Let me start with a few highlights and go from there, yes?

“Hello boys. The front door was locked so I came in the back. No pun intended.” - Need I say more?

Ian’s ass! - Yay, Cameron is finally 18 and can be shot naked! lol

Karen. Fucking. Jackson. - I want to strangle that girl.

“You’re nothing but a warm mouth to me.” - ….me and Ian pretty much had the same expression after that line.

Lip leaving and Carl calling after him nearly broke my heart.

And then Sheila - flawless as ever.

Shameless US 2X08 S02E08 -- Parenthood (2012)
With Grammy near death, Frank exits the house but walks in on Ian and Mickey locked in passion at the Kash and Grab; when Lip drops out of school, Fiona proposes a deal where they both earn their diplomas, but Lip acts out and gets himself expelled when he realizes that Karen plans to sell their baby to the highest bidder.
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