Arctic || Ian x Mickey

i love you

then get in the fucking car

 Whatever Our Souls Are Made Of by wehangout

“You paused, turned your head on the hard grass to look at him, and half shrugged. “I think soul mates are meant to be, you know? I think there’s a reason for them.”

He looked at you with those eyes that got real fucking deep when he was high, and blinked lazily a few times. “Yeah?”

“Yeah. Don’t you?”

“I hope so.”

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Fake It Till You Make It by missmichellebelle

Remember that one time you asked me to do that thing for you, and I never asked any questions, and you didn’t explain a fucking thing, but I did it anyway? Do you remember what you said? That you owed me? Big time? I’m calling in that favor.”

In which Ian did a stupid thing and Mickey is there to bail him out. What are best friends for, right?

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Arctic || Ian and Mickey

I guess this is it….

 Straight Guys Don’t Do Ballet by silvertonguespyglass

Mickey is the new pianist at a dance studio, and Ian might be the most annoying person he’s ever met. So naturally, even though it pushes the limits of professionalism, he decides to mess with the guy. Because any guy who does ballet is just asking for it.”

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Rapid Eye Movement by ArtsyAfrodite

Now, each night, the seemingly connecting dots tease his mind with a vivid outline of someone, colors and skin bleeding slowly into the shape, only for a huge white hole to burn through it all. It’s like film melting in a projector. *A Theater and Soulmate AU, where Ian and Mickey have met each other in their dreams - they just don’t know it yet.*

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Total Frat Move by Mellow_Yellow

When Lip ditches him for fancy skiing with his fancy girlfriend, Ian is left stranded without a ride home for winter break. And while he can’t ask his frat bros for help (he’s only a lowly pledge, after all), he could ask his nerdy, perma-cranky roommate Mickey for a ride. As a total last resort-thing, of course. It’s not like he has a big dumb gay crush on the guy or anything, he’s just desperate. For a ride. Not the sexy kind. Damnit.

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Noisy Neighbours by brazenlyunabashedlyshamelessly

“Twist on the ‘Could you please move your bed a little further from the wall, I’m trying to work’ AU.

“After going through one cup, and making it halfway through a second, Mickey decided that this was bullshit. He lived here, too; he paid his goddamn rent on time. There was no reason why he had to listen to his douche face neighbour fuck some chick so hard Mickey’s walls shook.”

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