anonymous asked:

top five favorite blogs that you dont talk to, do talk to, know in real life ( i think you know some, idk if 5)

Oh, well, this is cool!!!

don’t talk to:
sexyvampiremojo - okay I JUST recently followed this blog but omg her url is perfect and this blog is AMAZING ok

thatwasasmalltown - just yes okay i love her blog and everything about her she’s so pretty and yeah

my-mauve-colored-soul - yes, yes, very good. omg we have like life in common, it’s so great okay

galehawthorness - wow okay i just dont even know what to say omg i love people so much but  yes i love this blog more than my life

kingquaid - seriously look at the blog how can you not love it ????

do talk to:

oh gosh this is hard okay well

allthecitylightsonthewater- - because alex
rightherehoping - because canada
wouldtheywriteasongforyou- because perfect
intheflames - because yes
colorofasmile - because hot
everthorne - because everthorne

real life: 

i’m honestly not sure if this is by blog or by person but omg i cant do this

abbyalyse duh okay bestfriend holla
liamcausingmepayne omg i cry because emily
akolderfire hahah i laughed typing his url w0w
debating whether or not to put people because their fandoms make up my blacklist
escape-this-fate oreO balls omg
i just laughed really hard but whatever omg idk what’s wrong with me??

andy-hurleys asked:

9 & 10??

Least favorite pairing from anything is a tie between Draco/Hermione and River/Jayne (HP and Firefly, if anyone didn’t know). They just ick me out, I don’t know.

Pairings that baffle me include the above, obviously. Also a LOT of Harry Potter pairings seem to have basically no basis to me (although considering I ship Luna/Dean, “Hello, kettle, this is pot, you’re black.”) And, uh, Doctor/Rose baffles me because when I honestly didn’t realize they weren’t just physically affectionate platonic friends until TenToo showed up. Yeah.

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