galileo house

Lost Time : no such thing as permanence –

001. Julian Casablancas – Left and Right in the Dark  //  002. Hyukoh – Panda Bear  //  003. Washed Out – It All Feels Right  //  004. MGMT – Time to Pretend  //  005. Galileo Galilei – Jonathan  //  006. Tame Impala – Reality in Motion  //  007. Tame Impala – The Moment  //  008. Vampire Weekend – Step  //  009. Albert Hammond Jr. – Born Slippy  //  010. Haim – Days are Gone  //  011. Julian Casablancas – 11th Dimension  //  012. Galileo Galilei – In Franny’s Swamp  // 013. Hyukoh – I Have No Hometown  //  014. Albert Hammond Jr. – Coming to Getcha  //  015. Beach House – The Hours  //  016. Keane – Put It Behind You




Science is being defunded around the world.
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Despite our achievements, science and society are often at odds. Scientific discoveries like the Earth is round, that our planet revolves around the sun, or that diseases are spread through germs were all once ideas that were rejected by society. So much so that Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake for suggesting the Earth wasn’t the centre of the universe, and even Galileo was sentenced to house arrest for supporting the theory. Today we see the rejection of scientific evidence for vaccinations - leading to preventable disease like measles coming back, after being wiped out in the year 2000; or the rejection of scientific evidence for climate change, despite the vast consensus among scientists.

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