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White ink stick and poke tattoo of Ursa Major and Ursa Minor


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Nerdcup and Punkcup by @oh–you–pretty–things 

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Ghost Galaxy by Justin Brown
Via Flickr:
I found this one while I was looking through some of my old Disneyland photos. Ghost Galaxy is probably my least favorite of the holiday overlays, it really doesn’t do much to make me like Space Mountain more. I like the ride to begin with, and the additions just feel kind of gimmicky, especially compared with what a good job they do on the Haunted Mansion overlay.


The light kisses you gently
& I come to the sudden realization
that angels exist on earth. That one
is standing right before me.
& miracles dwell in the ripples of
your bruised muscles. They are
not as elusive as we believed.
& it seems like wings are hidden
behind your scapulas. I have
witnessed them shifting before.

When you open up your veins
you bleed dreams so vivid that
they become real. Nostradamus boy,
you are the stuff of prophecies.
Ten years from now astronomers
will theosophize about the stardust
in your bones & how proud they would be
to see that you became an entire galaxy.

I have seen the world within
your laughter lines. They remind
me of why I fell in love with
eyes crinkled around the corners,
dimples pressed into soft cheeks,
& the sound of your heart singing.

You are more devastating
than anything I have ever known.
No part of me is untouched
by your heavenly fire & love
has burned out of my bones
until only your name is left
singed across my heart.

he is always on the other side of your heartbeat.
a persistence, a pestilence.
the walls in your chest rotting away.
the walls in your chest peeling.
a panic.
he is not allowed to get his golden hands around your heart.
he is not allowed-

that first night, black thread unspooling at your touch.
that first night, hounds.
he is not a body, but he is a boy.
he is your boy.

time unravels in your fingers and you take each moment apart with your teeth.
chew, swallow.
do not think about how much longer.
do not think.

the howling won’t quiet, time keeps forcing itself through your lips.
you stick your fingers in your ears.
you stick your fingers down your throat.

time spills from your mouth- blueberries, mint, honey, orange sunsets, the entire night sky.

take it back, you scream.
take it all back, let me start over.
it wasn’t enough.
it wasn’t enough.

he will go softly into the dark.
he will go softly and

that’s all there is.

—  MORIBUND, kat excelsors
Things to say when in love
i. I want to make you a planet.
ii. I will put the galaxy in your hair.
iii. Your kisses are a mouthful of firewater.
iv. I have never seen a more beautiful horizon than when you close your eyes.
v. I have never seen a more beautiful dawn than when you open your eyes.
—  Tapiwa Mugabe, Zimbabwe

[MONSTER] Red King.

Japanese name: レッドキング
Romanized name: Reddo Kingu

Alignment: Varies by continuity
Type: Ultra Kaiju
Inspiration: Dinosaur, King Kong
Status: Varies by continuity.

From: Ultraman, The Ultraman, Ultraman 80Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero, Ultraman Max, Ultraman MebiusUltra Galaxy Mega Monster BattleUltra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey, Ultra Zero Fight, Ultraman Ginga S


  • Red King’s growl is a combination of Godzilla and Gaira sound effects.
  • The original Red King costume in Ultraman was modified to become Aboras’ suit. In the same series, the Aboras suit was changed back to resemble Red King. Its limbs became the arms and legs on Zetton’s suit.
  • The Red King seen in The Ultraman anime could expel purple fire. Its roar was an altered Kamacuras sound.
  • In Ultra Zero Fight, it was called “The Red King.”
  • In Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero, there was a Powered Red King. It had a female mate, which was tan in color.
  • Red King first evolved into EX Red King in the Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth game.
  • Red King unofficially acted as a good monster in the last episode of Never Ending Odyssey. Red King would not be seen as a hero monster again until Ultraman Ginga.


Okay so the whole headband headcanon got mixed with the crystalline vertebrae thing and just got slapped into the waterfall shower thing and made this unholy offspring I hope you enjoy :D

(Because I don’t think either of us have ever explained this to the masses: the headcanon goes that because of the early events in Trust, Rubes is super uncomfortable being naked and always keeps at least their headband on. The vertebrae excellence is all Leonarajourney’s idea, and the waterfall thing is from Trial.)

Blackhole Hiccup from an Alien!Au Kit-Replica and I are creating. The Au is Hijack based to explain the tagging. The lines were done by the wonderful Kit and the coloring/shading/etc done by me.

I’M FINALLY DONE WITH THIS BADBOY!SEOKJIN FANART!!1! I hope you guys like it! I’m still trying to art so any helpful criticisms and advice would be great! ♡ || Drawn on my Galaxy Note III using Infinite Painter~