Интервью с дизайнером Single dress Galina Sobolev

Дизайнер марки Galina Sobolev - космический человек! Она притягивает к себе сильнее любого магнита, от нее заряжаешься какой-то мощной, нечеловеческой энергией. Мы расспросили Галину о том, кем она сама восхищается, и что делают женщину по-настоящему стильной. 

What is most challenging about a career in fashion design?

G: The most Challenging aspect about a Career in Fashion Design is that not all true Talent is always recognized, sometimes it takes 15 years of hard work to become an “overnight” success story. It is a tough, competitive, and fickle industry, but if you are Passionate about it you will. Always stay in it!

If you had to design an outfit for a known celebrity who will that be and why?

G: If I had to design for a Well known Celebrity-it would be for Angelina Jolie, or Charlize Theron–I love their Esthetic, and their Amazing attitude in Style and their approach Fashion.
Of course their Stunning Figures-would be easy to design for as well!

What do u think the latest fashion trends?

G The latest Fashion Trends are about Color! I am very Excited to see Greens, and Bourdeux colors -I was getting tired of the sea of black and grey. I love Bold Colors, and Sexy Fitted Classic silhuettes–like our “Victoria” Beckham Inspired dresses!

What makes a woman stylish?

G: Her attitude, her sence of self, and her confidence, and of course *“Less is More”. I love Style icons such as Tina Chow, Marissa Berenson and Jaqueline Onassis

How do you intend women to feel when wearing Single labeled clothing?

G: When a woman puts on a “Single” dress she is Empowered! I intend for her to feel-strong, stylish, and like she can own any Office, Restaurant or Art Gallery she will walk into!

What is your favorite book?

G: My all time favorite book is Deluxe by Dana Thomas. It describes how Luxury Industry lost it’s Luster! Great for everyone in Fashion to read and learn!