t happen.

at this point i rather this jeep scene of Ian and Mickey running off together be the last time we ever seen them because then we can make our own ending of what happens to them and not be screwed over again. (but they will probably screw that up in 7x11 and 7x12) 

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What are all your OTP's?

LOL. OK in no particular order (except obviously the first three are my top three)

1. Stelena, The Vampire Diaries

2. Jackie/Hyde, That 70s Show

3. Romione (Book moreso), Harry Potter

4. Simon/Alisha, Misfits

5. Jal/Chris, Skins UK

6. Gallavich, Shameless

7. Noah/Rosalee, Underground

8. Matt/Julie, Friday Night Lights

9. Jess/Vince, Friday Night Lights

10. Ozillow, Buffy The Vampire Slayer

11. Bangel, Buffy The Vampire Slayer

12. Scira, Teen Wolf

13. Stalia, Teen Wolf

14. Brucas, One Tree Hill

15. Smash/Waverly, Friday Night Lights

16. Dwayne/Whitley, A Different World

17. Donna/Eric, That 70s Show

18. Ryan/Marissa, The OC

19. Bonkai, The Vampire Diaries (lol, I know y’all thought I forgot)

20. Piper/Leo, Charmed

21. Jax/Tara, Sons of Anarchy

22. Cesare/Lucrezia (although this is more like I thought the dynamic was intriguing af)

23. Richonne, The Walking Dead

24. Glenn/Maggie, The Walking Dead

25. Crixus/Naevia, Spartacus

26. Spartacus/Sura, Spartacus

27. Agron/Nasir, Spartacus

Spartacus characters know how to fucking love, man. YOU SEE THESE QUOTES?

28. Pam/Jim, The Office

29. Anne/Henry,The Tudors (It was the most entertaining and intriguing marriage):

30. Barney/Robin, How I Met Your Mother

31. Scallison, Teen Wolf

32. Dair, Gossip Girl

Everything else is more like ships I like.

What if Mickey tells Ian to go back home?

The only thing that would make this latest Gallavich clusterfuck even slightly okay, would be if MICKEY decided to let Ian go. If he decided that it wouldn’t be good for Ian to live as a fugitive and silently left in the night leaving Ian a note and a money for the bus back to Chicago.

I could maybe live with that.

Here’s a fic I just wrote to heal my heart. Maybe it will heal yours too;


We can’t judge the whole episode by the one spoiler we got for 7x10. Call me indenial but I’m almost positive this jeep scene is not the only Mickey/Gallavich scene in the episode. Heck who says we won’t ever seen them again. We all have a bad habit of jumping to conclusions and thinking the worst out of everything. I doubt they would make a huge fuss of a Noel coming back for him to literally have a one word line.

cough gallavich will rise cough

I'm convinced Mickey will leave Ian behind

Based on Sheila’s periscope about heartbreak and unsustainable relationships, it seems Gallavich will end for good in season 7. I’m calling it - Mickey will leave Ian behind this time. They already did Ian leaving Mickey, but doing it the other way will end Mickey’s storyline for good and give ‘closure’, albeit fucked up and unsatisfying, in a way that only Shameless writers can. It hurts my heart to think about the end of Gallavich after everything, so I wrote this post 7x10 jeep scene fic to heal my heart a bit. I hope it heals yours too;

I LOVE YOU, DON’T FOLLOW ME - by hipsterariel

It’s three in the morning when Mickey makes his decision. Ian is laying next to him, asleep, peaceful. Beautiful. Mickey’s heart feels heavy but his mind is surprisingly clear; the weight of his decision is lighter than the nagging doubt that followed him from Chicago to their shitty motel room on the i90. Mickey vaguely remembers hearing once that no good decisions can be made in the middle of the night, that the brain gets tired and starts falling asleep or some fucking biology shit. He tries to remember who told him that, and thinks it sounds like something his ma would have said. But he disregards it, like he has done with most advice he’s been given in his lifetime. Mickey doesn’t have much of a track record for making good decisions at the best of times, which is why he’s sitting in a motel room in Ohio, a fugitive. A prison escapee. Whatever the fuck you want to call it. But even with his questionable life choices that trail him like heavy, persistent shadows, as he awkwardly scrawls out a goodbye letter to Ian on the back of their gas station receipts, Mickey has never felt more confident, more certain of anything in his life. 

He takes a drag of his cigarette and looks down for the last time, at the mess of pale skin and red hair and freckles laying naked in the bed next to him. His gaze becomes fixated, and he feels mesmerized, unable to look away, like he is memorising everything that is Ian; every curve of Ian’s body, every freckle, every blemish on his skin. But he knows he doesn’t have to try, because Ian Gallagher is already committed to his memory. He is etched upon his skin, in more ways than one. Forever and always. 

The feeling of Ian’s mouth against Mickey’s can still be felt upon his lips and his arse is aching in the best way, the familiar dull burn that reminds him of the two of them together a few short hours ago. Tomorrow there will be bruises on his hips and neck. There is cum drying slowly on the sheets and Mickey knows he should probably find it disgusting it but he doesn’t, because it’s them. Mickey and Ian. He closes his eyes and tries to remember each individual time they were together, but it’s impossible of course. Instead, the history of the two of them plays out in his mind in reverse and it’s a beautiful and heartbreaking mess of love and hate, pleasure, pain and tragedy. Happiness that he never thought he deserved and certainly didn’t ever expect to experience. The good, the bad and the devastatingly tragic.

Mickey swallows the lump in his throat as he folds the wad of receipts, his letter to Ian, in half. It feels finished. Complete. Mickey isn’t much of a writer but he knows he’ll never write anything more honest or meaningful than this. It’s beautiful and sad and real, if he does say so himself, and it’s written on the back of garbage, which feels fitting in a strange sort of a way, like a metaphor for everything they shared back on the Southside. 

Mickey silently slides into his clothes, and leaves the letter and three hundred dollars on the bedside table next to Ian. It’s more than enough money for Ian to buy a bus ticket back to Chicago and some food and another night in a hotel if he needs it. He turns around once more when he reaches the door and watches Ian in his sleep for a few final moments that feel like an eternity and a heartbeat at the same time. He’s doing the right thing. Mickey knows this. He feels the surety of it in his gut in a way he’s never felt anything before. 

I love you, he thinks and he feels the painful sting of emotion behind his eyes.

He remembers that phrase that people seem to like throwing around, if you love somebody set them free. He always thought it was some bullshit platitude and maybe it is. But at three forty five on a Wednesday morning at a dodgy hotel in Ohio, when he says his final silent goodbye to Ian Gallagher, the platitude comforts him. It nods at him, pats him on the back, looks at him knowingly and says, you really are doing the right thing, Mickey. He feels validated; all his feelings and emotions have already been thought and put to words, wrapped up in a tidy little sentence by someone wiser, and smarter and more knowledgeable about life and love than Mickey fucking Milkovich. 

He’s back on the road, driving east on i90 and he doesn’t look back. He wants to, but he knows if he’s going to do this, he has to keep his eyes on the road, he has to keep looking ahead and focus on his future in all its terrifying and treacherous uncertainty. If he looks behind him, he’ll turn around and go back to Ian. He’ll let Ian convince him that they can be together, that as long as they’re together everything will be okay. But Mickey knows it won’t be. Because Ian needs his medication and his therapy, and a stable life. Ian needs things that Mickey would struggle to provide him under the best of circumstances and are near impossible now he’s a convicted felon on the run from the law. 

This realisation is bittersweet and the pain of it all threatens to consume him as it radiates through his entire being, burning and sharp, in the way that only emotional hurt knows how. But he takes comfort in the knowledge that Ian was ready to give it all up for him. Mickey knows now that he could have had Ian, that Ian was ready to give himself over to that life, to Mickey. Somehow this knowledge solidifies Mickey’s decision to leave and he accelerates, the engine purring appreciatively under his foot. He wonders whether that was all he really needed; to know that Ian was willing to go all in for him. Maybe that’s a selfish way to look at it, but Mickey doesn’t dwell on it. There’s no time.

He concentrates on the road in front of him, illuminated by intermittent street lights that punctuate the miles and miles of blackened tar like a gap toothed smile. Mickey has to force himself to keep his eyes on the road because his tears are falling and he wonders if they’ll ever stop. But he lets them fall, regardless. His face is wet and hot and he’s sobbing in a way that isn’t cute or endearing or masculine in any way. But he doesn’t make excuses, doesn’t wipe the tears away, or curse himself, or revert to an internal monologue of faux bravado. He just lets it happen. Because if he’s going to cry unashamedly about anything in his life, it may as well be this. The time he said his final goodbye to Ian Gallagher.

I love you Ian, he says to himself, don’t follow me.