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Are you ready for this? We’re kicking off another round of RETHG where we read, create, fangirl/guy and dissect our favorite books and OTP. 

Every week we read two chapters which are accompanied with questions and prompts that engage the fandom in various ways. You can choose to write/think/create/act on those, or do what you feel inspired to do. Just tag with #rethg and your post will be blogged on @everlarkedalways and many other blogs that regularly participate!

We always end the reread with a rewatch where we take a specific time to corporately watch the movies together! It’s definitely one of my favorite fandom things I’ve ever participated in. Join us! You will not regret it. :)

Let’s do this, THG fandom!


  • 4/3-4/9        Ch. 1 & 2
  • 4/10-4/16    Ch. 3 & 4
  • 4/17-4/23    Ch. 5 & 6
  • 4/24-4/30    Ch. 7 & 8
  • 5/1-5/7        Ch. 9 & 10
  • 5/8-5/14      Ch. 11 & 12
  • 5/15-5/21    Ch. 13 & 14
  • 5/22-5/28    Ch. 15 & 16
  • 5/29-6/4      Ch. 17 & 18
  • 6/5-6/11      Ch. 19 & 20
  • 6/12-6/18    Ch. 21 & 22
  • 6/19-6/25    Ch. 23 & 24
  • 6/26-7/2      Ch. 25, 26 & 27


  • 7/3-7/9        Ch. 1 & 2
  • 7/10-7/16    Ch. 3 & 4
  • 7/17-7/23    Ch. 5 & 6
  • 7/24-7/30    Ch. 7 & 8
  • 7/31-8/6      Ch. 9 & 10
  • 8/7-8/13      Ch. 11 & 12
  • 8/14-8/20    Ch. 13 & 14
  • 8/21-8/27    Ch. 15 & 16
  • 8/28-9/3      Ch. 17 & 18
  • 9/4-9/10      Ch. 19 & 20
  • 9/11-9/17    Ch. 21 & 22
  • 9/18-9/24    Ch. 23 & 24
  • 9/25-10/1    Ch. 25, 26 & 27


  • 10/2-10/8       Ch. 1 & 2
  • 10/9-10/15     Ch. 3 & 4
  • 10/16-10/22   Ch. 5 & 6
  • 10/23-10/29   Ch. 7 & 8
  • 10/30-11/5     Ch. 9 & 10
  • 11/6-11/12      Ch. 11 & 12
  • 11/13-11/19    Ch. 13 & 14
  • 11/20-11/26    Ch. 15 & 16
  • 11/27-12/3      Ch. 17 & 18
  • 12/4-12/10      Ch. 19 & 20
  • 12/11-12/17    Ch. 21 & 22
  • 12/18-12/24    Ch. 23 & 24
  • 12/25-12/31    Ch. 25, 26, 27


THE HUNGER GAMES             JAN. 1, 2018
CATCHING FIRE                       JAN. 7, 2018
MOCKINGJAY PART 1              JAN. 14, 2018
MOCKINGJAY PART 2              JAN. 21, 2018


crossover aesthetic: the hunger games characters sorted in hogwarts houses

  • hufflepuff: peeta mellark - primrose everdeen
  • griffyndor: katnis everdeen - finnick odair
  • slytherin: gale hawthorne - johanna mason
  • ravenclaw: annie cresta - madge undersee

moodboard: katniss everdeen

“My spirit. This is a new thought. I’m not sure exactly what it means, but it suggests I’m a fighter. In a sort of brave way. It’s not as if I’m never friendly. Okay, maybe I don’t go around loving everybody I meet, maybe my smiles are hard to come by, but I do care for some people.”


For: @justdreamstars

Imagine: Getting caught in the woods with Gale for the night.

**Note: for the sake of this imagine we’re just going to say that Katniss and Gale never really went hunting together, and I’m also going to make up a few things that didn’t actually happen in the books so just go with it.** 

You tiptoe behind a tree, careful not to make a single sound. Bow and arrow in hand, you target it towards the deer, just before you can pierce through the creature with your arrow, it falls dead. What the hell. You walk over to it to investigatebut you are stopped by a familiar, manly voice, “What do you think you’re doing?” Gale Hawthorne. 

“Oh no, oh hell no. You are not taking credit for that, I’ve been stalking that deer for almost 15 minutes now, I cornered it, and you are not taking it!” You warn as he steps closer. Gale was your hunting rival; you were two out of the three only people who ever dared coming into these woods to hunt for game. You two were friends, but more often than not, you and Gale would end up fighting for the same animal. However, this deer was yours. 

“But I killed it Y/N,” he smirks. You’re not going to lie, Gale is attractive, but that doesn’t stop you from fighting him every chance you get. 

“Gale I’m serious this time, you’re not getting that deer.”

“You say that every time sweetheart.”

You push him, “Don’t call me that.”

“Sorry sweetheart,” He teasee again, “Now quit whining Y/N, we’re gonna be late!” Every evening at around 8:00 the peacekeepers would turn on the electricity in the fence, if you didn’t get out before that, you’d be stuck in the woods for the night. But you weren’t going to let Gale just take your deer. 

“Alright then go, you don’t want to get stuck, so go. I’ll bring the deer.”

Gale sighs, “Alright Y/N you caught it, I killed it, we’ll both take it back and spilt whatever we get for it.”

“Fine,” You breathe. 

The two of you pick up the deer and carry it towards the fence, once you’re close enough, you hear the gentle buzz coming from it, “We’re too late, the electricity had been turned on.”

“Thanks for letting me know Captain Obvious,” You say rolling your eyes. 

“Get back into the woods before we get seen in here, we’ll find some where to camp out for the night." 

Once you’ve settled down and got a small fire going, Gale sits close to you, putting his arm around your waist, "I guess out of all the people I could have gotten stuck with, I got lucky.”

You look at him surprised and he just smiles back before turning his attention towards the fire. 

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Gale’s “Proposal”

“We could do it, you know.” – This feels like he’s jumping in the middle of a thought. One that’s been running on repeat in his mind all night and all morning and it just bursts out of him.

“Gale says quietly.” – When is our boy ever “quiet”?? I think we are getting a glimpse of what is really on his heart right now. Just as Katniss wears a mask to protect herself and hide her vulnerability, I think Gale does the same thing. He might discuss ideas, rant against the Capitol, but right here right now he’s cracking his heart open for Katniss to see.

“Leave the district. Run off. Live in the woods. You and I, we could make it,” says Gale. – WE, YOU and I. As Katniss states in a moment, he could have any girl for the choosing. But he chooses Katniss. Entrusts her with this crazy idea he had that’s probably been running in his mind for weeks or months even, but he never knew just quite how to say it or approach it, knowing his friend is skittish when it comes to emotional things and how likely she is to run away or shut down if he tries to get too close.

“If we didn’t have so many kids,” he adds quickly. – He’s already anticipated her response and is probably kicking himself now. Embarassed. She’d never leave w/o her mother and Prim. And how could he leave his family? But for a moment, freedom was something he could imagine. And sharing that freedom with his best friend.

“I might [want kids]. If I didn’t live here,” says Gale – It’s impressive that after everything, Gale is thinking about the future he’s putting some treasured hopes out there, for freedom, marriage, kids. He’s got 42 slips in the bowl this reaping and no false illusions of being safe. So I think these things are on his mind because he wants to escape it, he’s wondering, what if I get reaped and have to go to the Capitol, it’s his last chance to let Katniss know how he feels about her, and how he’s felt about her for the past six months though he couldn’t figure out how or when to tell her.

She snaps at him and he snaps back. In her shock and surprise at the sudden turn to sentimentality and hinting at marriage and kids, Katniss shuts Gale down and has unwittingly trampled on her friends heart. He drops the sensitive topic, they hunt, gather, trade and go on with their day. There’s no pressure, no nagging, no manipulation. Just his offering, her rejection, and hunting and resuming things as normal.

He does really well considering he’s just as young and immature as she is, and I don’t know if he had all that many people to confide in, so I don’t know if he’s been able to talk about his growing feelings for Katniss with his mother or a friend or anything.

Some love Peeta

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Some love Gale

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But everyone loves Finnick

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For: Anon


Imagine: Being the eldest Everdeen sister, you’re absolutely broken after Prim’s death. Your boyfriend Gale decides to take you to District 2 to take care of you and build a new life for yourselves.

You sit outside, staring off into the woods in District 13, the war was over, Snow was dead, President Coin was dead, your little sister, Prim was dead, and you, you wished you were dead. You feel a hand rest on your shoulder as someone sits down next to you, you don’t need to turn to see that it’s your boyfriend Gale, “Have you eaten Y/N?”

“No, I’m not hun-”

“How long are you going to be ‘not hungry’? Seriously Y/N, you haven’t eaten since, never mind, the point is that you need to eat,” Gale insists.

“Gale why are you here?” You sigh, feeling exhausted.

“I’m leaving,” You look up to him shocked, leaving? “I was offered a job in District 2 with Beetee; it’s an amazing opportunity for me Y/N.”

“So you’re going to leave me too?” You ask spitefully, you know you shouldn’t be angry at Gale, you didn’t want to blame him for Prim’s death, especially since your younger sister, Katniss, already did, but you couldn’t help it. As much as you loved Gale, it was impossible for you to not blame him a little.

“No, this is what I wanted to talk to you about, Katniss is moving back to District 12 with Peeta, I-I was wondering if you’d,” He pauses, being careful not to say anything wrong, “if you’d be willing to come with me?”

“You want me to leave my only remaining family and move to a whole new district with you?”

“I could be your family. I love you so much Y/N, and I know you’re hurt, and I know I’m partially to blame for it, bu-but I can’t live without you Y/N, please come with me.”

“I-I don’t know Gale,” You say before getting up to leave.

“Y/N-” He calls after you, but you interrupt him without turning back around.

“Alright Gale, I’ll come with you,” You say before you continue walking. Of course, you wanted go with him, but at the same time, you felt like you were betraying your family.

Gale comes hugs you from behind as you cook dinner, “Hey sweetheart.”

“Hey Gale, how was work?” He smiles against your neck.

“Good,” He pauses, “But not as good as being here with you.”

You and Gale have been living in your new house for just over a month, Gale has been helping you through everything and at times you’ve even felt happy, however, you do miss your family, insanely. You can’t help but wonder what Katniss is doing back in District 12 as you set the table for dinner. You’re finally distracted from your thoughts as Gale’s story about Beetee’s amazing new idea consumes you.

After dinner you’re sitting in your’s and Gale’s shared bedroom reading a novel when your boyfriend walks in, “Y/N, can I ask you something?”

You look up from your book and shift over, giving Gale space to sit, but he remains standing and takes your hand, “When I brought you here, I told you that I would be your family, I told you that I didn’t want to live without you, and that stands true Y/N, I just want to make it official.”

Before the words can sink in, he gets down on his knee and pulls out a small, simple ring, “I know it’s not much, bu-but will you marry me Y/N?”

“Gale,” You gasp, trying to hold back the tears, “Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes!”

He puts the delicate ring on your finger and examine it, “Do you like it?”

“Of course! I love it Gale, and I love you,” You pull him up from the ground and onto the bed.

“I love you too Y/N,” He says before pulling you in for a kiss.

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So, it begins….

The Hunger Games: Ch. 1 & 2

  • Buttercup….beautiful, beautiful Buttercup. We know that he’s a parallel representation of Katniss throughout the books. Explain the descriptors Suzanne Collins uses to describe him in regards to Katniss’s character at the beginning off THG.
  • Why was the system used for Reaping targeted toward the poorer citizens of the district and how did that keep the country under the rule of the Capitol? How many times would your name be entered if you took the maximum amount of tesserae for your family? 

  • Gale & Katniss. The conversation in the woods is a powerful picture of who they are, both in ideology and in relation to one another. What’s one aspect of their relationship that you admire and one that you detest at this point? 

  • The bread in the rain. Katniss experiences several different emotions, desires and choices in this pivotal moment of her life. Why do you or don’t you think bread is a good metaphor for life? How does this introduction to Peeta contrast with her introduction to Gale? 


  • Create a post stating a fact from the first two chapters that you had either forgotten or just realized. You can quote it, write about it or illustrate it in some way.   
  • Take a screenshot in the THG movie (up to the handshake between K & P) and pair it with its book quote. 
  • Create a post with your favorite bread fanfiction moment. You can quote it and source it. You can make a list of your faves. You can create a visual for it. Whatever you want. Make it about the bread.
  • Send an Ask to five THG bloggers telling them why you appreciate them. 

Do as much or as little of the questions and prompts that you want to do. Rethg is meant to be a fun, thought-provoking and engaging event. Your participation, whether you create, dialogue or reblog, makes this an amazing way to interact with the books and each other. 

Tag all your posts with #rethg and they will be queued to reblog on here. Let’s do this!!!!


For: @native-snowflake

Imagine: Gale seeing you in a dress for the first time on your birthday.

You look at yourself in the broken and stained mirror in your tiny room. You look down at your new blue dress and smile to yourself.

It was your birthday today, and you had been saving up for this dress for a long time now, you had finally managed to save up enough money so you bought it yesterday.

Your boyfriend Gale was supposed to come visit today, after he came back from the mines. He had never seen you in a dress before, you were a bit scared, but mostly excited for him to see you.

You quickly fix your hair, and within fifteen minutes you hear a knock on your bedroom door, “Come in!”

Gale walks in and his jaw instantly drops after seeing you, suddenly you find yourself feeling a bit self-conscious, “W-what? Don’t you like it?”

“No, no! Y/N, you look absolutely stunning!” His expression changes to an adoring smile, “I was just a little surprised.”

He walks over to you and gives you a quick kiss, “Now, I have a surprise for you too!”

You raise your eyebrows in confusion, “What is it?”

“Turn around,” You spin on your heel and face the mirror. You see Gale’s hands go up towards your neck, he puts a small necklace around it, and clasps it in the back.

He steps back and you examine it, it was a small blue crystal wrapped in wire, it matched your dress. You glance up at Gale in the mirror, “Where did you get this?”

“I made it using a stone I found while working in the mines a few weeks ago, I thought you’d like it,” He looks at you hopefully, “Do you?”

“Gale, I love it!” You gleam, “Thank you!”

“I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too Gale.”

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Imagine Finnik’s reaction after he sees you, walking through the door, after he thought that the capitol had killed you

Finnick: Y/N I can’t believe that your alive, when the capitol caught you…I thought I was never going to see you again.

Y/N: I stayed alive because of you, Finnick. You are the reason, I didn’t die. You were always the one for me.

Finnick: You will always be the one for me Y/N.

*They both hug each other, smiling