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Way too much focus on ‘romance’ in S3…

Really? This was the least romance-focused season IMO. It was far more centered on the espionage elements of the show.

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I actually thought it was much better than S2. I was one of the few who enjoyed the Dana storyline, as well. The only thing I wasn’t a big fan of was removing Saul as director and bringing in the new one. I understand the need for the change, though.

I like the thought of Dana but not the execution. I think removing Saul as director fits so well thematically with the show. You get the results everyone wanted but so little of the credit. See: Carrie at the end of S1 or even S3, Brody at the end of S3.

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In S3 I held my breath for the writers to have the guts to end Brody’s story for the sake of the story and its credibility. Carrie’s obsession with B was annoying so much so that I cheered for Quinn when he shoot her. Enough said.

This is something I didn’t elaborate too much about on the blog because it was such a foregone conclusion to me, but I think it takes balls to kill off one of your main characters played by an actor of Damian’s caliber.

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The season got better as it progressed, but it felt like a different show for most of it. It’s unusual for 1 of the main characters to be absent for more than half the season. The pace was too slow initially & they messed with the characters 2 much.

You know what, I totally get the sentiment that it at times felt like a different show, because Brody was gone. I guess my feeling is that Carrie is the show (not even Carrie/Brody) – as long as Carrie is present, it feels like Homeland to me.

I actually thought the pacing was fine. Better than S2, which started out full throttle and then meandered again before amping up at the end. I enjoyed the deliberately slow beginning and how they steadily ascended to a quicker pace. The tension at the end of the season was nearly unbearable.

Other replies that were too long to post here talked about the show being Brody’s story and no matter how hard I try I just can’t wrap my head around that sentiment. It’s all subjective, of course, how we interpret what the show is telling us. But to me the show has always been framed as Carrie’s story and, for the first three seasons, how Brody fit into that story. The first season is about this small piece of intel she receives and her subsequent consuming obsession with this man she feels both strongly attracted to and repulsed by.

I’m not saying that Brody was never a main character. But he wasn’t the main character. The story was mostly told through Carrie’s perspective – she wasn’t the sole narrator, but for the first half of the season, we are still wondering whether Brody was turned or not. If it was Brody’s story, I have to feel like that wouldn’t have been the case.

It is tough to say goodbye to a character you have come to care about (and I was actually surprised how much I did care about Brody, judging by my reaction to his death) – but just by his nature, he had an expiration date. His death didn’t seem sadistic or cruel to me; it seemed merciful. (If we are even talking about sadism on this show maybe it should be about Carrie’s character.)

And, from a narrative/storytelling point of view, his time had expired. Do we really go down the road (again – for the fourth of fifth time) of whether Carrie–and by extension us, as the audience–can trust Brody? Alternatively, we decide we can trust him and… then what? Does his story become the tale of a man exiled to Middle of Nowhere to live out his life without his friends or family or dignity? That certainly is not Homeland, or even a conceivable version of an evolved Homeland IMO.

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Im making such a judging face toward those people and I dont even know what theyre saying. If they dont think that finale was perfect, they must not know the story and think it shouldve ended in rainbows and ponies and happiness :|

also the fact that this is the bbc. like what were you expecting? that’s the difference between americans and europeans. americans like things to end. like they endings to be straightforward and be wrapped up in a bow, unlike merlin which doesn’t end. the story still goes on without us. and also americans like things to end happily. unlike merlin, which is bittersweet and, in my opinion, more artful than a happy ending.

(and to anyone who wants to jump down my throat saying what i just said is wrong, i respect your opinion, but i’m stating researched facts so look it up i took an entire college course about this so)

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Reason I stopped applying for jobs: the rejections after interviews really messed me up after awhile and I couldn’t take it. It was making me feel more worthless than I already did.

i’ve actually talked about this with my therapist 

she says it’s a common problem

doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck

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Anon, if someone’s favorite character just happens to be gay, it does not mean they specifically went into the show going, “I’m only going to like the gay character and no one else.’ TBH, their sexuality does not factor in to why I/M are my faves.

they’re interesting and complex and are the only couple that has stayed ~together since season one

plus idk how some people don’t like ian because he’s perfect w/e

I swear to God, I want to punch every single person who is giving Steph a hard time for that post. There is nothing wrong with her asking for help. If you have a problem with it, keep your thoughts to yourself. 

Seriously. Fuck off. Obviously none of you know what she’s going through. You don’t know what it’s like to come face to face with having to give up your only support system. 

Friends help friends. Don’t be an asshole.