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Gajeel Thoughts About Levy
  • Gajeel: ugh. A fairy tail trash.
  • Gajeel: I have no use for this girl. *pin her to a tree*
  • Gajeel: Huh.. This girl is smart.
  • Gajeel: She is a shrimp, gehe
  • Gajeel: I will protect you even though I was the one who hurt you..
  • Gajeel: I will make sure you become S Class!
  • Gajeel: Levy, you can never leave my side.
  • Gajeel: Your iron taste bomb wtf
  • Gajeel: You need to be protected.
  • Gajeel: You are my air..
  • Gajeel: Let's go away for a year together.
  • Gajeel: You gave me something that I never thought I will give back. Love.
  • Gajeel: I picture a future with you, I'm gone now but I will always be with you, Levy.
Finally watched Emerald City and here are some incoherent thoughts on that

So many feels in this episode.

First of all: Lucas openly upset/mildly annoyed at Dorothy for not being more concerned about her safety because he’s literally caring for the both of them was too much.

And then that whole scene with the little girl. Who are you child??? I, too, would hug a handsome stranger upon sight, but who are you????

Also Lucas’s face was too good when Dorothy asked him to take off his clothes. Dude was probably like “I’d love to, but maybe not now???”

And don’t even get me started on the whole music.

Lucas’s reaction to music was too pure and sweet for this world. And the major heart eyes dorothy was giving him was too much (she is literally such a cinnamon roll)

And that kiss!!!! I love that this show didn’t go for the whole slow burn thing. They just went straight for it. And it was so sweet and simple. But so powerful especially with that song and then sharing ear buds. And Lucas openly saying that the moment they were sharing right then was more important to him than finding out about his past. Like his literal words just made me melt. I mean “the man I am right now is the man I want to be.” Like cmon.

And then all the snuggles were happening and they just looked so warm and together under his coat.

Ughhhhh. This ship wrecked me

  • NaLu: they're canon but theyre hella not because boy is a 400-year old guy whose bro is immortal and dad is a dragon while girl has dead parents and a dead future maybe let's just hope she holds out until they become canon in the END
  • Gruvia: stripper boy stops rain woman's rain and she becomes his fangirl. they live together for six months and taught each other how to strip and be fuckin adorable until he leaves assholishly and had like five affairs with his awful hipster cosplay complete with a transparent smartphone
  • Jerza: awkward outlaw guy tried to kill samurai girl in the past, but both gets over it. guy and girl meet again and trips over a rock and kinda kisses until awkward outlaw guy decided to be an asshole and tell samurai girl he has a fiancee
  • Gajevy: they joined the council wherein guy arrests everyone for existing and girl tries to stalk a loser squad without realizing that shes being the worst cosplayer ever
  • Miraxus: tsundere + yandere couple # 2 but girl prefers wiping dirt over stalking and boy is pretty much terrified of himself after becoming an ichiya
  • Baccana: a pair of drunkards, 1/2 of whom is a bitch queen of sass don't fuckin steal her panties or dadda will kill ya
  • ElfEver: big man plus sass bitch don't hella mess with us unless you're elfmans sister haha omg mira no we arent together haha... hahaha believe us
  • RoWen: natsUUUUUuuuuU
  • Chappy: tsun half cat with psychic powers slowly liking a blue weirdo kitty lolz
  • Fraxus: ahhHHhH honey bunnys laxus can i wash ur back affectionately
  • Renrry: I-it's not like I like you or anything! B-baka!
ridiculouslyromantic replied to your post “Dear Emy. I am drowning in my love for Gale Harold. What do I do?…”

I love this dork for so many reasons. I adore him. Is it weird that I want to hug him so bad? He’s just so adorable and he’s a brilliant actor. God I love him.

Nah, I don’t think so! I mean, how could you not want to hug this 6′2″ lovebug?

Plus, honestly, he’s been through a lot, is extremely talented, and has led a quiet, humble life, so I’ve got a lot of respect for him. He deserves all the hugs! <33


  • “How could you make the Redfox kid a boy?”

Why COULDN’T I? Why could I not choose to make a male fanchild of the Redfoxes to be a son full with a broken past and personality but is on his way to redeeming himself? How could I now create a flawed Ga-jevy son who is going to also love piercings as well as art and learns from Gajeel’s rebellious criminal days to walk in the path of the light again?
What is so wrong about Gale being a BOY? Because boys can’t do what girls do?

  • “I mean, if Gale was a girl … how could you make her a boy?”

Gale is NOT the MALE version of your Ga-jevy daughter fanchild. He was made a boy and I see ZERO problems with that.

  • “that’s just wrong to me.”

Need I seek your approval for my own characters?

  • “the redfoxes deserve a girl!!”

Yes, they do. I was secretly planning on adding a little daughter to the Redfox family as a surprise but this RUINED my excitement.
You might think that I may be overreacting here but I’ve been dealing with a lot of shit with my new gens people like you send me. They are not your characters. They were made and groomed by myself and many wonderful friends who dropped in their little headcanons of the newgen children which I incorporate as a tribute to my creative followers.

If you had phrased your mail in a different way, let’s say, “HEY LOOK AT ALL MY CUTE GAJEVY DAUGHTER HEADCANONS” would it not have been so much better? Please re-read this very mail that you sent me and reflect on yourself.

My newgen ships have been criticized, especially Nash x Reiki just because they’re gay. I’ve seen my newgen arts posted EVERYWHERE and some reposters actually had the audacity to RENAME my characters and roleplay them out of character with NO MENTION OF CREDIT at all. They stole my ideas and garner lots of followers with that theft.

I’ve seriously been trying to be nice and tolerant about this issue but this is the last straw.

DO NOT dictate what an artist should and should not do to her own FCs. If you tried investing so much into your own characters to share with people and end up with shit like this, you’d understand how I feel. Everyone has their own opinions and preferences when it comes to fanchildren of their ships. You can share your ideas, keep them to yourself or create this fanchildren. But you can’t go around beating down other artists’/writers’ ideas of their own fanchildren.

Show some respect. And now, may we have a little word from Gale:

otp feels excersices

Imagine your otp having a picnic on a beautiful day, where person a made person B’s favorite food and person b is loving it

Imagine your otp having an argument they are regretting

Imagine your otp about to kiss or having a moment only to have it interrupted

Imagine your otp confessing to each other

Angst: imagine the cannon scenario except one of them being killed immediately after

Depressed: person a of your otp visiting person B’s grave

Return to real life
Realize that the otp you have is fictional but still very real. Then go get cookies