I am reminded that this mess that racists and Nazis and their sympathizers are creating of the American Experiment is an opportunity to rise to the occasion. Never Give Up. Never Surrender. #galaxyquest #remindingmyself

Suicide or crawling into a bottle sound real good right now. But fuck these guys. I’m gonna live and dance on their damn graves.


The trailer for Galaxy Quest… in HD!


you could write a fucking novel about the sheer breadth of scooby doo mystery incorporated’ reverence and homages to nearly every kind of horror or supernatural fiction that exists

it’s got Cthulhu, war of the gargantuas, alien, the shining, watchmen, the X-files, twin peaks, the hills have eyes, close encounters of the third kind, john carpenter, hellraiser, the cabinet of Doctor caligari, labyrinth, gremlins, fucking higurashi: when they cry, fucking galaxyquest, and even fucking Saw, not to mention the absolute WEALTH of references to past iterations of scooby doo and the entire hanna barbera library

and that’s not even to mention the integration of real world conspiracy theories, cryptids, and other unexplained spooky shit

I just. I really fucking love mystery incorporated, it’s such a good show, please watch it

and johnny quest shows up in it so it’s technically canon to the venture bros.