Connected (Ch. 2)

Summary: Ian is always trying to keep Mickey out of trouble, but he can’t when Mickey is doing it to protect him.

Word Count: 1207

Notes: Already working on Ch. 3!

It’s been three years since Ian and Mickey first met, and despite the fact that they were complete opposites, they were closer than anyone would ever imagine they could be. They were the perfect and exact definition of best friends.

In third grade, Mickey got held back because he failed science class and english class, so now he was in the same grade as Ian and Mandy. Even though his sister normally would be the one to provoke his bad behavior, Ian was the one to keep him out of trouble. When the redhead isn’t around though, there’s no one telling him what’s right and what’s wrong.

Ian had woken up with a cough one morning, so he was going to be coming in late to school— around second period. He prepare himself to go to school, being that his siblings already left, Frank was past out on the porch, and Monica was God knows where, so he packed up and set him way down the sidewalk. Likely the elementary school was only four blocks from their house, so it didn’t take too long.

When he walked inside, he gave a note that he plagiarized to the front desk, took his belonging where they needed to go, and made his way to class. Just as he approached the door, he heard a kid begging for something. When he got closer, he heard clearer. “Please, Mickey. I need lunch money today. My mama ran out of food at the house!”

Ian put his hand to his forehead and closed his eyes. He needed to make sure this kid still had his food because he (and definitely Mickey) know what it’s like to be low of food supply. After entering the room, he saw Mickey hovering closely to the distressed boy. One close enough, he tapped on Mickey on the shoulder. “Mick,” he dragged out.

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