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Middle aged captains!

Send me characters, a ship, and a situation and I’ll write headcanons!

  • the captains started a relationship in their twenties, and after they all graduated they moved into a three bedroom apartment where they stayed for about 10 years until they had the finances to build their dream house (benefits of having six people with well-paying jobs)
  • Terushima is a tattoo artist who is pretty renowned for his work - he has his own tattoo parlor called InkSplatt. Bokuto is a child therapist and he loves working with the younger children. Kuroo is a emergency room surgeon. Ushijima owns a flower shop (Iris Full of Flowers). Daichi is in line to be chief editor of a publishing house. Oikawa is a professional volleyball player (he used to play with Ushijima until Ushi tore his rotator cuff)
  • The house they build is a two-story with three bedrooms, though only two are used on a regular basis. One of those rooms has a custom made bed and such so that it fits all six of them, the other has a smaller bed in case there’s ever a fight, someone gets sick, or they just need a night alone (or for special anniversaries)
  • Surprisingly, it’s Terushima along with Ushijima who got traditional paintings to hang up (they’re huge fans of Ukiyo-e paintings)
  • Terushima painted Oikawa a galaxy on the ceiling that glows in the dark, and it’s really soothing and cool to look at (he got lots of kisses for that)
  • Saturdays are movie date days, and they spend all day curled up together watching movies (one pick per person) if at all possible (sometimes deadlines for Daichi, travelling for Oikawa, and emergencies/late shifts for Kuroo mess that plan up)

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A rope is supported at its ends. What shape do you think it assumes? Galileo though parabola, in red. Wrong! Let’s cut Galileo some slack though. The right answer, so called catenary, is very close.

DAVE SCOTT: And we’d like another telephoto lens.
DEKE SLAYTON: Dave, we’re already at our weight limit, you know that.
DAVE SCOTT: I’ve thought of that.  With the new shorter rendez-vous, maybe we could trade some abort propellant.
DEKE SLAYTON: Abort propellant.  For a rake.
DAVE SCOTT: Well, a rake and a lens.


So it turns out Galileo was right: take away the air, and a bowling ball and a feather fall at the same rate.

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so my mom is a first grade teacher and one time we were in the car listening to the radio and she turns to me and says “they played a song about Galileo at our school assembly and all the kids knew the words, i didn’t know kids all just KNEW the lyrics to songs like that anymore! is there a song about Galileo on the radio right now?”

i replied that i was pretty sure there weren’t any pop songs about Galilieo and asked if she could remember how the song went and she immediately goes

“I throw my hands up in the air sometimes, saying EH-OHHH, GALILIEO”

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About the pope! (Btw he's not considered infallible but ANYWAY) he also called this conference to reevaluate the church's definition of traditional family or w/e with obv hopes of widening acceptance for lgbt people. All we got from it was more room in doctrine for divorcees, but still cool. He's also been pushing for women to be allowed to become deacons and like clearly he's at least a semi progressive pope dealing with a v conservative college of cardinals so those are some kudos to him :)

actually, the pope IS canonically infallible on matters of faith and morals*, it’s called papal infallibility. its a foundational principle of the catholic church, it’s literally heresy to “deny or call into doubt” what the popes says bc he has a direct connection to god

but yeah, pope francis is a hoot. iirc his exact words regarding women and the church was that women/women’s contributions were “more important” than all the men in the vatican. man that mustve really fried their asses LOL

*it used to apply to everything, but the catholic church had to officially amend it after it turned out galileo was right after all, oops!

Fiction: 'Amongst the Stars' | Hannah McSorely

No one ever really mentioned it. Most of the villagers just thought the boy must’ve been troublesome from a very young age, but nonetheless, found years of punishment a bit extreme… It wasn’t just the length of his sentence; it was the sentence itself that deterred the village from the boy and his family. “Putting a boy in a cage,” they would say, “A baby boy! It’s outrageous.”

            The boy’s parents had heard the gossip and tried their best to make things right, but it was hard to explain the boy being born into a golden cage of his own DNA. It was hard to believe; even as they had witnessed it. They were determined to not let the cage or the other villagers affect the boy they would name, Galileo, but still very small, their worries were cast away as the boy was able to steal the hearts of the village as every other new child had.

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