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At First Glance

@levlegs‘s commission for “Gajeel’s first glance at Levy when she walks down the aisle.” 

I added a bit extra of their past to make it really emotional, and I hope you like! Thank you so much for commissioning me! <3

word count: 1557

pairings: gajevy

characters: levy, gajeel, mentions of other fairy tail characters

tags: @spikerr, @ftfanfics, @the-redhead-who-writes

At first glance, Gajeel didn’t think much of the small girl he saw in Fairy Tail before he crucified her and her friends to a tree. He snatched her up with a sneer on his face as Jet and Droy fired their attacks at him to no avail, and darted to the nearest tree before grabbing her friends.

“Please,” she had said, “leave my friends alone.”

It almost made him want to. Her eyes full of light and a stubbornness that he had never seen in a woman before–especially a woman of her height. He stopped the dagger for a moment before cutting her leg. She cried out in pain, but he kept on even though it pained him as well.

‘I hate doin’ this,’ his thoughts pressed into his brain, “but she’s the enemy. And so are they.’

As he bruised Jet and Droy, her eyes stayed the same. And it made him ever so aware of how bright they were.

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Books, glasses, paper. The sound of a pen dancing across the paper. These are the things Gajeel connects to her. They create her and she creates them. They are not separable. They are joined together at the hip, moreso then him and his iron. Many use these things, but few use them like she does. She looks up at him, red glasses pressed up to her eyes, hair out of place, dress strip slipping, and pout planted square on her face, and his heart skips a beat. He falls in love with her, and he falls in love with paper and pens and the sound of them making music and played by the most beautiful woman in the world. 

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hey there! I saw ( and like & share ) your nalu fanfic. recommendation post and wonder if you could do the same for gruvia, gajevy, stingue, jerza and nalu? it dont need to be as long as your first one! Just 5 fanfiction per ship were super nice! *shy away*

Ahhh thank you sm for actually liking my post! I never thought it would get much attention. Here some fanfiction I really recommend everyone to read [2]

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Soooooo imma gonna end it here bye  - =͟͟͞͞ ( ꒪౪꒪)ฅ✧
hope u all like my litlle collection~


ok I start with this doujinshi or Zexal-fanbook. if you want to read this with better quality you must wait I’ll upload on my Deviantart or pixiv ^w^

Also this doujishi have continued this is the firts part and begins to problems of Yuuma and Shingetsu. enjoy

Art by me jadenyugi9

Story by: gale and pyra-chan

There you go the next part is coming on november or december ^w^


In Hope and Agony

Eight years previously, Madge Undersee was persuaded to break her engagement to Gale Hawthorne as her family deemed him unworthy. She has not see him since, but now he has returned, successful, handsome and in search of a wife.

A Hunger Games AU inspired by Jane Austen’s Persuasion.


Snowed in during the blizzard last week, I started this Rinch fanfic, then forgot about it and got lost drawing Henry Gale too much. The fic just needed a climax (in both senses), but it has one now.  Or rather…it has two ;)

Rated Mature
Sex in the library, first time, smut, a little fluffy

Finch gripped the edge of the bookshelf more tightly, steadying himself so he could close his eyes and give in.  John’s mouth was working its way down the back of his neck and the wash of sensations from his stubble proved quite…stirring.  

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Pancakes and Valentines - a V-Day OneShot

Happy Valentines and Belated Shrove Tuesday! I still can’t believe America doesn’t have Pancake Day omg? Dude what have you been doing? WHY HAVENT YOU BEEN EATING THE SUN?! 

This is dedicated to @freedthequeenjustine who has been waiting impatiently for this fic, and to @darkmagicianknight, @xxgajevyloverxx and @abbieeadaa-x. I put in a little something for all of you just because :)

Hope you enjoy!

Pairings: Fraxus (Freed x Laxus), Gajevy (Gajeel x Levy), Stingue (Sting x Rogue), Elfgreen (Elfman x Evergreen), Nalu (Natsu x Lucy), Gruvia (Gray x Juvia) 

Levy woke up with a grin on her face. It was Shrove Tuesday - her second favourite day of the year (because Christmas trumps all) - and she had planned to spend it the best way possible: with Gajeel, of course.

Levy was glad that he’d offered to teach her how to make pancakes: last year half the guild hall nearly burnt down. She was still in awe of how Natsu had managed to burn the milk before it was even in the bowl, and Wendy dropped the eggs on the way back from the store, which thankfully were still useable; that is, until they were thrown at Gray, who got into a brawl with Natsu to the extent that Erza had to resort to the frying pan to get them to stop. When Gajeel had heard what had happened, he laughed so hard he cried. He grudgingly agreed to go this year though, but Levy knew he was secretly excited.

The bluenette brushed her azure locks, donned her usual orange babydoll and headband, and left for the guild hall. Luckily she wasn’t the only one in high spirits. When she walked through the large wooden doors, the place was filled with the sounds of banging and scraping: as per usual, each table was set up with a flame, thanks to Natsu and Romeo, and each had a frying pan and ingredients, thanks to Yajima, who kindly allowed the use of his utilities to the guild. Erza was dashing about in her blouse and skirt, singing about how she was going to incorporate strawberries into her pancake this year. Natsu was staggering around, holding a crate of hot sauce above his head, and people were starting to pair off at each table.

It didn’t take her long to find the tall raven-head, who was stood by the table near the bar. When he caught sight of her, he gave her a small grin and waved her over. She skipped over to their allocated table, eyeing the ingredients, and then finally, her partner. Gajeel, contrary to his usual black getup, was wearing a gray tank top and beige jeans. But the funny part was the apron he was sporting. The light pink thing around his neck was adorned with frills, the red swirly print on the front reading “Kiss the Chef”. Levy couldn’t stop herself from snorting out a laugh. Gajeel’s face went bright red as he realised what she was laughing at.

“Hey Shrimp, I forgot mine, and this was the only spare Mira had left.” he growled, bopping the girl on the head with the back of his hand. Levy kept giggling to herself, and Gajeel couldn’t help but smile at the little solid script mage beside her. Damn, she’s cute.

He was cut off from his thoughts when there was a flash of blue hair and a hand on his shoulder as he received a peck on the cheek. Levy grinned up at him, a light blush across her pale face. Gajeel’s eyes widened in surprise, and Levy shrugged. “It’s what you told me to do,” she said simply, pointing at his apron. His eyes narrowed as he leaned down to her eye level, their faces inches apart. Levy, taken aback, opened her mouth in surprise, her light blush turning into flaming red embarrassment. Gajeel smirked, making her heart skip a beat.

“That was a sneaky one, Shrimp.” he said before exiting her personal space and standing to his full height. As he turned to prepare ingredients, Levy stood shocked. What just happened? she thought to herself.
As this was unfolding, four new people strolled into the guild hall, namely the Raijinshuu, dressed in casual clothes, rather than their usual outfits. They were discussing who was partnering who.

“Well, to be honest, I don’t mind.” said Freed. He missed the glance Laxus gave him, but that did not slip by the notice of Evergreen and Bickslow as easily as that. Giving each other a knowing look, they set their plan into action.

“Well, I’ve already planned to work with Elfman, since his sisters are pairing up together.” said Evergreen, priding herself on her lie. They hadn’t planned anything, but she was sure her boyfriend would be happy to partner her. Bickslow, too, scratched his head.

“Yeah, about that, I’m partnering Max. Well, that sorts your problem out, doesn’t it, Freed?” he said, while Evergreen gave Laxus a wink. The Dragon Slayer scowled at her, but gave no signs of protest as Freed led him to a workbench. The rune mage took his own purple rune-decorated apron out of his bag and donned the garmet, as Laxus did the same with his plain black one. Freed’s green hair spilled out over his shoulders as he grabbed the flour and emptied out the required amount into the ceramic bowl in front of him. Laxus, sensing an oppourtunity, walked up behind him and moved his mouth closer to the other’s ear.

“Hair.” he whispered. Freed jumped about a foot in the air and turned to glare at the blonde, his features crossed with rage, shock and… panic?

“Y-Yeah, right, t-thanks.” he said rushedly, grabbing a band from his pocket and tying up his long green hair into a high pony. Laxus stared. It wasn’t like the Captain to get flustered easily. In fact, he was ever composed and collected. Laxus smirked at his friend’s reaction, rolling up his sleeves and grabbing the milk carton.

Across the hall, Levy was struggling. “Gajeel, help me.” she panted. They had spilt their milk everywhere, and she had gone to get more. Except it just had to be on the top shelf, didn’t it?

The Iron Dragon walked teasingly slowly towards her. The short mage was on her tiptoes, stretching upwards fruitlessly. “What’s wrong Shrimp? I thought you had this under control.” he smirked. Levy then gave him a glare to rival Erza’s.

“Okay, okay, I got it.” he said, before grabbing her by the waist and plopping her on his shoulders. She squealed. “Gajeel! What are you doing?!”

He looked up at her with a confused expression. “What? I thought you wanted me to help you up.”

“I was actually gonna ask you to get it down for me.” she growled. Oh, he thought. Right.

“Oh well, now you’re up there, how’s the view for a change?” he chuckled, earning yet another glare. Levy simply grabbed the carton and demanded to be released. He did so, making sure not to put his hands anywhere he’d get a slap for.


Laxus stood back from the flame, frying pan in hand. “Hey Freed.” he called out. The greenette turned from his job of adding more flour to the mix to pay attention to him, his eyes widening in realisation as he spotted the pan in his hand. “Laxus, are you about to do what I thin-”

“Shut up and watch this.” he grinned, stepping back even more. The pancake was now completely withdrawn from the flame. Laxus moved his legs apart for balance, keeping one hand on the handle. “Three - two -”

Freed, panicking and fearful of their pancake’s life, launched himself at Laxus, grabbing the handle of the pan with one hand and with the other -

Wrapping it around Laxus’ neck, apparently.

The two’s faces were closer than close, noses brushing. Freed realised what he had done, but he couldn’t move, trapped in his guildmate’s eyes. Their awkward and surprised blushes combined lit up the almost closed distance between them. Laxus could feel the weight of Freed’s arm around his neck, and honestly, he didn’t want it gone. In reaction to the spontaneous action of the rune mage, the hand that was not holding the pan had grabbed the back of Freed’s jacket, and he let his hand relax until it was resting on his upper back. Freed could feel the contact burning through the suddenly too-thin material. Freed’s limp hand brushed the skin of Laxus’ neck. Laxus, without thinking, moved his hand, cupping the back of Freed’s neck. Laxus’ eyelashes fluttered in that way that got Freed’s stomach in knots. Their breaths mingled, fanning each other’s faces, and the-

“MIRA GET THE CAMERA!” screamed a voice suddenly. Laxus promptly dropped the frying pan, the clattering gaining the attention of everyone in the hall who wasn’t already watching. Freed quickly withdrew his arm, jumping back and glancing around the hall. Nearly every head was turned towards them, bearing smirks, people giving each other knowing nods and looks.

Laxus scratched the back of his head. “Shit, did everyone see that?” he mumbled. Freed, looking for an excuse to hide his face, ducked down to retrieve the frying pan, sighing to see that the pancake had ended up all over the floor. So his attempt to save the thing had been unrewarding.

Well, I wouldn’t say ‘unrewarding’… said the devilish voice in his head.


“Well would you look at that,” said Gajeel. “I knew it was only a matter of time.”
“What do you mean? They weren’t kissing or anything.” asked Levy. Gajeel chuckled. “It’s so obvious though, ain’t it?”

Levy scoffed. “And what do you know about romance?”

“Enough.” he shrugged. “I can identify key moments and actions.” He paused. “Such as that.”

Levy, confused, turned around to see two figures dashing out of the hall, hand in hand. Her eyes widened when she realised who it was.

“Is that-”

“-Bunny Girl-”

“-and Na-”

“They sneaked out when everyone’s back was turned, fufufu.” said a blue exceed as he walked up to the pair.

Levy gaped. “Really? Since when were they a thing?”

“Oh, they have been for ages.” said Happy. “But it’s all very secret, so I’ve only told about twenty people.”

“Good to see a reliable guy around these days.” said Gajeel sarcastically.

“Gajeel!” Levy gasped. “The pancake’s burning!”

“Shit.” He spun around and whipped the pan off of the flame, flipping it one handedly at light speed. Levy raised an eyebrow, impressed. Gajeel caught her expression and smirked. “Admiring my skills, are we?”

Levy looked away grumpily. Happy giggled. “They liiiiiike each other.”

“SHUT UP CAT!” they both screamed.


“Are you sure this is edible?” asked Levy cautiously. The brown-black pancake was a bit too crisp around the edges, and it’s smell was masked mainly with burning.

“It’ll be fine Shrimp.” said Gajeel. He had stopped after the first one was made, just in case there was too much of this or not enough of that.
The small mage nodded uncertainly, squeezing maple syrup over it, hoping it would disguise the flavour of the pancake itself. Grabbing a fork and knife, she cut into it and ate, chewing -

“Holy Mavis! This is awesome, Gajeel!” the girl exclaimed. And with that, the rest of the pancake was gone in a heartbeat. Gajeel gawked at the sheer speed of consumption. This girl could eat.

“Well?” she said, wiping her mouth with a napkin. “Go make more!”

“Yes, mistress.” he chuckled, pouring more mixture into the pan. Levy continued to bounce around him, impatient for the next one to be done. “Oh! Oh! We should add cinnamon in the one after! And then maybe - maybe chocolate powder! And then -”

Suddenly, his hands were on her waist yet again, and she was raised into the air, and she felt herself being dropped onto the table. “Gajeel!” she huffed.

“What? You were distractin’ me.” he justified. She stuck her tongue out in response.


Freed was mixing batter like no one’s business. Whisking at eighty eight miles per hour really helped get his mind off of things, such as the feeling of his hand on his neck, his eyes -

Freed continued whisking.

It wasn’t his intention to end up in an intimate situation with him. He didn’t mean for the tiny crush he’d had for years come raging back to the surface. He didn’t their friendship to come crashing down, the reason he’d buried his feelings in the first place.

“You whisk any faster and all the mixture’s gonna be on the floor.” said a voice. Freed spun around to face Laxus, who was admittedly much closer than he anticipated. The captain swallowed, avoiding eye contact and trying not to remember the feeling of them being closer than they were now. “S-Sorry, I’ll slow down. Just trying to b-beat out the lumps.”

Laxus peered over the other’s shoulder at the bowl. “Well you’ve done a good job.” he said, eyeing the completely smooth batter. Freed nodded. “I’ll pour it out then.” He turned back around-

“Wait,” said Laxus, grabbing Freed’s wrist, spinning him back around. “W-What is it?” asked the greenette.

“You’ve got batter on your nose.” Freed blushed, and moved to wipe it off with his other hand.

Laxus grabbed Freed’s other hand and moved closer to him. Freed’s eyes widened, Laxus’ now impossible to ignore. Freed held his breath as instinct took over the blonde and he dropped his head down and licked the batter of off his nose, causing Freed’s insides to squirm and his heart to race.

“L-Laxus?” he breathed.

Laxus, too, was a furious shade of red, not quite believing what he’d just done. And in public, too.

Freed was against the table, staring up at the blonde trapping him there. The not unpleasant feeling of Laxus’ hands on his wrists was setting of fireworks inside of him. Laxus was gazing down at him, his eyes clouded by some unreadable emotion that he was sure was reflected in his own. He felt hands move up from his wrists to his bare forearms, cupping his elbows, waves of feelings crashing together at the touch. Laxus began to lower his head slowly, closing the gap between them as he pressed his lips to Freed’s.

Freed’s sharp intake of breath at the contact did things to Laxus’ stomach, and as he realised what he was doing, he broke the kiss, releasing his hold on Freed immediately.

“Sorry.” he exhaled. “Too close?”

Freed was staring up at him, breathing heavily despite the short-lived nature of the kiss. Was he mad? Was he going to hit him?

Freed just shook his head, never breaking eye contact. What did that mean?

Then Freed raised his arms, his hands on Laxus’ shoulders. He moved closer, lost in the eyes of the man in front of him, raising his head so they were centimetres apart.

Not close enough, Freed thought.

Laxus’ hands went automatically to Freed’s waist, pulling him towards him without permission from his brain.

Not close enough, Laxus thought.

The greenette was standing in between the other’s legs. He moved a hand to cup his cheek, his thumb caressing his scar. Freed’s voice was rough as he spoke, his hot breath washing over Laxus like a spell.

“Not close enough.”

He closed the gap between them again, pressing their lips together with a need known only to them. Laxus’ eyes fluttered shut, kissing back with equal force, the two lost in each other.

Freed wrapped his arms around Laxus’ neck, pressing himself against his chest. Freed’s back hit the table, knocking aside ingredients but they didn’t care, they were absorbed in each other.

When they broke the kiss, it was only to gaze into each others’ eyes.

“I’ve waited years to do that.” mumbled Freed.

Laxus smiled, not a smirk, but a true smile. “I may have the tiniest crush on you.”

Freed chuckled. “Really now.”

Whatever Laxus was going to say was interrupted by a loud applause from all around them. The two looked up at their guild mates, who had apparently been watching their little affair.

“It only took half a decade!” called out Cana, who had apparently been in the middle of making a very alcoholic pancake.

“Pay up!” said Mira to her sister, who grudgingly did so.

At last, Laxus spoke. “You bet on us?!”

“Most of us did.” admitted the youngest Strauss sibling. “It’s been going on for a while.”

“I’m back! What did I miss?” said Levy, coming back into the hall.

“While you were in the ladies’, loverboys over here was making out.” explained Gajeel nonchalantly.

Levy’s eyes nearly bulged out of her head. “What?! Really?”

Gajeel grunted. “Yeah, and now I owe Salamander this month’s rent.”

Freed just stared, his hands still around Laxus’ neck. “I can’t believe you were all doing this behind our backs.”

“I organised it in the first place.” confessed Bickslow, grinning evilly, earning a glare from both of them.

“Oh, and by the way,” piped up Evergreen. “your pancakes are burning.”

Freed, more concerned about the food than anything, spun around immediately and whipped the pan off of the heat, sighing in relief and he flipped it out onto a plate. Laxus chuckled behind him, kissing the greenette on the cheek, gaining a blush and a smile.

Across from them, Levy sighed. Gajeel frowned at her. “S'matter, Shrimp?”

“Oh, it’s nothing, really.” she mumbled. “It’s just I wish love was always that easy.”

Levy looked up at him abruptly when he started to laugh. “What’s so funny?”

Gajeel smirked. “It is easy. All you have to do is-” He spun around, grabbing a plate off of their table. “-something like this.” he said, presenting the plate to the solid script mage in front of him.

Levy’s eyes widened at the small stack of pancakes, covered in chocolate sauce, cream, and they were all… heart shaped?

“Gajeel…?” she trailed off, looking at the slayer quizzically.

“Gihee. Happy Pancake Day, Levy.” And with that, he gave her a tender kiss, nothing more than a quick peck, even so resulting in copious blushing from both of them.

Levy couldn’t stop her smile from spreading as she set down her plate and threw herself into his arms, her heart bursting with joy.

Maybe love wasn’t so hard after all.

Well, only if a Dragon Slayer is involved.


“I still can’t believe you were so bold.” giggled Levy, nudging her partner with her elbow.

Gajeel grumbled, smiling all the same. “Yeah, well, someone had to do something.”

It was a few days after Fairy Tail’s Pancake Day, and the guild was in higher spirits now that there were some new couples about the place.

Apparently Gray had finally accepted Juvia’s confession the day after the event, and they were rarely seen apart since, and even Lucy and Natsu, who hadn’t been seen since full stop. Happy delighted in telling everyone that they’re hiding out at Natsu’s house, because Lucy’s landlady had kicked them out for being too noisy “whatever that meant”.

But today was Valentines Day, and everywhere you looked there was some form of decoration or proclamation or indication of love.

Alzack and Bisca were being all cosy in the far booth while Lisanna looked after Asuka. Elfman (after asking for advice from nearly everyone in the guild) had gotten his girlfriend a huge bouquet of flowers. Each colour apparently meant something, but if you asked the ‘man’ in the couple, he would have no idea what they meant. Evergreen loved them though.

Freed was sitting at a table with Bickslow and talking about God knows what when a tall figure walked up behind him and poked the back of his neck.

“Hey there.” said Laxus, kissing him on the top of the head and depositing a wrapped gift on the table. Freed looked up at his boyfriend’s face and smiled, pecking his forehead. “Morning,” he greeted, pulling out a box from under his seat. “and Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Laxus accepted the box and sat beside him, wrapping one arm around the other’s waist. “Happy Valentine’s. Now open it.”

“You didn’t have to get me something.” mumbled Freed, unwrapping the package anyway. It turned out to be the final volume in Freed’s favourite book series, and Laxus found himself suffocated by hugs and words of appreciation.

Bickslow watched in amusement as Laxus opening his gift, revealing a box of chocolates home made by Freed ‘Masterchef’ Justine himself. He’d never get over how goddam blushy Laxus got around Freed nowadays. He doesn’t even try to hide his adoration for the rune mage like he used to, he’s always a freaking blushing mess whenever Freed so much as breathes.

As Levy watched the couple, she gasped and slammed her head against he table, groaning. Gajeel looked on in concern. “You alright there, shorty?”

He received a moan in response. When Gajeel finally managed to unstick her face from the wood, she covered it with her hands. “Seriously, what is wrong with ya?”

Levy sighed. “I forgot to bring your gift.” After getting no sleep the previous night thinking of a present sh could give to him, she forgot it.

Gajeel grabbed her shoulders. “It’s okay, it doesn’t matter. I get to spend the day with you and that’s all I care about, 'Kay? Quit yer worryin’.”

“But that doesn’t seem very special.” protested Levy.

She squealed when Gajeel hoisted her over his shoulder and started heading out of the guild hall. “Then let’s go somewhere that’ll feel special, huh? Where d'ya wanna go, Shrimp?”

“Uhh.. the- the park?” she said randomly, still taken aback by the situation.

“Alright, let’s go to the park, I’ll buy ice cream and then I’ll give ya my gift. We can talk and cuddle all ya want, okay? That special enough for ya?”

Levy blushed, thankful he couldn’t see it. “Um, s-sure.” He was being unusually sweet, and Levy wasn’t sure how to handle it.


Back in the guild, there was a fight going down. Natsu and Lucy has reappeared, and now Natsu was having a brawl with Gray over who’s girl was better. Said girls were now trying to calm down their boyfriends desperately, Gray being the first to cave in after Juvia had threatened to start crying, to save both himself and the town from being flooded.

Just as everything was settling down, there was a knock on the door, and in came two figure carrying huge boxes with them.

“Hey, Natsu-San! Come help us with these!” called Sting as he and Rogue stumbled into the guild. Once the boxes were set down, they both collapsed into chairs provided by Mirajane kindly.

“What’s all this?” asked Lucy, gesturing to the crates brought in by the pair.

“Chocolates. Lots and lots of them.” said Rogue.

“Apparently Sabertooth’s Twin Dragons are ideal people to send Valentines things to.” explained Sting. “I wouldn’t dare eat them, as I have eyes only for my dearest~” he teased, poking Rogue’s cheek, who flushed and shoved him hand away.

“So you’re giving them to us?” asked Natsu, his eyes glazing over.

“Yeah, we went to Mermaid Heel first, since you know, 'Girls love chocolates, right?’ Except they called us pervs and threw us out.” Sting shook his head. “Women these days.”

“I’m pretty sure these scars won’t fade. Goddam Kagura.” moaned Rogue, stretching his arms.

“When that Risley tells you not to underestimate a mermaid, believe her for god’s sake.” said Sting.

As the chocolate was distributed around the mages, the Sabers chatted with Natsu and Lucy for a bit.

“So, what you planning for this lovely occasion? Anything romantic?” asked Sting suggestively. Rogue flicked his nose. “He means 'what are you guys doing because I have no idea what to do because I’m a shitty boyfriend’.”

Lucy ignored Sting’s protests and laughed. “I thought you were better than that.”

“You don’t know half of it, before we left the guild he was planning on throwing the chocolates in the sea.” Rogue grinned from the sheer stupidity of his boyfriend. “Sometimes he can be a real idiot.”

“I’m right here!” Sting complained, waving his arms around to emphasise his point.

“Well, anyway, I was gonna take Luce out to the bookstore, since there’s some author doing a signing.” said Natsu.

“I love her books so much!” squealed Lucy. “I can really relate to Sylvestia, and her plot is so good!”

“Speaking of which,” started Sting, but he never got to finish, because Rogue had wrapped his arms around him and was hugging him.

“R-Rogue, what are you doing?” stuttered Sting.

Rogue snapped back into reality, blushing madly and releasing his grip on him.

“Erm- sorry- just felt like- never mind…” mumbled Rogue.

“Is he… Okay?” asked Natsu.

“Yeah… He’s been doing that recently.” shrugged Sting. “Not that I mind.”

It’s not my fault that everything you do makes me want to slap you or kiss you, though Rogue. Just be glad I went for a compromise.

“Are all Dragon Slayers like this?” asked a drunken Cana as she staggered over to them.

“I hope not.” said Lucy. “Hey Cana, where’d you get that necklace?”

“Mm?” Cana registered the question and looked down at the beads around her neck. “Oh, this? Shop owner gave me it because of some sentimental shit about me looking like his sister.” She took a long chug of her beer. “Creep.”

“Happy Valentine’s.” muttered Lucy under her breath.


Gajeel and Levy were both sitting on a bench in one of Magnolia’s parks, chatting about pointless things and laughing while attacking each other with ice cream.

“You’ve got some on your cheek, Shrimp.” Gajeel chuckled, wiping it away with his thumb and licking it off. Levy smacked his hand playfully. “That was still some of my ice cream! I told you not to steal.”

“Then don’t steal mine in the first place!” argued Gajeel.

“What am I gonna do with you?” she sighed, making exaggerated arm movements.

“Kiss me?” grinned Gajeel cheekily. Levy was quick to blush, slapping his arm lightly in response.

“No, you’ve gotta earn it today.” she teased.

The Dragon Slayer huffed. “Fine.” he grumbled, reaching behind him to pull out a small package out of his pocket. He presented the package to Levy, who couldn’t stop herself from smiling.

The package was small and cube-shapes, brown wrapped with a blue ribbon tied in a bow. Shyly, Levy took the package and undid the tie, the ribbon falling on her lap. Gajeel’s eyes never strayed from the ecstatic look on her face, lighting up her features. He wished the would stay there and never leave.

Once the wrapping was off, she was holding a polished wooden box, engraved with swirling borders around the edges of the box’s faces. On the top face, there was a heart engraved, with her initials painted in then centre in a scarlet paint. The faint scuffs around the edges of the box and the slight imperfections let her know it was handmade.

Her shaky hands undid the clasp on the box, and as she did so, a faint tinkling music began to play, a tune that sounded light and airy as she listened. A spinning centrepiece was shaped like a rose, incredibly detailed down to the last petal. She was so happy she could nearly cry.

She turned to Gajeel with tears in her eyes. “It’s beautiful, Gajeel. It must have been so expensive.”

“Well, it is for you, after all. And all it cost me was about half a finger and two sleepless nights.” he grinned.

“You made this?” she gaped. she never thought those large, strong hands could be used for anything this delicate.

“Sure did. Now, have I earned that kiss yet?”

Levy finally let the tears go, wrapping her arms around her dragon and sharing a salty kiss with him.

I’ll take that as a yes, thought Gajeel. He slid his arms around her and pulled her close, content on not letting her go for a good few hours.

Best Valentine’s Day ever, thought Levy happily. I’m so very, very lucky.

And as she thought that, so did every couple in the area, each and every one thrilled to be the one to hold their partner.

Snow Friend

Fandom: Fairytail

Ship Title: Gajevy/Gale

Description: 6 year old Levy is building a snowman. (This has nothing to do with frozen)

Rating: K

A.N.: Hello everyone! I wrote some more for you. It’s a little longer this time so hopefully you all enjoy. :) It’s another single chapter but I may make more for this later because little fairies are adorable! ^ ^ (No promises though. I’m still trying to finish the other multi-chapter fanfic. That one will be completed first before I make this one or any other into a multi-chapter)

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairytail


There’s something magical about snow to a childs eyes. The way it cascades down from the clouds in the sky in little frozen crystals. It’s tiny flakes dotting the ground slowly until suddenly the front yard is full to overflowing in a wonderland of nature’s creation. The changes it can go through from fast and heavy to slow and soft in a blink of an eye.

And most magically, the ability it has to cancel a day of school so children can enjoy the playground it made for them.

This was one such day.

6 year old Levy McGarden sits on her knees in her front yard, rolling up a snowball. Her nose and cheeks are rosy but she’s smiling and humming to herself as she plays. Her snow pants and jacket are soaked right through from the heavy sticky snow but she doesn’t pay it any attention. Her toes are still warm in her thick wool socks inside her boots and that’s what her mother always told her. If her toes were cold she needed to come inside, but till then she would finish building her friend.  

With a final roll, the snowball falls into place beside two others. Levy stands up and admires her work, brushing her mittened hands together to knock off the clinging pieces of snow and like she always saw her father do. She has a total of three snowballs each one a bit smaller than the last.

With a quick nod of approval she drops back down on her knees in front of the middle snowball. Her tiny arms grabbing hold of it but not even wrapping around halfway. With an adorable grunt she attempts to lift it but It slips through her arms, shaving away a layer of snow that sprinkles to the ground in an isolated flurry.

Getting up on her feet and crouching over the ball she pulls with her knees. The ball lifts off the ground slowly and not very high but It’s just enough for little Levy to get it on top of the biggest snowball. It takes a great deal of effort and rolling it against it’s side to get it on top but she manages to succeed.

Grinning widely at her accomplishment, She starts to pack in snow around it to keep it in place. Then she smooths it all over into a ‘perfect’ ball. Taking a step back she looks at her friend so far. He’s leaning to the right a little bit and the snowballs aren’t exactly round but she doesn’t see this as anything wrong. The best things in life are often the ones that are a little rough around the edges. That’s what her mother always told her.

She smiles at the last ball to be added. It would be much easier to lift up.

Hopping over to it like a bunny, she places her hands on either side of it and lifts. It’s a little heavier than she expected but much lighter than the other one. She brings it close to the snowman’s body and lifts it over her head. She goes up on her tiptoes in her boots but she can’t quite reach to put it on top.

“It’s crooked.” Levy jumps in surprise at the voice and the snow ball falls from her hands, landing behind her with a wet thump.

She turns around to see Gajeel Redfox, the boy that lives across the street. He’s older than her by a few years and he’s always acting tough in the school yard. He’s dressed in a black coat, with his hands in his pockets and a pair of snow pants on his legs. A scarf is wound around his neck, hiding his mouth under it’s warmth and his long black hair spills around his face sticking out in odd directions. But the most odd thing about his attire is his hat.

Levy had seen this type of hat before. Her father had bought one, one day when she was out shopping with him. He’d taken her into a fancy suit shop and there had been a rack of hats. She’s pointed to it and her father told her it was called a ‘fedore’. What Levy also knew was this was not a winter hat.

But all of this doesn’t really matter at this point and Levy just scowls at the boy. He had been mean to her and her best friend’s, who live just next door, at school the day before.

He is perfect.” She pointed her hand out at her snowman to emphasize her point. He snorted.

“Still crooked.” Levy kept scowling at him, but when he said nothing else she stuck out her tongue. His eyebrows shot up and she turned away from him, back to her snowman. Ignoring the red eyes watching her, Levy began working on her new friend.

She hefts up the snowball that had fallen to the ground and attempts to place it again. It leaned up against the middle one, on the verge of being set just right before it leans too far to the right and slips from her hands. Twice more, little Levy tried to lift the snowball but each time it wouldn’t sit right and roll off. On her fifth failure she stares down at the snowball were it most recently had landed. She felt her eyes start to sting with tears and she sniffles.

“Quit your crying. What are you? a baby?” The harsh voice of the boy behind her reminds her of his presence and she turns and glares at him.

“I’m not a baby!” Her shrill voice sounds out, cold tears clinging to her eyes. Gajeel tries to hold her watering glare but looks away from her, fidgeting and crossing arms. Levy to looks down at the ground, hiding her small tears.

The sound of shuffling snow like someone walking around brings her sad eyes back up. He lifts the snowball easily and places it on top.

Levy’s mouth drops open a little as she watches him pack it in. His eyes catch hers and his cheeks instantly blush under the already pink hue from the cold.

“What are ya looking at?” He stammers out and Levy just closes her mouth and smiles, her tears forgotten.

“Thank you!” She squeals in the way only young children can and suddenly she rushes forward and hugs him tightly. Her tiny arms barely managing to wrap around his waist.

“Hey! Quit it!” He shouts but doesn’t try that hard to push her away. Levy keeps on grinning but lets him go.

Turning her attention back to her fully formed snowman, she squints her eyes to make sure he looks perfect. With her near ever present smile, she claps her hands together satisfied at the progress and begins planning out his face. Her pockets are full of rocks and one carrot in her coat.

She pulls out the first 2 stones. They’re both different sizes, flat, and grey. Her smile widens and she looks over at Gajeel. He has his arms crossed again and is pretending like he’s not paying attention but even the young Levy could tell that wasn’t true.

“Would you like to give him eyes?” She holds the stones out between them in her blue mittens. He looks at the offering of stones in her hands then looks around quick. Levy keeps her smile in its place and when he looks back at her, he takes the two stones from her hand. Walking back up to the snowman, Gajeel presses them into the packed snow till they stick.

“It’s crooked.” Levy giggles at him. He looks over his shoulder at her.

“What!? It is not!” He sounds offended but Levy just laughs more. The mirth still on her face, Levy skips the two steps closer to her friends, lifting the carrot high over her head as she goes. With a quick jab of her hand, it’s sticking out of the snowman’s face.

“That’s okay though. Mama always says the best things are the ones that are a little rough around the edges.” She giggles some more and faces Gajeel. She’s surprised when after a moment he returns her giggling with a smile of of his own. Not the mean smiles he always uses when he’s teasing her but an actual happy smile.

“Hey Gajeel!” The cute, tender moment’s shatters and they both look up just in time for a snowball to splat perfectly onto Gajeel’s face.

“You leave Levy alone!” Jet and Droy throw snowballs, one after the other, with surprisingly good aim, from behind a large snowbank. Levy ducks for cover behind her new snow friend. Jet’s snowballs fly a little faster than Droy’s who looks like a big snowball himself in his chubby snowsuit.

“Stop it!” Levy shouts but either no one can hear her or they don’t care. Gajeel covers his face with his hands but makes no move to attack the other two boys or protect himself further from the icy assault.

“What are you boys doing over here?” The snowballs stop when a louder voice draws all of their attention. A blond haired boy wearing headphones walks over to the yard. 

Levy recognizes him as Laxus Dreyder, the principals grandson. Everybody knew who he was. His attitude was famous in the school and his own grandfather had had to suspend him a few times for getting too rowdy.

“We were just saving Levy from this bully.” Jet informed Laxus, throwing a mean look at Gajeel. The black haired boy wiped off his snow covered face and picked up his hat from where it had fallen to the ground. Red scratches mark his cheeks where the tiny ice bits had hit him.

“Yeah! He was calling us names at school yesterday!” Droy added from behind the cover of the snowbank. The blond boys eyes travel to Gajeel and he starts moving towards him. His face displaying a look that was equal parts anger and mischief.

“Why don’t you pick on somebody your own size.” He stops a couple steps before Gajeel. They were almost the same height.

“Like me.” Laxus flashes a mean grin and he lunges forward, tackling Gajeel around the waist. Levy screams as the two fall towards her but at the last second they change directions-

-and fall straight into the snowman.

Within seconds the scene ends and Laxus has Gajeel pinned. The black haired boy makes no struggle or move to get up. Laxus’ eyes flash with anger and his eyes snap up to Jet and Droy.

“You let this guy bully you? He’s a pushover.” He stands up and puts his hands on his hips victorious. Gajeel remains on the ground until Laxus walks away, moving towards the other boys hiding in the snowbank. With heavy movements Gajeel stands up and looks at the boys across the yard. A sniffling sound behind him makes him turn around.

Levy’s standing in front of the remains of her snow friend. Her shoulder shaking slightly as she tries and fails to contain her tears.

“My snowman.” She whimpers slightly holding the snapped carrot in her hand.

Guilt forces its way up inside Gajeel as he surveys the destroyed snowman. The three snowballs are crushed into little more than snow piles and chunks. Boot imprints serve as the most gruesome wounds on it’s body.

“We didn’t even get to name him.” Gajeel looks back up and meets her eyes. They’re big and brown and streaking her cheeks with tears. She closes her eyes and turns around. Dropping the carrot and running back to her house. 

Without really understanding why Gajeel lifts his hand up to stop her from going but it’s too late. Her bouncing head disappears inside the house.


The roads are clear the next day and school buses make their rounds, collecting all the children to bring them back to their conditioning.

Levy opens her front door, her purple backpack on her back, and walks out to wait in the front yard for her bus.

Her eyes glance at the spot where her broken snowman would be resting. Her feet stop when what she sees isn’t what she expects.

A new snowman stands tall in the spot of the old one, leaning a little to the right. Two flat stones are pressed into his head for eyes, one a little higher than the other like before, and half a snapped carrot for a noes.

But none of this is what little Levy’s eyes see first. What she sees first is the hat.

A fancy black fedora sitting crooked on its head.


A.N.: Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed! Let me know what you think. Everything’s appreciated. :) If you want to see more let me know. If you have a question feel free to ask. :) Thanks again! :)

(If you are not reading or are not interest in my other fanfiction Beginnings and Ends you may disregard the rest of this) I apologize for the long wait on the next chapter of this fanfic. Like I said I’m struggling to write it because I don’t want to let you all down. I do not know when the next chapter will be up. I know I previously said by Friday but I don’t think that’s going to happen. Maybe by the end of the weekend but I don’t know for sure. All I know is I’m going to do my best to make it good and get it posted as soon as I can. I’m sorry for all of you out there waiting on this and thank you all so much for your patience with me.

Gajevy oneshot - Worry

First ever Fairy Tail fic, yay!

Of course it’s about my otp for life, Gajevy. :)

Genre: Romance

Rated: T


Disclaimer: I own nothing but my own plotline, everything else belongs to the amazing Hiro Mashima.


“Commander McGarden, we have a situation”, one of the Council’s guards came rushing into the library. He was panting, out of breath, and it alarmed Levy.
Quickly, the blunette lifted her sleepy body up from its previous position over a book about basic Council armory.
All this was so new to her, so much new information that she ended up having to do research most of the time she had. Late nights were her most productive time, since she was usually done with her day’s paperwork and planning by then. Of course, to actually finish her paperwork and other stuff, she needed to read more than she had ever had to in her life. Every day was a hundred new problems to solve.
But this problem, wasn’t the kind of problem Levy was used to solving. She was usually never rushed to do anything like this and also, it was night time.
”I tried to look for you in your apartment first but you weren’t there commander”, the council guard said, still panting. Levy felt bad because she didn’t even know his name. She had been in the Council for four months now but she didn’t know anyone, except Gajeel, who was on a mission most of the time.
They hadn’t left together, when Fairy Tail split up, but somehow about two weeks from then, their paths had crossed somewhere in the outskirts of Magnolia. Levy had found a job at a bookstore there, but when Gajeel said that he was heading towards the Council for a job, Levy just couldn’t let him go by himself. That metalhead could’ve ended up in the Council’s prison, instead of becoming a captain, without her.
Levy had ended up being the boss of Gajeel, in charge of his team. The bluenette had never felt so useful and appreciated before. Sure, the job was hard, but she, little shrimp Levy, was ranked higher than Gajeel and all the other strong looking mages.
Oh no.
She was in charge of Gajeel’s team. She had planned their mission. This couldn’t be about anything else. Something must’ve gone wrong.

The guard led Levy into a room, where a tall woman was waiting for her. She was also a commander like Levy. There was a map powered by lacrima, covering the whole wall. It showed every teams position.
”Commander McGarden, we seem to have a situation with your team.” The woman turned her head towards the map. Levy wondered if she was supposed to know her name. She didn’t have time to come up with an appropriate answer before the woman continued.
”Officer Gajeel Redfox, who you seem to have in charge of your team, has taken a sudden turn to the west here. See?”
”Yes, I can see it.” Levy didn’t quite understand what the problem was. The team seemed to have set camp in the woods.
”This turn isn’t written in your plan. They should be heading east.”
”I see. I’m sure Gaj- I mean captain Redfox, had a good reason for his decision. Are you certain that they haven’t just decided to set their camp there? Maybe they had trouble finding a spot for it in their current path.”
”It could be a possibility but that is not the problem here. The problem is that their camp is in the enemy’s territory.”
”How should we proceed?” Levy asked with strong voice, scrunching her nose at the map. She tried to keep herself calm with a breathing technique she’d read about back in Fairy Tail, after Gajeel had just joined the guild. She had never been so scared in her own home, more than she was then.
It was funny, how the person she used to be so scared of, was now the one she was scared for.
”I was hoping that you’d have a suggestion.”
”We could send a message and hope that captain Redfox isn’t asleep.”
”I already tried that and, with all due respect commander McGarden, captain Redfox isn’t the type to answer any messages. I do not mean question your decision to choose him as your team’s captain, he is indeed a very skilled mage, but that seems to be quite a big problem he has. And a captain should not, in my opinion, be so stubborn and self-centered.”
”Why are you here?” Levy asked. She knew that she was quite rude, but Gajeel was in trouble, that woman didn’t know what to do nor did she make the situation better by questioning her abilities as a commander and, most importantly, Gajeel’s abilities as a captain.
”This mission used to be my team’s, but we failed it back then, because of a misturn like this one. I couldn’t figure out exactly what happened in there from my team. They didn’t seem to have a clue about it either. We thought it was just a misfortune that they never reached the destination, but now this issue with you team worries me. Mostly because they didn’t turn back home, like my team did.”

”I’m sure captain Redfox knows what he’s doing. I trust him”, Levy said sternly to the taller woman. ”You can go now. This is my team and I will take care of it.”

”Commander McGarden, I’d highly suggest you to let me…”

”I said, I will take care of this.” Levy had probably never in her life looked so threatening. ”Now, get out.”
The other commander heaved a breath and rushed out of the room. To be honest, Levy didn’t even feel that bad about it. Neither did she have a clue what to do with the situation she was now in.

”Come on Gajeel, answer me.” Levy had tried contacting him for an hour but she’d gotten nothing in response.
Once again, she looked at the map. There was something peculiar about their positions. It didn’t seem like a normal camp. The tents would be scattered too far apart from each other and no one seemed to be on watch. Of course, Levy could only see her team as little lacrima illuminated dots on a regular map, but she doubted there was any of the-sleepy-kind-of-camping involved in this weird arrangement.
The bluenette considered requesting a separate team for a mission to figure out what was going on there, but quickly abandoned the idea. She was just a newbie commander and this was her first real situation. She had to handle this by herself. Besides, a separate team would take at least a day to arrive in their destination.
So, it started to seem like all Levy could do at this point, was to wait. Wait and trust Gajeel.
She was so tired. So, so tired. It was almost three am. She couldn’t think about herself though. Gajeel and his team were her priority and she, like any other commander, would not rest, until her team is safe.
One thing the bluenette failed at, was that she could not bring herself to be strong anymore, as tears welled up her eyes. She bit her lip and watched the map through the blurry pools in her eyes. The water made the dots move. She blinked the tears out and they fell on her black pants, when she noticed that the moving was actually not the work of her teary eyes. The dots were actually moving. No, they were more like dancing. They made well considered paths around the area, moving swiftly and graciously in little groups. Gajeel had planned this. He was going against her orders but he was still going.
They were clearly approaching the target from everywhere else but the west, where the bluenette had originally planned them to approach it from.
There must be a reason for this. Levy’s tired brains were working hard to figure out, why Gajeel had taken a different route. He couldn’t be doing it just because it’s not the way she ordered. She couldn’t believe that.
The tall commander woman had said that her team had taken an unsuspected turn back while approaching the target. As far as Levy knew, they had also tried to approach the target from the west. The other commander had also said that even her team didn’t know why they had turned back. There must have been some magic block on the west side that was preventing their entrance and turning them back. There was no other explanation.
Watching the map, Levy saw that the dots from north and east had already turned back. A team form the southern side had successfully gotten close to the target. They were nearly there.
Levy squeezed her little hands into fists and intensely stared at the map. The eastern and northern teams had left towards home but the little southern group was right at the target.
Twenty minutes later Levy’s hands were sore and the southern group had finally left from the target. Levy was supposed to be informed if they had captured the mage, who used dangerous black magic, by placing a different kind of tracking lacrima on him.
”Come on Gajeel. Make me proud.”
”YES THERE IT IS!” Levy squealed and did a little happy dance, as she saw the red dot illuminated on the map. She went to the communication lacrima and happily informed the authorities to get a cell ready for their new prisoner.
Commander Levy McGarden had completed her first ever real mission. There was only one problem, Gajeel Redfox. That dense dragonslayer had made her so worried about him, and this time, he was not going to have any compass points to get past her.

It had been two days, since Gajeel arrived home. He had tried to knock on Levy’s door, but she had just sat quietly in her room until he left.
Today, Levy got his report from the mission. This was what she’d been waiting for. The report was clearly written in a rush, the handwriting was sloppy, and even the grammar screamed Gajeel. There were just four sentences. That was his full report.
”We got to the target. That fucking mage had blocked his entrance with a spell so yer plan didn’t work Shrimp. We went in from south cause the spell didn’t reach there. Got the guy and he’s in prison now.”
Levy rolled her eyes. She had to make him write a new one for the upper levels. She also had to go see him.
Levy put her Council robe on and made her way out of the door. Once she opened it though, she saw Gajeel sitting on the floor, across the hall from her.
”Oi Shrimp I thought you’d have something to say about my report.” His eyes lingered on the now calloused piece of paper Levy had squeezed in her left hand. He got up from his position and have her one of his wide grins.
”I have a lot more to say to you”, Levy said with a straight face, walking right in front of Gajeel. He may be three heads taller than her, but she could be intimidating.
”Firstly, your report needs to be written properly. Secondly you should let me know where your team is going and how your plans have changed, SO I DON’T HAVE TO SIT IN THE GODDAMN MAP ROOM FOR A WHOLE NIGHT, WORRYING ABOUT YOU!” Levy crossed her hands across her chest and stared at the startled looking dragonslayer, out of breath and with tears trying to make their ways out of her eyes.
”You had me so worried about you and I couldn’t do anything! You weren’t answering my messages and all I could do, was to sit there and hope you weren’t dead or stupid enough to sleep in the enemy’s territory! I was in charge of you and your whole team and had to listen to another commander telling me that neither of us wasn’t good enough for our job. But I couldn’t do anything so the blame is on you!” Levy shoved the report on his chest and turned around to do back into her room.
”Wait up Shrimp.”
”What do you want?” Levy turned back to look at him, noticing that he was standing right behind her. His piercings glimmered on the natural light of the windowed hallway, the light moving as he turned his head to the ground.
She cared about him too much for her own good. Maybe that’s what the other commander had meant too by judging her decision on making him the captain.
She also trusted him way too much. She knew her trust was rightly placed but the others didn’t. The two of them were still newbies.
”You know, I trust you Gajeel. I trust you to make well judged decisions on the field but I just can’t stand sitting here alone, hoping you’re alright and coming back.” Levy brought her teary eyes up, to meet his hard ones.
Gajeel was not the man of many words. He didn’t know what to say, especially to Levy. He hadn’t known, he was supposed to wake her up, even at night, if he decided to change his teams plans. On his previous missions, he wasn’t the captain. He hadn’t known about this shit.
He brought his big hand on top of Levy’s wild blue hair, only tamed a bit with a plain black headband.
”Sorry Shrimp.” He sounded defeated. He was defeated by her. But that feeling went quickly away, when Levy’s little head turned up under his hand.
”You’re a dense idiot but I can’t help it”, she whispered.
”Whatcha talkin’ ‘bout Shrimp?”
Levy shot up on her toes, took a good strong grip on Gajeel’s black shirt, and kissed him.
It was quick and a little sloppy. But it send the message, because soon Gajeel’s hands were resting on her back, lifting her up above the ground.
His lips were aggressive on hers and the kiss was desperate, passionate and they’d both waited it for so long. He deepened the kiss, when she opened her mouth to let out a moan.
The dragon slayer had soon turned them, so they weren’t in the hallway. Levy pushed her door shut, before she was lifted up against it, with a grunt, when their lips parted for a second. Her legs were tightly around Gajeel’s torso and his right hand had moved to her hair. She was pretty sure that her headband was thrown somewhere in the hallway. Her robe had slid out of her upper body and she whimpered, biting her lip, when Gajeel’s lips found her neck.
There was a knock at the door behind her back.
”Oh no”, she whispered.
”Ignore it”, Gajeel murmured against her neck.
”Commander McGarden, you are needed in the third hall. You must come plan your next mission”, talked a voice from behind the door.
”It is urgent”, the voice added.
Gajeel’s long sigh uncontrollably tickled her neck. The bluenette cradled his head between her hands and groaned.
”I guess you must be needed too, captain”, Levy whispered and roamed his muscled torso with her hands.
”What’re we waitin’ for then commander?” Gajeel let her down, lifted her robe back where it was supposed to be, tousled her hair, took his own headband out and tied it around her head. After an approving grin, he led her out of the room, towards a new mission.


Truly, this was bliss.

And ultimately, this should have been wrong– to be melded so close with his own blood, to indulge in eachother’s touch like this with no one watching them but themselves. He wanted to make sense of his feelings, but he couldn’t. He wanted to care, but he didn’t.

Held naked in his twin’s arms while sharing a seemingly endless kiss, skillful hands twist and tug themselves into his blue hair whilst setting off not the insufferable pain he knew too well, but instead a gentle pleasure that filled his head with a dizzying rush. The wonderful feeling was unfamiliar, but he doesn’t question it. The two of them used to be connected by those locks, after all.

Finally with the lightest tug of his brother’s hand, they reluctantly break for air, but only before closing the gap again with a desperate peck of lips towards whatever they could reach of eachother.


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Iron Roses

Pairing: Gajeel Redfox x Levy McGarden (Hades/Persephone!AU)

Summary: Levy was always kept in the walls of her home, but when her mother leaves her alone to attend to business, she visits her beloved flower garden where she lures a presence out of the shadows.

A/N: Italics with ’ indicate ‘inner thoughts!’ Happy reading! (:

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NaLu Fanfic Alert!

MissyPlatina’s Virtual Flames has taken over my life! Oh my gosh. I cannot stop reading!

I cannot believe that I’m already on chapter 20, and I’ve only started it a few hours ago. I’m dreading reaching chapter 33 and waiting for the next chapter.

I love her writing style. Her story’s hilarious. You wouldn’t stop laughing, I promise.

If you love NaLu and FT characters set in the modern world (you know, with social medias like tumblr and skype), you should definitely check this out.

Oh, you should also check her other stories. I particularly love Texting Fire. It has Gruvia and GaLe in it!

Mouse or Mice?

Knock Knock Knock! The sound of knuckles rapping against the door reverberated through the quiet apartment. It was around 9:30pm and Gajeel was just about to go to bed before that godforsaken sound echoed through his once quiet abode.

Knock Knock Knock! They continued to pound persistently against the hardwood of the door, getting louder and more frantic with each strike.

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Alive For Now (Gajevy)

“He’s… alive…”

Levy’s voice was barely a whisper, and she felt herself fall to her knees. Her entire body felt numb, and she couldn’t focus on anything other than the sound of his voice. Levy shut her tear-filled eyes, replaying it in her mind.

“I’m starting to wonder if you’re really friends with the first…”

She smiled for the first time in what felt like forever. Of course he would sound like a smartass.

But he was her smartass, and he was alive.

All the images of their future, torn to shreds when he was yanked away from her, began to piece themselves back together in her mind. Her, dressed in a white gown, walking down an aisle flanked by friends to a tux-adorned Gajeel; Levy coming home to find Gajeel snoring in their bed, covered by their also sleeping children; Her head on Gajeel’s shoulder. So many hopes and dreams came flooding back at the sound of his voice, and she couldn’t stop the tears of joy from sliding down her cheeks.

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