gale is a badass

So shiny! So chrome!



Gajeel is such a hunk! Levy is one lucky girl.
The pacing and screen time for this couple has by far been the best in FT so I can’t help but like it. It is not overly done and Levy is not shown throwing herself at Gejeel in every panel; neither is latter absent for ridiculous periods of time. It’s a goofy relationship that shows trust and a deep understanding between the two.

And the two are so grunge, that’s hot!

A Thought Occurred To Me...

So in recently watching Mockingjay Part 2 a couple of times, I realized something about the lizard mutt attack scene.

Once the main fighting sequence began, when you saw Gale, he was mostly fighting by himself.  Doing a badass job of shooting the mutts and kicking their ass.

On the other hand, Peeta helps pull off a mutt from attacking Katniss, followed by her wrestling a mutt off of Peeta when he is attacked.  They are bruised and battered in the fight, but I loved seeing what I always saw from them.  Doing what they have just talked about in the previous scene and has become instinctive for them.  Protecting each other and fighting together.  

I do so love them together.