I like how in some families siblings are similar then it’s just my sister, the popular party-goer who’s single for like a month before getting another boyfriend, and me, the super single introverted fuckin nerd with like a hundred mental illnesses who doesn’t do anything other than cry and obsess over fandoms (sometimes at the same time)

It’s Okay To Be Scared

Summary: Mickey Milkovich is the toughest and meanest thug on the Southside, but when someone brings something up about Ian or about him being gay, he complete freezes.

Word Count: 828

Notes: This was another request– sorry it took so long!

Ian and Mickey were walking down the street in a comfortable silence. Mickey had a cigarette between his lips, and after taking a few drags he’d hand it over to his redheaded boyfriend. It was a common cycle for the two of them when they were deep in thought.

They were each spaced out on the events from the day before. After Yevgeny’s christening, Mickey had announced that he’s gay to everyone in the Alibi because he was afraid Ian was going to leave him. They got the shit beat out of them by Terry, but they managed to survive and now Terry Milkovich is locked away for the zillionth time.

Ian frowned as he walked because he couldn’t help but feel that they wouldn’t have gotten so beaten and bloody if it wasn’t for him threatening to leave Mickey. On the other hand, Mickey mind was racing proudly because he finally did it. He finally stood up to his father and came out as the man that he truly is.

Taking each other the boys out of their thoughts, was the sound of heavy footsteps behind them. Mickey quickly grabbed Ian’s arm to tell him to be aware. The boys tensed and kept on their way until the steps got closer. “Ay, Milkovich,” a familiar voice shouted.

Mickey turned around and stepped out in front of Ian. He found that he saw his cousin Jamie and another man that he didn’t know of. “What do you want, Jamie?” Mickey rolled his eyes.

“Wanted to see you, faggot,” Jamie says sarcastically and Mickey freezes at the words. “Hey, Rom,” the older Milkovich turns to his friend. “Wanna have some fun, and see what we can do to these fuckers?” He takes an iron rod out from beneath his belt.  

Both men saw how the dark haired boy reacted to the derogatory words, which was odd– Mickey Milkovich was always up for a fight. They decided to use it to their advantage. “Let’s kill the ginger,” Rom snorts.

Mickey whole body tenses, and he feels like he cannot move. Ian notices and grabs Mickey’s arm so they they’re both standing next to each other. When Jamie launches himself at the two boys, Mickey doesn’t react– he stays still and hold his breath.

Fortunately, Ian has the chance to knock the rod out of the older Milkovich cousin’s hand. A few punches were thrown and Mickey was starting to gain awareness when Rom laid his hands around Mickey’s neck. Ian fought hard, doing everything he can to make sure the guys didn’t hurt Mickey. His four years of ROTC payed off pretty well when it came to fighting.

Eventually, a pair of cops came running over to stop the commotion. Both policemen knew who Jamie and Rom were so they instantly arrested them and let Ian and Mickey go.

Suddenly, after everyone was out of sight, Mickey sunk to the ground and leaned against the nearest wall. Ian’s heart sunk to his stomach. He feels like everything that happened was his fault because he forced Mickey to come out. “I’m sorry,” he whispers.

Mickey shakes his head. “I’m a fucking pussy,” he said shakily.

“No you aren’t.” Ian’s voice held its composure. The redhead sunk down next to Mickey and wrapped an arm around him. “It’s okay to be scared sometimes, Mick.”

Mickey squeezed his eyes shut tightly. “I’m Mickey fucking Milkovich! I’m not supposed to pussy out like that– my dad would’ve fucking killed me if I ever acted like that growing up.” His eyes are still closed as Ian cups his face. “You could’ve gotten hurt.”

“I’m fine. You know I could handle myself,” he says softly before an urge of rage runs through his veins. “Fuck your dad. Fuck Jamie. Fuck your whole fucking family for making you feel like that.” Ian inches his face closer. “I love you,” he admits. When he feels the other boy tense at the words, he repeats himself. “I fucking love you.”

Mickey’s eyes fly open. “Y-you love me?” He speaks in disbelief.

“So much,” Ian kisses his nose. “I’ve loved you since day one.” There’s an unmistakable honesty and thickness in his voice.

The Milkovich boy nods and clings his arms around Ian’s neck. “I love you too,” he says into Ian’s ear. They hold onto each other like it’s their only way of surviving.

When the separate Ian evaluates the bruises and cuts on Mickey’s face, and Mickey does the same to Ian. The dark haired boy has an impending black eye and his lip if bleeding while the Gallagher boy is bleeding from beneath his eyebrow and his jaw is swelling at the side. Both boys frown and trace their fingers across the others slight injuries. “I gotta get you cleaned up,” Ian slowly unlatched himself from Mickey.

Mickey nods. “Let’s go home.” Home– their home is the comfortable presence of each other, and that’s all they need.

Multi-chapter of the Month

Looking for a fic with a lot of drama and angst? This one more than fits the bill! It’s a serial killer AU (don’t worry, neither Mickey nor Ian is the serial killer) that is incredibly compelling (and just a bit scary).

When Mickey runs into Ian, it’s been two years and the redhead is nothing like the freckly nerd he remembers sharing a chemistry book with in high school. Because someone is watching Ian, someone who seems capable of terrible things. Soon Ian is trying to get to the bottom of what’s going on, while Mickey struggles to protect him. Can they stay a step ahead of the killer before it’s too late?


Shameless Preferences 2-Fionas thoughts on you

Lip- She really liked you, she thought you’d be really good for lip as you always made sure he was okay and watched his drinking from a far but most importantly lip let you in and let you help him and she had never seen lip do that with a girl so she knew you were a keeper. You and Fiona both knew that Lip was to good for the south side and you made it your number one job to make sure he made it out of there

Ian- At first she wasn’t really a fan of Ian being with anyone at the moment, he had just got all of his meds on track and had a stable job and fighting/ breakups could lead to a lot of set backs with his bipolar. Ian had asked Fiona to meet you, just to see how it would go. As much as Fiona didn’t want to admit this and nor will she ever she loved you from the very beginning but what really won her over is after dinner while Ian was changing Liam you said to her

“ I know how protective you are over him, and I understand why. my sister has bipolar as well and Ive been taking care of her since her diagnose, I like Ian a lot and Ill do whatever i can to help him in anyway I can. Ive been in this game for a long time and like you I know the signs and the steps. I can help”

Carl-  Carl had been really hurt after dom cheated on him, sure he was only 15 but if you knew anything about this boy you knew how big his heart was and all he wanted to do was give to others even if thats not what he looks like not the outside. You and Carl had been best friends since Kev and V had adopted you after your dad died, you two became closer than Fiona had ever seen Carl get close with someone. She liked you as a friend and when he told her that you two were dating she was happy he finally found a good one.

Mickey- You had moved across the road from the Gallagher household and had started babysitting Liam a few days a week to help Fiona out. You had been dating a certain Milkovich boy and one day you had asked if it was okay that Mickey tagged along and she said yes. Mickey had grown on her over the past year with everything he did for Ian(lets pretend he’s bi if your a female). Fiona had honestly become like a mom to Mickey so when she found out you two were dating she was beyond happy and told him he found himself a keeper.