galesburg public library

KnoxCorps Wrap Up

Today is my last day at Galesburg Public Library!!! Time sure flies and it’s been quite a year. If you still don’t know who the heck I am, I am RASHIKA (in all caps) and I was Galesburg Public Library, KnoxCorps Associate from 2016-2017. I was the person managing the Tumblr & Snapchat so you may recognize me maybe?

^^ Me with some ‘pie’ on my face.
I’ve had so much fun this year with you guys and I am so sad to be leaving you all. 

We had a good year full of books, activities and lots of weird inside jokes and I am still not entirely sure I get but you know, ITS THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS.

I’ll still be hanging around the library next year though so don’t be a stranger and come say hi to me because I am definitely going to be saying hi to you.


Guys, check out this thing I was in. I’m Sarah (the third person to talk/the person in the blue Triwizard Tournament shirt). Also there’s a tumblr for our library @gplteenscene (idk who runs it, I’m assuming Melinda, but I don’t know, anyway, shoutouts to them)

EDIT: Shoutouts to Emily, who runs the blog!