“Ian doesn’t love Mickey.” Ummm, no.

- In 1x09, only two episodes after they become fuck buddies, Ian ran to Mickey for comfort when his mother came back.

- In the same episode, Ian comforted Mickey after he got shot, putting himself between Mickey and the gun.

- Ian threatened Kash, his recent lover, to put money in Mickey’s commissary account and make sure that he was taken care of.

- When Mickey gets out of juvie, Ian was there to greet him with the goofiest, lovestruck expression you’ll ever see.

- Ian offered to get Mickey a job and discussed the possibility of getting vocational training because he cared about Mickey’s wellbeing and future.

- Ian tried to convince Mickey not to kill Frank (and tried to convince Frank to stay quiet about catching them together) not because he actually cared about Frank’s life, but because he wanted to keep Mickey out of juvie.

- Despite the truly painful things Mickey said in 2x08, Ian readily took him back when he got out of juvie.

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Since the very beginning of their relationship it’s been very clear that Ian wants to be with Mickey. From the second they slept together, Ian was like a little puppy dog coming back for more. He was visiting him in juvie and he was trying to get him to spend more time together. And after Terry caught them together, he was still trying to get him to be brave and come out. And then he ended up skipping town because he loved  Mickey too much to stay. And it’s always been Ian loves Mickey, Ian loves Mickey. And in the last season and a half, it’s really been Mickey’s journey to prove to Ian that he loves him and that he’s worthy of him and that they should be together. And it’s been so beautiful to watch, but truthfully what’s sort of stopped is any indication- I mean, it’s just sort of assumed, but Ian’s never had to work for it at all. Since he’s been back, it’s just been Mickey proving over and over again how he loves Ian. And so, if this were to sort of push them apart, I wouldn’t mind, you know, if sometime next season, Ian realizes that he’s made a mistake and that he wants Mickey back. I wouldn’t mind watching Ian have to fight for it a little bit. If the story has to have them breakup, that to me is at least compelling to watch.

But seriously…you’re going to have “I think this might be the end with Mickey” only to have them break up?

You’re going to have Debbie saying “You can’t drink him away Mickey” only to have them break up?

You’re going to have Mickey jumping through so many hoops and hurdles to be with and protect Ian only TO HAVE THEM FUCKING BREAK UP???

Ok everyone is like “Ian is so important protect ian Ian Ian Ian Ian” and yeah ok protect and all but can we go a little bit more “Protect mickey?” Or “support Mickey”??

He is gonna be broken up with. The boy he gave everything, gave up his safety to finally be happy, to finally fall in love completely, to finally feel love for the first time in his life and better yet to feel love for someone. He is gonna be fucking devastated. I don’t want to say this but in this case Ian will look like the selfish one while Mickey is absolutely destroyed

Here’s how I think this episode will go down:
- Ian will come home and call Mickey and we’ll start to CRY
- Mickey will flat out RUN to wherever he’s meeting Ian at making us CRY
- Mickey WILL say the words “I Love You” and we’ll CRY
- Ian May say them back which would obviously make us CRY
- They CRY and Break-Up and we’ll CRY along with them
- Each and EVERY ONE of us will then put our foots through our tv or computer screens, drop to the floor, curl up into a ball and CRY ourselves to sleep.
Anyone disagree!????

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Can you do an au where Ian and mickey are from two different countries who get paired up as pen pals?

Thanks so much for this prompt, I really love this idea and I enjoyed writing it so much :)

Sorry if the ending is too unbearably cheesy and the title’s terrible…

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