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Fairy Tail is ending?!

I just heard that apparently Fairy Tail might be ending and yes, i legit cried. 

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Like a lot

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Fairy Tail has been a massive part of my life for a long time now and  has helped me so much through my loneliness and depression. I have such an unreal connection to it and it’s my escape. So, if i have to say goodbye. I will re-watch every episode, re-read every chapter and every side story and do everything i can before i raise my hand to the sky. 

Cry. And remember the people who have changed the way i view the people in my life and taught me to never say no to an adventure. Thank you Fairy Tail. I will never forget you. 

Sword Art Online

Oh boy here we go. I’m probably gonna get a lot of flak for this but I love Sword Art Online. All of it.  I’d like to first say that I have not read the light novels, and this may the reason why I love the anime so much, but I’m poor and I’m not really an avid reader.

Putting that aside, lets get down to business. The first arc is the classic Aincrad arc. Here we are introduced to the world of SAO and the “If you die in the game you die in real life thing” 

Aincrad is and always be my favorite arc. I’m so glad this arc was the first one in the series because without it I probably wouldn’t like the show as much as I do. I especially love the little bit of romance that accompanies the main story line. (Say what you will but Kirito x Asuna with the addition of Yui is too adorable to hate.) 

The next arc is the Fairy Dance arc. This is the arc that everyone hates, and while it’s not my favorite I have to say that I feel that it’s necessary. People say that the Fairy Dance arc ruins the “strong female character” aspect of Asuna but that is dealt with later in the series. What I really love about this arc is that it kind of puts the “SAO is a harem” ideas to rest. This arc shows just how much Kirito cares about Asuna, and how far he is willing to go in order to stay by her side. Say what you will, but I liked it. 

Next up is Gun Gale Online. This arc focuses less on the original cast, and more on Kirito as an individual, as well as a new character (one of my favorites) named Sinon. This arc explores how Kirito was impacted by the SAO incident, and kind of serves as the redemption arc. However, this isn’t the main focus of the arc, and it loses a few points for that. The arc focuses more on how victims of PTSD are impacted in general.

This arc introduces Sinon, the badass sniper of GGO who wields a sniper rifle the only she can control. I love Sinon, her character is so interesting with the way she copes, and overcomes her PTSD, and how she and Kirito become best bros. The only thing I’m gonna say is bad about Sinon is that she deserved better. (Watch the arc and you’ll understand.) 

Last but not least, is the Mother’s Rosario arc. Whereas the last arc was all about Kirito, this arc is all about Asuna. This is the arc that I was talking about when I said that the strong female character aspect of Asuna is dealt with later in the series. I mean just look at this and try to tell me Asuna is just Kirito’s girlfriend nothing else.

This arc also introduces the Sleeping knights, and their leader Yuuki. I won’t say much about what happens between them, but I will say it’s sad, almost too sad. This arc is the only one that tugged at the heart strings and that’s why I like it so much. 

Sword Art Online will always be one of my favorites no matter how much hate it gets. 10/10 would full-dive again. 

Gajeel, Levy, & Warrod vs Bradman's

Here’s my version of Gajeel vs Bradman. Yes I know the English name is Bloodman but I refer to him as Bradman.



*open on Mt Zonia*

Brandman: *Pinned to a boulder by Gajeel’s iron pillars*

Gajeel: So you’re one of those Spriggans?


Gajeel: Well you just made me remember the worst thing I’ve ever done *small flashback to Levy*, and to make it worse *small flashback showing a crucified Rogue* you did it to Rios!

Brandman: Thou wishes to goad death? Then thou shall face a journey to the pitch black hell… *Body becomes anti magic barrier particles and slips through the iron*

Gajeel: That’s…!?

Bradman: Magic barrier particles, the sign of the first seal’s release.

*Bradman rushes at Gajeel, who pulls back slightly. Bradman throws a straight punch at Gajeel but it’s counter by Gajeel’s own punch*

Gajeel: *hops backwards to make some distance between him and Brandman*

*Bradman’s arm extends thanks to making the area of the arm between the wrist and shoulder into magic barrier particles and uses it to reach for Gajeel*

Gajeel: *bats away the particle arm with a swipe of his arm* Think that’ll work on me? I’ve been drowned in black water made of that crap! Plus with my magic, my lungs are iron!

Bradman: *arm returns to normal* Thy rage is intoxicating, I shall open an appropriate field for two damned souls to do battle! Second Seal open!

*Gajeel is caught up in an explosion of skulls that now cover the battlefield*

Gajeel: *Regains his footing* Iron Dragon’s Club!

*the iron club extends forward and hits Bradman in the face, however upon impact half of Bradman’s head becomes magic barrier particles and causes the club to pass through him*

Bradman: *Grabs onto the club and shoulder throws Gajeel*

Gajeel: *slams into a pile of skulls* Ugh…

*Gajeel is taken by surprise as Bradman makes both his arms extend by turning them to particles again to reach out and strangle Gajeel*

Gajeel: GAH! *Struggling to breath*

Bradman: A valiant effort, but the reaper shall claim your soul, whilst your body is added to this trove of bones!

Gajeel: Damn it…

Pantherlily: Gajeel!

*From no where Pantherlily enters the battlefield of skulls and cuts through the magic particle extended arms. Bradman no longer has a grip around Gajeel.*

Levy: Let me push him back! Solid Script: Shine!

Bradman: AAAH! *Is pushed back by the blinding light*

Gajeel: Levy! Lily! What are you doing?

Warrod: They’re here to fight along side you, Gajeel.

Gajeel: Wait, your that 4th wizard saint guy who told me to become a rune knight!

Warrod: I suppose I am…

Gajeel: Well thanks- Levy! This guy has magic barrier particles!

Levy: *turns to show off her solid script: mask* Don’t worry we came prepared!

Pantherlily: *points at his mask* Mmm hmm!

Gajeel: That’s good-WAIT-what about you tree man?

Warrod: I can just use my green magic to make my body take in carbon dioxide so I can breathe. Now lets show this reaper the punishment for endangering Ishgar!

Bradman: *Body reforming and surrounded in black aura* The first seal was released causing magic barrier particles to bring death to living, the second seal was released taking the damned to the gates of the underworld, and finally with the release of the third seal, the gates of the underworld are opened, fear the might of Tartaros! *Body transforms losing all its armoring*

Levy: Tartaros!

Warrod: *sticks his fingers in the ground* Grow!

*From the ground comes a sudden overgrowth of large roots come and wash over Bradman in a wave like fashion*

Bradman: Exploding Spiral!

*The newly grown forestation is suddenly destroyed, breaking off into pieces and becoming charred by an explosion in the form of a spiral*

Warrod: *pushed back by the blast*

Gajeel: *while blown back is able to regain his bearings*

Bradman: *Lifts his left arm up and swings it in an outwards manner, sending slashes in a cross shaped formation at Gajeel* Onimaru!

*The slashes travel at extreme speed, however upon connection the only damage it to Gajeel’s now torn up jacket*

*To protect himself, Gajeel had turned his body into iron, thanks to the iron dragon’s scales, before the Onimaru hit him*

Levy: *regains her bearings*  Got to get his attention… *places her hand on the ground* Solid Script: Air!

*Levy use multiple solid script: air to create lift and propel her into the air*

Bradman: *slightly widens one of his eyes* So thy maiden hath taken to the skies. But she shan’t escape the reaper! *Holds out one of his arms as wind begins to whirl around his hand* Cyclone!

*The whirling wind is launched and takes the form of a tornado.*

Levy: Try this, solid script: vacuum!

*The word vacuum form in front of Levy. The tornado hits it with great force but thanks to the nature of the solid script, the tornado dissipates*

Levy: *smiles*

Bradman: What!? *Turns his head to see Gajeel running at him*

Gajeel: *while running takes in a large breath*

Bradman: *Begins to inhale*

Gajeel: Iron Dragon’s Roar!

Bradman: Ice Devil’s Rage!

*Bradman is able to counter attack Gajeel breath attack perfectly*

Bradman: Heh heh! It has been too long since I could fight to mine heart’s desire!

Pantherlily: *appears behind Bradman with his sword held high* YAHHH!

Bradman: *not paying Lily a glance, extends his index finger causing multiple briars to spring up and pierce through Lily*

Pantherlily: GAH!

Gajeel: Lily! *Lunges at Bradman and turns his arm into another Iron Dragon’s Club*

*The club passes through Bradman’s right abdomen with ease. But Gajeel quickly alters the club from its original state to iron dragon’s sword. With the extended length, Gajeel is able to swing the sword and cut Lily out of the briars*

Gajeel: *Retracts the sword*

Bradman: Even on the pathway to hell, thou will still jeopardize himself! Enhancement! *Begins to glow green*

Bradman: *With greater speed than previously seen, he instantly closes the distance between him and Gajeel* *Thrusts an open palmed hand* Impact!

*An isolated earthquake is made and Gajeel falls to the ground. Due to the enhancement, the all ready powerful earthquake has now caused Gajeel’s Iron Dragon Scales to crack and break*

Gajeel: *laying on the ground in shell shock as his scales break off* Damn..!

Bradman: Well it seems thou art unable to stand… *Raises his hands* Then it is Alvarez who shall claim this day as a victorious! Tenchi Kaime!

*A wave of black water is summoned and the huge tide looks to engulf the battlefield*

Gajeel: Not again!

*The wave floods the field but Levy stands tall*

Levy: Solid Script: Hole!

*The black water begins to drain from the battlefield*

Bradman: *Jumps at Levy* Pest!

*Bradman delivers a straight punch, however Levy jumps backwards causing the incoming fist to punch the ground*

Bradman: Stand still and accept judgement! *winds up for another punch but this time when he swings, his punch collides with a rapidly grown, thick, full grown tree*

*Bradman turns to see Warrod who’s sticking his hand in the ground and was the source of the brand new tree.*

Bradman: *Goes after Warrod*

Warrod: Come on!

*Bradman gets close to Warrod but then several roots come from the ground and wrap around Bradman*

Bradman: How foolish… Inferno! *Emits a large amount of flames from his body that burn away the roots and send Warrod back slightly*

Warrod: Foolish? *clenches fists* As fourth wizard saint, it’s my duty to use all my power to push back a menace like you! *opens his hands, releasing spores* Grow Spore!

*Plant life explodes from the tiny green spores. These bursting plants push Bradman back*

*Bradman takes a look at his surroundings and finds both Gajeel and Levy on opposite sides of him*

Gajeel: Iron Dragon’s Lance: Demon Logs! *In rapid succession fires off multiple spear heads*

Levy: *Swipes her right arm* Solid Script: Scatter! *Swipes her left arm* Solid Script: Fire! *The fire is blasted into the scatter and from the scatter comes small bullet-like flames*

*With these two oncoming attacks, Bradman holds his arms out to his sides and summons walls of ice to protect himself*

*As the rapid fire projectile cease, the ice walls are then expanded forward in a linear fashion. The ice then knocks both fairy tail mages back*

Gajeel: *Quickly regains his footing and readies to charge at Bradman* GAAH! *His left abdomen is pierced by a thin thorny vine that shot out from the ground.*

Bradman: Upon this bed skulls thou shall lie. *Punches forward*

*As the punch is being thrown, a tree sprouts underneath Gajeel, bending and flowing away from Bradman’s strike*

Warrod: *Wheezing* So… Hope you didn’t forget about me…

Bradman: Heh… *extends his index finger upwards* *creates multiple large thorny vines that swirl towards Warrod*

Warrod: *Holds out both arms, with open palms, and crosses over his wrists* *From the ground comes many large trees that bend and flow towards Bradman*

*The vines and trees collide and are locked in a stalemate*

Warrod: *Focusing his magic* He’s so strong! I can’t push it back!

Bradman: *sneering*

Warrod: *looks at his foot and then channels magic into it. His foot then becomes like roots and enters the ground.*

*From underneath Bradman, several small trees instantly sprout and blast Bradman into the air with immense force. Then from the smaller trees comes two large trees that bend and rotate around Brandman in the shape of a double helix. The two trees then come together, crushing Bradman between them.*

Warrod: *Wheezing* That won’t hold him… *Retracts his foot from the earth*

*The top of the bond tree explodes, revealing Bradman*

Bradman: Thou shall feel wrath that falls from the heavenly! *With his index and middle finger extended, he raises his arm in a throwing motion* Thunderbolt!

Warrod: *Is enveloped in a sphere of lighting* AAAAAHH!! *collapses*

Gajeel: 4th wizard saint!

Bradman: It seems even one bearing The title of “four gods of Ishgar” is not immune to falling at the hands of death!

*Bradman is soon hit by a solid script: iron but due to his body made of anti magic particles the iron goes through his body*

*Turning Bradman sees Levy who used Solid Script: Catapult and is using Solid Script: Iron as ammunition.

Levy: Did you forget that I’m still here?! *Makes another Solid Script: Iron and launches it at Bradman*

Bradman: *Turns the his abdomen and everything below it into freely moving, shapeless anti magic particles and flies at Levy*

*The iron is continuously launched at Bradman which keeps passing through with his anti magic body*

Levy: *Begins losing her breath and isn’t making Iron as fast as she could*

Bradman: *Makes it to the ground and reforms his lower body* *Thrusts an open palmed hand* Impact.

Levy: *is hit by the isolated earthquake. Her solid script: mask breaks and she falls to ground*

Gajeel: Levy! *Gets off the ground* Iron Dragon’s Lance!

*Gajeel’s leg turns into a long metal pole that rushes at Bradman. The attack is caught by Bradman who wraps both his arms around the lance, then with his strength, whips Gajeel around in a circular motion, smashing his body into a mound of skulls*

Gajeel: *Grips the ground and swipes the leg with the lance up.*

*The lance is lifted up with enough force to rip out of Bradman’s grasp, then is retracted back to restore Gajeel’s leg to normal*

Gajeel: *Stands up and claps his hands together above of his head creating a gigantic iron sword* Take this you bastard! *Swipes the sword down* Karma Demon: Iron God Sword!

*The sword destroys a large area in front of Gajeel, however it wasn’t able to destroy Bradman. The right half of Bradman’s body is in its shapeless and free flowing state trying to reassemble*

Gajeel: *Runs to Levy* Levy, are you okay? Your mask-

Levy: It wasn’t working all that well anyway…

Gajeel: Then why did you come here?!

Levy: I wanted to help you…

Bradman: *body has finished reforming* Aww, the youthful flower of love… I shall be merciful and allow you two souls to enter the underworld together.

Gajeel: *Sweats slightly but then runs at Bradman* Don’t worry Levy! I’ll finish this Spriggan off fast and then we can go home! Iron Dragon’s sword!

*As Gajeel charges, his arm becomes a large iron sword*

Bradman: *crosses his arms and swings them outwards* Juzumaru! *A large shockwave is created*

Gajeel: *Holds his sword up in front of him*

*The shockwave pushes Gajeel back and gives him several cuts but doesn’t damage his iron dragon’s sword*

Gajeel: *Continues charging and swings his sword at Bradman*

*The sword is stopped by a wall of floating skulls. The skulls then have the explosion curse mark on them. The wall explodes completely knocking back Gajeel*

Gajeel: Ugh… *has a small flash back to him not having a cat and Wendy getting dragon force.* *Grits his teeth and stands up*

Bradman: *Holds his left arm out in front of him. Extends his left middle and index fingers and swings his left arm outwards to his left side*

*A large thorny vine comes from the ground and scraps Gajeel’s face and has enough force to knock him to the ground*

Gajeel: As far back as I can remember, I was the one always falling behind…

Bradman: This fight is over! Now. Thou shall be swallowed up by this sea of skulls and swept through the gates of hades! Over Skelter!

*All the Skulls on the field begin to move, lifting Gajeel, Levy, Warrod, and Pantherlily. The four are consumed in a pool of skulls that begins to be pulled into a ghostly hole made of anti magic particles.*

Gajeel: *Trying to break free* Not good! *Sees Levy, Warrod, and Lily being swept away* It was beyond frustrating… And so damn pathetic… That it made me want to run away in shame…

*Gajeel breaks free of the pool and stands in front of the anti magic particles*

Gajeel: But Y'know… I don’t give a shit about any of that anymore! As long as I can keep the woman I love safe, nothin’ else matters!

*Gajeel eats all the anti magic barrier particles*

Bradman: Preposterous! He willingly ingests the magic barrier particles?

Levy: No… Gajeel…

Gajeel: It doesn’t matter if it’s magic or anti magic… it’s still ethernano and ethernano contains iron!

*Veins blug from Gajeel as scales begin to appear on his body. His body then begins to turn into jet black iron as light green energy pours from his body*

Bradman: This power… This is the mythical dragon force…?!

*Gajeel rushes at Bradman*

Bradman: Ha! Fool! Mine splendid body is still made of anti magic particles!

*Gajeel strikes Bradman in his left pectoral. Bradman reals backwards in pain*

Bradman: Gah! How?!

Gajeel: You must not know that we Dragon slayers are able to use what we eat to make us stronger. Your body is made of anti magic particles, isn’t it? Well now my iron’s incorporating the same stuff in it, guessin’ you aren’t immune to that.

*Gajeel kicks Bradman knocking him backwards*

Bradman: Arrgh! *Sees Gajeel heading at him* I shan’t accept this! Enhancement! *Glows green* *brings his arm behind him while gathering energy, and consequently swings his other arm forward, swiping it in the direction of Gajeel* Exploding Spiral!

*A ginormous explosion spiral shaped explosion is created, covering the entire area in front of Bradman*

Gajeel: *Leaps out of the explosion* Iron Dragon’s Club!

*Both of Gajeel’s arms transform into clubs that extend out and strike Bradman in the chest with immense force*

Bradman: *Trusts out an open palmed right hand*

*Bradman’s gesture causes the skulls on the ground to launch themselves at Gajeel a rapid speed*

Gajeel: *takes the skulls head on* Think this’ll stop me! *Punches through the skulls, clearing his path*

Bradman: Connection! *His arm that was trust out now extends forward, latching on to Gajeel’s chest and “connecting* with his body* If thou soul shall not fall to the underworld, then I shall absorb it!

*Gajeels body begins to be drained of its magic power*

Bradman: Ha! This is the end! Huh?

Gajeel: *Grabs Bradman’s extended arm with his right hand. Raises other his left arm up and turns it into a sword.*

*Gajeel swipes the sword down and with it he cuts off Bradman’s right arm. This severs the connection and stops the absorption*

Bradman: I shall not fall to a whelp such as you! Cyclone! *Left Arm becomes coated in a tornado*

*Gajeel charges at Bradman while readying a punch, Bradman pulls his arm back to throw his punch. The two throw their punches and upon collision, a massive amount of force is exuded. But the force of Gajeel’s strike is stronger and completely destroys Bradman’s tornado cloaked arm*

Gajeel: I said I was bringing Levy home! That’s what I’m going to do!

Warrod: This boy’s power… It’s amazing!

Levy: *tears filling her eyes* Gajeel…

*Gajeel swings his arm for a downwards punch but Bradman makes his lower body become free flowing particles allowing him to slide away from the punch*

Gajeel: *Notices Bradman’s sudden movement an grits his teeth*

Bradman: *inhales* Ice Devil’s-

*Bradman is interrupted as Gajeel grabs him by his neck and pushes him to the ground*

Bradman: How can this be…!?

Gajeel: Black steel.

Bradman: Ehh?

Gajeel: Remember that name in the underworld.

Bradman: *Eyes widen*

Gajeel: Iron Dragon’s Roar!!

*Gajeel fires a black version of his usual roar that strikes Bradman point blank, disintegrating Bradman and destroying most the area around him*

Gajeel: *Falls back*

Levy: *Runs to Gajeel’s side* Are you crazy!? Don’t you remember what that stuff fid to Laxus?!

Gajeel: I'll… manage…

Levy: No! Don’t you see that from the amount of anti magic particles you absorbed you might not have more than 10 years left of a life span!

Gajeel: I don’t care…

Gajeel: I was the worst kind of scum before I met you. I don’t care if I only have 10 years, 1 year, or 10 months, as long as I got to protect you and that I could see your smile at the end of this war… That’s worth a lifetime to me…

Levy: *starts crying*

Warrod: *Gets to his feet* Hmm, this is the strength of dragons… With a heart like yours, Gajeel… There’s no future that isn’t bright for you…