Woe to those

                                     who spurn what goodness is

                                              they are shown

                                      no one mourns the wicked

                                             “ GOOD NEWS! ”

If you shout FIYEROOOOOO as long and loud as you can, you’ll get the full effect. The movement isn’t perfect yet, but I’m very happy with this first draft!

  • what she says: I'm fine.
  • what she means: One question haunts and hurts too much, too much to mention. Was I really seeking good or just seeking attention? Is that all good deeds are when looked at with an ice-cold eye? If that's all good deeds are maybe that's the reason why.
I can't watch the wizard of oz anymore

Look at how Fiyero is looking awkwardly away from Galinda because they were meant to be engaged and he ran off with Elphaba, and then Boq is staring at her because he still loves her even though he was stuck with Nessa and Galinda is just trying to help Dorothy and not think about her best friend from uni who has just died and, even though she ran off with the love of her life Fiyero, she is still mourning her death because she really was the better witch omg help

Thank Goodness
  • Thank Goodness
  • Reilly Wilmit

okay, so I’ve decided to do a little something where I periodically post recordings of myself singing NOMTW, Thank Goodness and Popular, basically so I, and maybe a couple of you out there that are interested, can track my progress with them. Hopefully, it gets to the point where I’m actually singing these for my supper, bubble and all (Unlikely, but I can dream, and work for it!) who knows!

Part 2  


What is this Feeling - Wicked Animatic Storyboards

Ok, I’ve tried this before. But I wanted to redo it because I feel my skills have grown a little bit since I first started. I’ts not perfect, but I’m a lot more happy with this version than the last. 

Part one though, it’s not the finished song, and..well..I don’t have time to finish it this semester, too many projects. But I vow to finish this!…Eventually. 

But let me know what you think. Thanks for watching!