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Guys, check out this thing I was in. I’m Sarah (the third person to talk/the person in the blue Triwizard Tournament shirt). Also there’s a tumblr for our library @gplteenscene (idk who runs it, I’m assuming Melinda, but I don’t know, anyway, shoutouts to them)

EDIT: Shoutouts to Emily, who runs the blog!


GPL hosted a “Fear Factor” teen Halloween party this past Friday for the spooky scary teens of Galesburg! 

The entire party was centered around touching gross things, like live worms, and eating gross things like bloodied band-aid cookies and marshmallow shish kabobs made to look like used q-tips. 

I wasn’t able to make it because I had a doctor’s appointment (which is honestly 100x scarier than almost anything else you could do for Halloween), but it looks like everyone had so much fun!!!! (but i did hear that it smelled pretty gross in there cause of all the stuff you were doing!!) 

Get To Know Your Blogger

Hey everyone!

I’m Emily, your new Galesburg Public Library Teen Scene Tumblr Blogger (GPLTSTB, on all official documents)! I’m an intern at the library (or, at least, something like that) and I am a senior at Knox College. When I am at the library, I am working at the reference desk and helping the reference librarians do their work, which includes helping Melinda with the teen programs! So, you’ll see me at some of your meetings and events, spying and taking pics to put up here. 

My favorite author is Margaret Atwood (I have a goal to read everything she’s published and right now I’ve read 15 of her books!) and my favorite young adult authors are Libba Bray and Patrick Ness, both of whom are in the young adult section at the Galesburg Public Library. Patrick Ness as a written book review by moi~~~ under his books in the stacks, so go check it out!!

Also, here are some super serious selfies so y’all know what I look like/ how to find my at the library and at events

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No-Cook, No-Bake, No Problem!

Last week, on October 24th, the library hosted a teen program on no-bake desserts. We made things like breakfast banana sushi, s’mores on a stick, and peanut butter brownie balls. Check out these ~~sick~ pics

S’mores on a stick, strawberry eclair cake! So beautiful! So cool!

Breakfast banana sushi! This one was real easy, all you do is take a whole banana, smear some peanut butter on it, roll the whole banana in corn puffs and then slice into bite size pieces. DELICIOUS.

Also, check out our teens!!

Such beauty, such grace~~