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Want a show with a woc protagonist? Emerald City

Want a show with a bisexual main? Emerald City

Want a show with a trans main that’s well written? Emerald City

Want a show with fantastical elements and beautiful CGI? Emerald City

Want a show with complex women who aren’t reduced to a love interest? Emerald City

Want a show with good writing, good acting, and a good plot twist? Emerald City

Want a show that brings something new and exciting to an old story? Emerald City

Bottom line, Emerald City is amazing, it deserves a second season, and more people should watch it.

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Ding Dong the Wicked Witch is dead! 

These shoes are from from Blondie Lockes’ Birthday Ball heels repainted to be Dorothy’s magic ruby shoes! I thought the light blue socks were perfect so I left that alone and repainted the rest, and then coated it lightly with glitter :3

Y’all, I need a Marvel/Emerald City Fusion asap!

Just imagine it, this being Darcy Lewis’ mother..

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Yes :) Darcy being the daughter of the Witch of the West.

She’s born and raised in Oz, learning everything Mother West can teach her. But as she gets older, she realizes that Mother West and Aunt Glinda aren’t all they’re cracked up to be and seeks help from Dorothy who she comes to know because of Uncle Roan/Lucas. 

Since she knows that Dorothy travels between Oz and a place called Kansas, she asks to be taken away to a new life where she’s not feared because of her Mother and magic. So a plan is concocted where Darcy “dies” in Oz and Dorothy sneaks her out under the cover of night, and gives her a home with Aunt Em in Kansas.

Darcy of Oz then becomes Darcy Gale Lewis.

Darcy learns to adapt to this new world, is home schooled by Aunt Em and Dorothy (when Dorothy isn’t in Oz), and surprisingly is smart enough to earn a scholarship to college.

Darcy still chooses Political Science as her major, but she’s quite knowledgeable in medicine thanks to Aunt Dorothy. Jane takes her on as an intern and is outed when Thor lands and becomes a trusted ally. Jane, Eric and Thor are the only three to learn of Darcy’s Oz heritage, and the two humans are quite flabbergasted because everyone knows The Wizard of Oz is a children’s tale. 

Darcy then ends up skimming through the true story of Oz and how it’s not just a children’s tale. It’s home and there’s nothing cutesy about it.

Fast forward to after the Avengers are formed and Darcy makes connections with each of them when a tornado, of all things, pops down atop Stark Tower. Everyone thinks it’s the Bifrost, but Darcy knows better. 

It’s Dorthy in full Oz wardrobe: 

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Darcy then has to tell the Avengers about her heritage and the Avengers all jump at the chance to visit the fairy tale land. And yeah, that’s as far as I got. 

What do you guys think could happen there?


Guess who got to see Wicked for the first time and thought to herself “What if I just reimagined the Wonderful Wizard of Oz?” And this happened. I have an entire story planned and everything and I just needed to post a long series of concepts. In order of appearance it’s Dorthy, “the Wicked Witch”, and Glinda for a nice sneak peek at a potential project I’m working on.