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You probably don’t want to know how long it’s been since I looked at Bob and said “I need to draw this adorable dork.”

For speakeasysniper and wily-red-and-galeforce-gold, who seem to have accumulated a small menagerie of various animals (and Bob).

y'all should follow these perfect babies (sunglasses emoji)

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wily red and galeforce gold replied to your post: //Can I cuddle with Sunstreaker as I w…

Sunny: “….why are you on the floor, Sir?”

“Getting a new perspective..” because ‘being crushed under all of these feelings’ was not the right thing to say in this situation.  Possibly in any situation.  "…How are you Sunstreaker?“

askbeachcomber said: That is Gorgeous, Sunstreaker! I love the colors~ they’re so deep and rich~

Sunny: *blinks* “Oh. Well here then. I recreated a smaller copy to see if I could. You can have it I guess.” *shrugs nonchalantly* ((He may be trying to say thank you for the other night))

wily-red-and-galeforce-gold  asked:

Oh look. The Red Prince has wandered your way. "Hello, Sir Thundercracker. Or, Captain Thundercracker. I am not sure which title you prefer. Since your Lord has retired for the time being, if you aren't busy with other matters I was just... wondering if you would like to be shown around? by me. I mean, it will give you a better lay of the kingdom and of the grounds. Which should make escorting your lord and protecting him easier since you are in an unfamiliar place. Only if you'd...want..."

Thundercracker turned at the voice, immediately bowing in the presence of royalty. “Your Majesty.” He greeted, straightening to stand properly. He listened to the smaller mech’s offer, finding the reasoning sound and… very helpful.

“I would appreciate it very much.” He smiled. “Thank you.”

wily-red-and-galeforce-gold  asked:

Let Me Take You Home Tonight

Seduction is a adaptable thing, he thinks. It can shift from sly and purring to snarling and violet within mere moments, yet lead to the same result nonetheless. 

Sunstreaker was a warrior, and he was a God of such wretched things. They stalk one another, hands clenching and fangs bared, and, for once, he knows his frame is not feared. The boy has taken down larger, after all. But his spirit, coiling and violet, makes the child tremble underneath his armor, and the fact of that makes him grin.

He shoves the child’s head to the floor and rumbles, seduction flipping, and half-violet optics meet his and understand. Rage is as adaptable as seduction, after all, manifesting in many forms, leaking out through the simpliest of actions. 

His glossa curls around the child’s audial fin and the near-boy shutters.

wily-red-and-galeforce-gold replied to your post:M!A : Everyone you come in contact with will have a heavy scent of aphrodisiac, but only you can smell it. It will last for three days. Have fun!

Sides: “Dude! This happened to me! Everything smelt like chocolate, and oysters, and figs and it was weird as all hell. I thought I was broken.” D=

“Oysters? Figs? Aren’t they types of human foods? Am I going to start eating humans!? Yuk!”

-spits drink all over screen-

So first off, I just want to thank each and every one of you for your continued love and support - I honestly never thought I would make it past 8 followers let alone 800+, and when this blog is only just closing in on 7 months of activation, I’m speechless. Seeing you all here, interacting with Elita, reblogging/liking posts, it means so much to me; I am so incredibly honoured and humbled by you all, and thank-you so much. I wish I could put each of you on this list, but I wanted to take this opportunity to promote/thank the individuals who helped made this blog what it is, and who continue to make a huge difference for both myself and Elita. So, without further ado I present my 800+ follow forever list.

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:::Dude.::: Sideswipe began in his ‘serious’ voice :::Do it. We have nothing to lose!::

:::Well actually::: he thought on it more.:::I guess we kind of do. Uh, not on the finding us a whole team thing, but more on the ‘our respective command elements might ream us later’ front. Keeping this on the down-low might be a good idea.:::

::Lots to lose, I’d say. I already pissed that table-flipper of yours off earlier. I mean, probably. Really hard to tell with him.::

A mournful noise left Skywarp’s vocalizer.

::It’d be so worth it still if they do the punishment bit later, but if they find out before and stop it, that’d suck big time. War’s kinda stupid.::

Wow, I never expected this account to take off as it has. Never expected to surpass 10 followers. ^.^’ But here I am at a little over 300 followers. All thanks to you wonderful followers. <3

I can’t thank you enough. Even if we’ve never roleplayed or even spoken. Especially of we’ve roleplayed and became internet friends. I love and care for you all! And you’ve made this account what it is today. =)

Thus I dedicate this to you!
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