gale haters

About Haters

So many people are talking that what happened in last chapter was not a kiss,Gale/Gajeevy doesn’t exist at all and are complaining and offending who ships them. I’m just wanna to say this kind of people is a suck . If you don’t ship this couple, WE DON’T CARE~~ But you shouldn’t offend nobody and must respect the others fans.

This really piss me off.


I would like to address something that I have seen going on in the fandoms I am in (which are plenty) for a very very long time now…haters. Now, what we all need to realize is that there are ALWAYS going to be haters in every single fandom because in every single corner of the earth, you have people who are bitter and hateful. You are also going to get WONDERFUL people in every single fandom because there are WONDERFUL people in every single corner of the earth. The question is…which do you want to be? Do you want to be a hater? Or do you want to be a great example to the world? Now I am in a lot of fandoms and I love a lot of ships that have great opposition and there is hate on both sides. I would just like to say this to anyone who has received hate on whatever side of the fandom you are on. Do NOT let ANYONE stop you from having an opinion. EVER. That is your right. Do NOT let ANYONE get you down or make you feel guilty for liking a certain couple. Do NOT be afraid to express your opinion…but do NOT HATE. The minute you retaliate with hate, then you become just like the haters. So I ask you again…what type of person do you want to be? There will always be bitter people in this world, there will always be haters, and some of these people will never change…however a lot CAN and WILL. There is enough hate in this world already…it is so rife it’s awful. Look at the news…look at the REAL problems and the REAL hate and violence going on outside. Don’t you think it is petty, selfish and ridiculous to hate on people for a fictional TV Show? Because they like different couples than you? People, it’s time to be mature and for those of you who are not haters and who have never hated before….good on you and keep showing people the opposite to hate which is love. For those who are haters or who have hated in the past, it is never too late to stop hating. Some of you won’t, some of you will, but at the end of the day every decision you make, every time you comment or say something, whether nasty or nice, it is of YOUR choice. 

Simply put…HATING is bullying. Having an OPINION is A RIGHT. JUDGING someone when you do not know their heart is DANGEROUS. Think twice before you want to retaliate or just write something that is going to hurt people. Ask yourself this question…would you like someone to do or say that to you? 

So in conclusion, if we do not retaliate to hate, then haters cannot get what they want and in the end, you are showing the world what type of people you are and you are letting your light shine. DO NOT GIVE IN TO HATE OR RETALIATE WITH HATE. STAND OUT. BE DIFFERENT. BE A LIGHT FOR THE WORLD. DO NOT BE LIKE THE WORLD. DO NOT BE A HATER.


So if you receive hate………..