person : what are you always reading on your phone?

me: *blushes* nothing…

person: come on … I can see you always reading something

me: *blushing intensifies* it’s just …stuff

person: no , seriously what is it?


do you ever have a ship that you obsess over for a couple of weeks/ months /whatever and then slowly a new ship takes over and soon it becomes a year or 2 and many ships have come and gone, where each time you just enter a stage of intense dedication and obsession until one day, some new fandom material comes out from one of your old ships and you find yourself nostalgic so you just sweep Ao3 for a few fics and next minute you are in so deep through the ship’s Tumblr tag that you realise you are exactly where you were, 2 years ago, obsessing over the same ship, looking through the same tag, scrolling through the new fics and you think


some things never change

Reading fanfiction would be a lot faster if I didn’t stop reading and put my phone down for a billion years after every single time I got secondhand embarrassment from the characters or I had to to stop reading cause it was too cute and couldn’t resist rolling around on my bed thinking how my so ship is amazing

Do you ever reread a fic that you love and even though you know you already gave it kudos before, you click the button to do it again because you wish that you could leave more to let the author know that not only did you love it the first time but you loved it each subsequent time you came back to it? Because this is a thing I do.

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