A-WA - Habib Galbi / حبيب قلبي

“A-WA (pronounced Ay-wa) is a band formed by 3 [Jewish] sisters: Tair, Liron & Tagel Haim. who grew up in the small desert village of ‘Shaharut’ in the southern Israeli Arava Valley.
With unique magical voices and lots of natural groove, the sisters combine Yemenite folk singing with electronic dance music.
These days, the intriguing debut album of A-WA, produced by Tomer Yosef (from Balkan Beat Box) is at its final stage and should be released sometime this year.
The album contains love and protest songs of women in the Yemeni-Arabic dialect, that were passed on as an oral tradition and were first recorded in the early 60’s by the Yemeni singer-songwriter Shlomo Moga'a.
The original combination of timeless Yemenite folk songs that the sisters grew up on with the modern approach of electronic beats & grooves gave rise to an exciting show with a refreshing new sound.” < source >

Gifset by Od-Avinu-Chai

Lyrics are as follows:

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Come ti sistemo la Grecia

“L’Europa si vergogni ha ricattato la Grecia e l’ha resa disperata” L’INTERVISTA/L’ECONOMISTA JAMES GALBRAITH

«Il piano approvato con tanta fanfara è una vergogna per l’Europa e per l’intera comunità internazionale ». L’irritazione di James Galbraith, economista dell’università del Texas, supera ogni immaginazione. «Leggete il documento approvato. E’ una menzogna fin dalla prima riga: “La Grecia – c’è scritto – ha chiesto aiuto ai suoi partner europei per risolvere i suoi problemi“. Niente di più falso. La Grecia è stata ricattata, spinta alla disperazione e poi costretta ad approvare un piano del genere, che va contro il volere del suo popolo espresso col referendum».

Professore, non le sembrano un po’ forti, per usare un eufemismo, questi giudizi?

«Macché. Lo scopo, quasi dichiarato, della Germania e del potere costituito in Europa, era dimostrare che non c’è alternativa alla linea politico- economica prevalente, e che nessun Paese si può permettere di deviare perché viene schiacciato. Era sbarazzarsi di Syriza, e forse ci sono riusciti. Ma, la prego, continui a scorrere con me il documento…».

Andiamo avanti, allora.
«Stiamo sempre sulle prime righe. C’è scritto che l’accordo servirà per ritrovare la crescita, per creare posti di lavoro, per ridurre le disuguaglianze e scongiurare i pericolo di instabilità finanziaria. Sono sconcertato. I risultati saranno esattamente l’opposto. Rilegga punto per punto e s’immagini il risultato opposto. La crescita sarà abbattuta, il lavoro diminuirà, le diseguaglianze si accentueranno, eccetera ».

Però come negare che l’instabilità della Grecia costituisca un problema?
«Ma certo. Però il modo per risolverlo era tutt’altro. Lo sanno tutti: andava finanziato un grande piano di investimenti in Grecia senza inseguire una solidità fiscale che comunque era perduta, solo allora si poteva pensare alla crescita. Ora tutto diventa più difficile. Ma l’ha letto il paragrafo successivo?

«Legga con me. Il successo del piano richiederà “ ownership” delle misure da parte del governo greco. Vuol dire che Atene sarà padrona delle sue azioni e le deciderà liberamente. “Il governo perciò è pronto a prendere tutte le misure che riterrà opportune a seconda delle circostanze”. Quale menzogna. Per colmo d’ironia poche righe più sotto c’è scritto: “Il governo si impegna a consultarsi e concordare con l’Ue, l’Fmi e la Bce tutte le azioni rilevanti”. Eccola qui, la verità: a comandare sarà la Troika».

Perché Tsipras ha accettato?
«Perché non aveva scelta. Voleva tenere la Grecia nell’euro ma era ricattato dalla Bce che minacciava di confiscare tutti i risparmi bancari e lasciare il Paese sul lastrico».

Repubblica 15 agosto 2015

A big thank you to Nate Galbraith of natesketch for increasing the exposure of my blog by drawing some amazing fan art! Check out his work! Thanks Nate and I love your versions of the originals. Cheers!

Random Recommendation: Cormoran Strike by Robert Galbraith (The Cuckoo’s Calling, The Silkworm, Career of Evil, plus more to come)

“The buzz in the street was like the humming of flies. Photographers stood massed behind barriers patrolled by police, their long-snouted cameras poised, their breath rising like steam.”

Why? The first two Strike books have been thoroughly entertaining, with exciting mysteries, compelling characters, and wonderful writing (it is JK Rowling, after all). I can’t wait for more of this series!


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putyouinabook replied to your post:Team Can’t-Stand-Harry…

Have you read Harry Potter? I have several friends who said they were surprised by how good the books are, so I’m considering reading them. What’s this Comoran Strike you speak of???

Right, here’s the thing. I’ve read the Harry Potter books, all seven. I tried very hard to like them. I wanted to like them. I don’t, at all. The word “loathe” would not be too strong. Somehow I am immune to whatever magic keeps everyone else flipping pages. (Even most people who object to them on moral or religious grounds tend to think they’re all the more insidious for being bright, entertaining and engaging; I can’t give them that. I think they’re clunkers.)

Although I have a million reasons for feeling the way I do and could go off on a rant at the slightest provocation which would probably lose me all my friends, the fact is that I’m an extreme minority case. People with brilliant minds and great tastes in literature adore these books and have good reasons to and I don’t begrudge them that a bit. It’s an immunity, like I said, or an allergy. It’s one of those unaccountable glitches in the Matrix that leads me to go, “Wow, this series you all talk of about friendship and coming of age and the trauma of war sounds amazing and I really wish it was the same one I read because the universe keeps tricking me by handing me these cheap knockoffs.” I imagine plenty of people feel much the same way when they see me starry-eyed and babbling on about Narnia.

But here’s another twist in the tale: the Cormoran Strike series? Those two detective novels J.K. Rowling published under a pseudonym, shortly to be followed by a third, and yes, I know the release date and await it eagerly? I dig them. I really like them. And I don’t even have some excuse like the characters are better or anything, because they’re really not. They’re a cliché troubled detective guy and his even more cliché starstruck secretary having the most eye-rollingly cliché long-drawn-out-romance storyline of all time, and I really like them. I find them (dare I say it? That word I had so often cringed to hear reviewers append to Rowling?) witty. What’s going on here? Is this Robert Galbraith really J.K. Rowling? Is Rowling’s voice better-suited to detectives than to wizards, or do I just care more about detectives? Did she simply get a better editor? (I suspect so; there’s suddenly a smoothness to that prose style which I had previously found grating, and a voice that’s recognizably and uniquely Rowling’s is turning out sentences I genuinely love to follow with my eyes, even if she does still do dumb things like use the word “curvaceous” to describe more than one minor character or have everyone say things “coldly” every time there’s an atom of tension in the atmosphere.)

TL;DR the only thing weirder than the fact that I’m not a Rowling fan is the fact that I am a Galbraith fan. My only love sprung from my only hate.