ga characters + greek mythology pt. i

“name one hero who was happy” 
- “i can’t”


…is just around the corner and some of us are already preparing to go trick-or-treating! Last year, a few of us were quite confused what to do if a “trick or treat?” appears in their ask box, so here’s a quick “how to” to make it easier for everyone. ;)

What to do if you find a “trick or treat?” in your ask box?

Well, you could ignore it. This is not an obligation! Please, we’re all busy and sometimes we just don’t feel like it. It’s cool. This is an offer and if you choose to take it, you can answer by treating people or tricking them. 

So, what’s a trick? What’s a treat?

That can be whatever you want: headcanons, fanfics, fanart , edit, etc. and it can come in every size, of course. 

Since it’s Halloween, most of the works are somehow influenced by the darker aspects (screams and horror) and figures (vampires or zombies). But of course that is up to you. Generally speaking, a treat has a happy tone (fluff, comedy, …), while a trick follows a darker hue (angst, character death, …).

Getting something ready in just a few hours is impossible!

Don’t worry. We only go trick-or-treating on the 31st of October. Some of you might be able to answer immediately, but you can also answer several days later. No pressure.

Can I go to people’s ask boxes and ask them myself?

Yes, of course!! But they may not answer? Because that could be the case, we’d like everyone who feels like treating or tricking people on Halloween to reblog this post. That way everyone knows that you welcome them on Halloween. Additionally, ga-party might be able to put up a small masterlist of all the tricks and treats that hopefully will be distributed in two weeks. 

ga + tropes } Tsubasa/Misaki

Happy birthday, Yili!


Because of his Alice, my brother has experienced many bad things. He may seem unpleasant, but he always protects me. That’s why I want to protect my brother, too. Because in truth, my brother is very kind.”

“You must love him a lot.”

I do.