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  1. Transferring to Dauntless
  2. Private Training Sessions
  3. I Love You ‘Til the Sun Dies
  4. I’ll Protect You
  5. Complimenting your Piercing
  6. Without You
  7. Comforting Eric after a Fight
  8. Cleaning Lady
  9. Sparring with Eric
  10. Sassing Eric Part 1 and Part 2
  11. Beating Him in a Fight
  12. The Proposal
  13. New Tattoo
  14. I’m Pregnant
  15. Badass Leader
  16. Four helping Eric
  17. Therapy Sessions
  18. Valentine’s Day
  19. Eric’s Tumor
  20. He Takes a Bullet for You
  21. Taking Care of You When You’re Pregnant
  22. Your kids transfer
  23. She’s Got You High
  24. Insecurities
  25. Coming out Part 1 and Part 2 (Not romantic but very fluffy!)
  26. Alcoholism
  27. Sick Eric
  28. PTSD
  29. Performer
  30. Withdrawal Doctor
  31. Attacked
  32. Comforting
  33. Special: Eric vs. Minho Crossover!
  34. Birthday Special!
  35. When You’re on Your Period
  36. Eric and the Stray Cat
  37. You’re Sick
  38. Getting high with him
  39. Love triangle: Eric and Four
  40. Eric taking your baby to work with him
  41. Assuring Eric that you’ll always be there for him
  42. Love Myself
  43. Your family doesn’t approve
  44. Nightmares
  45. Forced to share a room with him: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3
  46. Caught in the Rain
  47. Comforting Eric after his parent’s death
  48. Training session gets heated
  49. Pregnant during the war
  50. Not Knowing Much English
  51. Martial Artist
  52. Helping heal Eric
  53. Accidental matching tattoos
  54. The Dog who Protects
  55. Lessons of Love
  56. In Heaven with Eric
  57. Depression
  58. Let me in
  59. You Can’t Kill Him!
  60. How did I end up in your lap?
  61. Too noisy
  62. Playing pool
  63. Help me get dressed
  64. Eric x male!reader: Confessions
  65. Prince Charming
  66. Truce
  67. Weak but sassy
  68. Prince Eric (Halloween Special!)
  69. Keep you safe
  70. Pushed to the limit
  71. Little Brother
  72. Miscarriage


  1. Goofing Off with Him in Training
  2. Peter’s Crush
  3. Sassing Peter
  4. He sneaks into the infirmary to see you
  5. Taking care of you when you’re drunk
  6. Peter x Caleb BROTP
  7. Confessing he likes you
  8. The morning after
  9. Nightmare


  1. Proposing to Eric’s sister
  2. The Hideous Creature
  3. Tattoos and Surprises
  4. Zeke and Uriah Tease Him
  5. Comforting him (Warning: Allegiant Spoilers!)
  6. Pranking him
  7. You Get Injured and He proposes
  8. Love triangle: Eric and Four
  9. Meeting Marcus
  10. Four x Tris Pregnancy Announcement
  11. I’m Pregnant!
  13. Nightmare
  14. But you’re injured


  1. Proposing


  1. Happily Ever After
  2. Peter and Eric are crushing on you, but you like Uriah


  1. Peter x Caleb BROTP


  1. Oblivious Al


  1. Four x Tris Pregnancy Announcement

The Maze Runner:


  1. Jealous of the Greenie
  2. Special: Eric vs. Minho Crossover!


  1. Badass Bitch
  2. The Changing
  3. You’re a girl?


  1. Twins
  2. Caught singing
  3. Oblivious Love


  1. The Vegan
  2. Arguments and Confessions
  3. The Strange Girl
  4. Reunited
  5. Pregnant
  6. Impressing you at a bonfire
  7. High School Jealousy AU
  8. It’s not a boy?
  9. I hate my voice
  10. How we met
  11. Stay away from my man!


  1. Anonymous Letters

The Hunger Games:


  1. He saves you
  2. He falls for you on his victory tour
  3. Cato catches you sneaking into the gym
  4. I’m pregnant!
  5. Goodbye


  1. Your birthday
  2. Caught in the Woods
  3. A new beginning (MOCKINGJAY SPOILERSSSS)


  1. Capitol Surprise
  2. He Saves You

The Outsiders:


  1. Caught in the rain


  1. Trying to help Johnny and Ponyboy (Spoilers from the end of the book!!)


  1. Trying to help Johnny and Ponyboy (Spoilers from the end of the book!!)

Harry Potter:

Sirius Black

  1. Stupid Idea

Preferences (And Headcannons):


  1. On your period
  2. Cuddling
  3. Pregnancy Announcement
  4. Moving in Together
  5. Dating Peter would involve… (Headcannon)
  6. Dating Four Would Involve… (Headcannon)
  7. Dating Eric Would Involve… (Headcannon)

The Hunger Games:

  1. Dating Peeta would involve… (Headcannon)

The Maze Runner:

  1. Going on a roller coaster with the Gladers (Headcannon)
  2. A Baby in the Glade (Headcannon)


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Flug has to learn a lot about his new powers as a Dullahan~ The first thing is to summon his ‘horse’ but since he is a newbie and not that skilled, it turns out to be a black paper plane ❤ 

Flug named it Gale and it dislikes Black Hat~ So whenever he makes a dumb comment or treats Flug bad, Gale will not hesitate to fly into his eye~ (hehehe!) And since it comes back again every time he destroys it, there is nothing he can so~ 

Fairy Tail Theories : TODAY, 2 videos will be published to celebrate +6K subs! Mt Zonia, Gruvia,Jerza, Nalu, Gale, Zervis etc...

Mt Zonia Story - Angel white and black angel

Gruvia - Explanation : “So warm” is……

Where are Zeref and Mavis today?

Confirmation Theory Lucy True Author…!


Much revelations !!!! :D

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PART 1 : 1/2 

PART 1 : 2/2

I have more proof on Gajeel and Acnologia

Hey guys, I found more photos and hints/ spoilers that might (very likely) link our favorite dragon slayer to Acnologia. Here they are:

Here where we have to see Gajeels dark-side in the beginning, we can see the eerie likeness of the two as they beat down helpless/dead woman. Perhaps this is where Gajeel got his dark abusive streak, from Acnologia.

Both have a strange unique laugh! And side by side like this its like looking in a mirror…espeacially when both don’t have eyebrows! XD using peircings and tattoos to replace them like a boss.

Heres video for proof that Gajeel did say that!

SEE! He does say that in the anime! Plus all the other times he’s called her that and other nicknames involving her height! This just can’t be a coincidence, can it?!

I always wondered why gajeel was able to absorb shadows and recently dark particles, but here Acnologia just devoured one of Jellals magic spells, and he tells them that magic elements HAS NO EFFECT ON HIM! Maybe thats why gajeel can do what he can do! Genetics!

And thats all I have for this time! Hope you enjoyed, and once again, I can feel it in my bones that these two are connected. Either father and son, brothers, or maybe some kind of magic spell like Erza’s mother tried to do when she wanted a new body. Its very possible and I can’t wait to read more! And hopefully it means that well see more gajeel and levy!!!!