galinda with a ga

So I had a thought of "what if Elphaba was a Trans-girl?"

Trans Elphie singing about the wizard looking past her outward-looking masculinity to the girl underneath

Trans Elphie dreaming of the wizard helping her fix her body

Nessa and their father being very uncomfortable and ashamed of Elphie

Galinda (with a “ga”) being kinda squicked about having a Trans girl as her room mate.

Galinda (w/ a “ga”) deciding she and

Elphie are friends and helping her dress more feminine and giving her advice

Fiero getting head over heels confused and kinda weirded out by the world of Trans and learning everything

His confusion kuz he kinda likes Elphie in the not-friend way(?)

Trans Elphie singing about her crush on the pretty popular boy and resigning herself to the fact that she’ll never be /that girl/

Trans Elphie saying fuckit because no matter what the Wizard can offer her it’s not worth following him


When Elphie is considered the “wicked witch” half the time the citizens refer to her as “him” but Glinda NEVER does, even though she’s the Wizard’s poster girl

Fiero being INFURIATED about it cuz WHAT THE FUCK WHY?!?! He may have been a jerkoff but he was never a jerk.


“I call it ‘seeing things from a different point of view’”

Glinda being happy for Elphie but also kinda sad and jealous cuz Fiero

Glinda being even more sad because some of those thoughts are transphobic and she hates herself for it.

Glinda being devastated that she’s never going to see her best friend again and Elphaba asking her to keep up the illusion that she was the “wicked witch”

Elphie and Fiero running off to our world to hide and possibly find someplace they could be accepted

Glinda wanting to quit because these people have no idea, and they’re stupid and ignorant, and her best friend is dead!

Glinda flying to the citizens of Oz to proclaim the Witches death and loathing having to say terrible, awful, things about the bravest woman she’s ever known.