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There's an instagram meme going around, but I can't seem to find the base for it- or at least the site to generate a fake/meme like instagram for my muse. Could you guys help me out?




@roxiestheme | @acuite | @magnusthemes | @mariesthemes | @solitudethemes | @wonderfullythemes | @themesources | @theme-hunter | @themesbysofia | @themehunters@themesbyflorels | @aesthemes | @neonbikethemes | @bychloethemes | @vortexthemes | @bravethemes | @shythemes | @skyrimthemes | @kgthemes

gifs in psd (for edit):

@coloraregifs | @colorgifs | @lotusgifs | @autumngifs | @savingifs

resources (psd’s, actions, templates, etc…):

@itscolour | @l-agallerrie | @psdhampirs | @sixcoloring | @yeahsource  | @samepsd | @damepastel | @selenapastel | @collinspastel | @psprada | @royalscolor | @royalepsds | @palecolorful | @shipcoloring | @colorfulps | @coloring-psd | @colorarepsd | @birdysources | @redsource | @flamepsd | @nothingps | @revivalpsds | @troyepastel | @photographps | @captaincoloring | @colognepastel | @pswonderland | @floydcolorings | @lewispastel | @cabaretpsds | @crapcoloring | @remondpsds | @stipslerie | @aboutcolorings | @ciaracoloring | @holmespastel | @ameriepsds | @galaxyps | @luvsourcers | @bluecoloring | @impalasources | @cheriecoloring | @kpop-colorings | @akaresources | @re-resources | @arabellasources | @wasirauhlpsds | @delacourpsds


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Can you recommend some psds?

ofc i can, cause even though i do mostly make my own, there’s a few that out there that i love! i have a lot more but these are the main ones i use if i can’t be bothered to make my own (which is mostly all the time tbh)!

i. this one by l-agallerrie
ii. this one by colorme-blue
iii. this one by galaxyps
iv. this one and this one by wasirauhlpsds
v. anything else by wasirauhlpsds
vi. this one by gallifreyps
vii. this one and this one by selenapastel
viii. this one and this one by rencissance
ix. this one by psdhampirs
x. this one by vannilapsds


duchesscambridges’ follow forever!

So, I remembered that I needed to still do my 2016 Follow Forever…. well, here it is (lol)! Here are my favourite blogs ever & I love you all! Thank you so much for being my friends & fellow bloggers! Those in bold have an extra special place in my heart! Love you, guys❤

a-c: @anythingandeverythingroyals, @ahappyroyalist@allthingscatherine, @acuite, @astraeawrites@bernadottewindsor, @bernadotteroyals, @cambridgeinspiration, @cambridgedom, @catherinemiddletonmafia, @cathcambridge, @catherinemidletons, @catherinemiddletonus-blog, @claireofluxembourg.

d-f: @duchessofostergotlands, @duchakaladydiana, @duchesskatemidd, @duchesscatherine-news, @duchesskatethegreat, @duchesskatemafia, @everythingroyalty, @europesroyals, @estelleisnotamused, @flawlesscatherine, @fuckyeahaaronrodgers, @fanofcatherine.

g-i: @georgeslays, @galaxyps, @gracefullycatherine, @harryandthecambridges, @harrrywales, @hrhtheduchessofclarence, @henry-wales, @hrh-wales, @hrhprincesssofia, @ilovethebritishroyals, @ifreakingloveroyals, @investigationdiscovery.

j-l: @jojolevesque, @johnabradley, @jacksdawsn, @katemiddletons, @killiamkween, @katemids, @katetheduchess, @kates-middleton, @kmiddletons, @lovelydianaprincessofwales, @lovelyprincessdiana.

m-o: @markstewartphotographyltd, @middletonlove, @middletonroyalty, @mymrharrywales, @mrharrywales, @maddeoneills, @middletonhellqvist, @mr-mrswales, @mrharrywales@ofprincessesandqueens, @onemoreblogaboutroyals, @oneillsofsweden.

p-r: @princesscharlottes, @princeharrygifs, @princegeorgealexanderlouis, @passionatelyroyal, @pippamiddleton, @princessestelles, @princesssofiamafia, @queenletiziaofspain, @queenestelleofsassden, @royalwatcher, @ravishingtheroyals, @royalsofbritain, @reignscreencaps.

s-u: @selenaisfallingnaturally, @sassycambridges, @swedishmonarchy, @swedishroyalhousemafia, @swedens-princess, @swedishroyals, @sofihellqvist, @sofiahellqvist, @simply-princess-diana, @theinnerduchessofkatemiddleton, @theduchesscambridge, @thecambridgees, @theroyalsandi, @theroyalweekly, @theroyalwindsors, @universallyroyals.

v-z: @verymuchkate, @whatwouldcatherinewear, @wills-and-kate, @willandkatefan, @willandkatedaily, @willandkateandallthatsgreat, @yetanotherroyalblog


Hello, this post contains: tumblr of psds, resources, icons, themes, and more, please like or reblog if help you. 😊💗

  • 🌸 tumblr’s of colorings/psds 🌸

@selenapastel / @vannilapsds / @artjunkpsds / @artcolorings / @hipstacoloring / @halecoloring / @opulencepsds / @l-ecoulor / @mathpsd / @chanelcolors / @sixcoloring / @stipslerie / @patsycolor / @wasirauhlpsds / @sistaroundpsds / @califourniapsds / @itscolour / @thatscoloring / @remondpsds / @caps-color / @cabaretpsds / @arescoloring / @crapcoloring / @photoshopastel / @dnacoloring / @severuspastel / @halseycoloring / @rollpsds / @royalscolor / @queencoloring / @alphacolorize / @aftercolorings / @americapsds / @ameriepsds / @yescoloring / @trashpsds / @troyepastel / @hue-colors / @flamepsd / @kpop-colorings / @bluecoloring / @honeycoloring / @psdlixo / @psdhampirs / @aescoloring / @oncecoloring / @favepsds / @rainbowcolorings / @abelscoloring / @chanelcolors / @xcoloringx / @redsource / @wincolorings / @lefues / @caps-color / @capturegallery

  • 🌸 tumblr’s of resources for photoshop 🌸

@l-agallerrie / @pswonderland / @psperfect / @stratfordps / @galaxyps / @galleryps / @yeahsource / @birdysources / @arabellasources / @luvsourcers / @madeinps / @nothingps / @photowshop / @stucksource / @photoshopastel / @photoshopdeluxe / @dokinps / @opulenceps / @opulenceresources / @snowps / @beatphotoshop / @ohmyps / @petitps / @fckingphotoshop / @blacksources / @wolfsoucers / @ladiephotoshop / @auditoreps / @winteresourses / @ironcollection / @artdotcode / @domainps

  • 🌸 tumblr’s of reblog resources 🌸

@resourceme / @yeahps / @itsphotoshop / @completeresources / @fuckingphotoshop / @photoshopbabe / @reblogresources / @reblog-resources / @reblogfi / @reblogavel / @sourcesx / @xxphotoshop / @runawayps / @wintereblog / @favereblog

  • 🌸 tumblr’s of lockscreens 🌸

@yeahlocks / @baelockscreens / @lock-screens / @lockscreens-homescreens / @xlocks / @xlockscreens / @xxlockstuff / @ladiescreens / @lockscreenajas / @xlockscreennsx / @xlockscreenssx / @wantedscreens / @screenpastel / @luckscreens / @cloudscreens 

  • 🌸 tumblr’s of stuff/icons twitter 🌸

@iconsflow / @iconsmafiaa / @iconshey / @iconselenita / @iconst / @ibesticons / @twilixo / @twinaja / @twihybrids / @gaysempsd / @iconsbabydoll / @iconsbroken / @iconsbbyx / @twitanaconda / @twitmodelz / @editswolfs / @editselmg / @editshundrd / @editbutera / @wolficonsz / @stowicons / @iconshp / @httpmeteoro / @twishake / @twiseriesoul / @twiselenaa / @twiseconds / @twiseriest / @seriesempds / @serieicon / @seriesgallerie / @serieswhtpsd / @gallerykorean / @twitwizards / @twitwolvees / @twiluck / @floppicons / @niceicon / @iconshell / @iconhelps / @iconhuntress / @iconheader / @whyicons / @forevericons / @othersicons / @obrienedits / @hollandicons / @flighticons / @iconsitemodelx / @iconsicats / @iconslutt / @roleicons / @twicons / @adusia-icons / @holdoniconss / @iconsxgallery / @iconspalvin / @iconsp / @shineicons / @parfait-icons / @trackersicon / @doncastericons / @vampedit / @vampsedit / @serieswhtpsd / @serieswithoutpsd / @serieswithnopsd / @seriesgallerie / @grungesempsd / @wehatepsd

  • 🌸 tumblr’s of twitter pack 🌸

@runwaypacks / @runawaypacks / @pydpack / @packsmodelz / @packsrainbow / @packsclouds / @packswpsd / @roundpacks / @seapacks

  • 🌸 tumblr’s of headers 🌸

@randmheaders / @headercoloring / @wolfzheaders / @headersbullshit

  • 🌸 tumblr’s of gifs for edit 🌸

@colorgifs / @gifsillusion / @gifslixao / @wealcoloring 

  • 🌸 tumblr’s of previews 🌸

@previws / @previewspastel / @bluepreviews / @rosepreviews / @wantedpreviews / @warriorpreview / @luvpreviews

  • 🌸 tumblr’s of downloads 🌸

@drugdownloads / @songshunters / @cloudownloads / @vevodownloads / @luvdownload

  • 🌸 tumblr’s of dash sutff 🌸 

@downtowndash / @coffedash / @dashtars / @dashavatars / @dasheaders / @scksicon / @crapicons / @vintagethedash / @coachellavatars

  • 🌸 tumblr’s of galleries 🌸

@wantedgallerie / @punkgallery / @personalgallerie / @capturegallery / @miscspics / @gallerykorean / @gallerymodel / @whygallerie / @whyinsta / 

  • 🌸 tumblr’s of themes 🌸 

@xxthemes / @themesbyflorels / @themesources / @themesbyunlure / @themesbycel / @scorpiusthemes / @acuite / @shythemes / @ladmilkthemes / @magnusthemes / @bravethemes / @themehunters / @theme-hunter / @moonstarthemes / @mariesthemes / @grounderthemes / @mrsthemes / @wonderfullythemes / @bychloethemes / @fhlorant-themes / @painthemes / @lunarthemers / @vortexthemes / @roxiestheme / @neonbikethemes / @kara-themes / @skyrimthemes / @caulfielld / @captinthemes / @solarre

  • 🌸 tumblr’s of banners/designs 🌸

@designfanfics / @bannersinpsd / @queendesign / 

  • 🌸 tumblr’s of gradients/pallets 🌸 

@77pm / @pictureperfectpalettes / @gradientoftheday / @39pxl

tumblr’s of html

@html-party / @bombasticdesign

  • 🌸 posts to help you 🌸 

resources pack → queendesign pack i / baelockscreens pack / pinkkawaii pack / @boxpacks / @urlsource / @urlsxx

my posts for you → ps downloads / overlarys pack i / overlarys pack ii / miscs pictures pack / textures pack i / textures packs ii / actions for gifs / actions for images / my psds / 3d effect

here’s our first follow forever!! we reached 2k followers so we wanted to do something special, the blogs mentioned are our favorites resources blog and we want you to check them out!! enjoy<3 


@aliensavatars@allyofrps​ @amazinpsds @ameriepsds @arabellasources @arescoloring @artcolors @atlantisps @birdypastel @birdysources @braziliancode @cabaretpsds @capscolorize @captaincoloring @chaoticresources @ciaracoloring @completeresources @colorarepsd @colorme-blue @colorpreviews @colorspreview @crapcoloring @dashiconsxo @doddiecolour @dnacoloring @everdeenps @flamepsd @floydcolorings @forevericons


@galaxyavatars @galaxypreviews @galaxyps @gryffindorpsds @halseycoloring @honeycoloring @ironcollection@itscolour @itsphotoshop @kilamziaz @l-agallerrie @lewispastel @lilapastel @lolitavatars @luvpreviews @luvsourcers


@malabamips @nothingps @opulenceps @opulenceresources @palecolorful @photoshopastel @pondps @previewcolorings @pscity @pswonderland @rabbithelps @randompastel @ravencoloring @redsource @remondpsds @resourceme @revivalpastel @rollpsds @royaleicons @royalscolor


@samepsd @selenapastel @seriespastel @shipcoloring @sickpsds @sixcoloring @spanishelpers @springdash @stipslerie @stormpsds @sunsetps @toxicpsds @troyepastel @unbrokencolorings @vannilapsds @wasirauhlpsds

Gente??? Perdi a conta de quanto tempo eu não vejo um ff aqui no remond!! Queria dizer que todos os tumblrs daqui são especiais, nunca desistam, vocês são maravilhosos <3

@corneliapastel, @lewispastel, @dokinps, @viewsgallery, @punkgallery, @forused, @palegallerie, @warriorpreview, @pswonderland, @psperfect, @stipslerie, @iconsflow, @colorgifs, @runwaypacks, @roundpacks, @fullsizes, @baelockscreens, @popdash, @collinspastel, @savingifs, @l-agallerrie, @fuckscreens, @xsomerland, @xsources, @looksgreat, @artjunkpsds, @artllerie, @troyepastel, @doddiecolour, @doddielists, @dashiconsxo, @lmjheaders, @pacifycolour, @yourfonts, @passo-html, @nanavatars, @studiocolorize, @whyinsta, @whyicons, @gifiles, @wealphotoshop, @wealgifs, @damehelp, @ajudacriativa, @litterarium, @royalepsds, @capscolorize, @captaincoloring, @galaxyps, @galaxypsds, @wasirauhlpsds, @colorarepsd, @coloraregifs, @shipcoloring, @prettycolorspsds, @shipcoloring, @photographps, @ashepastel, @ghostsavatares, @luvsourcers, @luvreblog, @aboutcolorings, @reblogfi, @reblogresources, @reblogxs, @springdash, @lovsgifs, @revivalpsds, @twiballon, @ciaracoloring, @artdotcode, @colognepastel, @birdysources, @birdypastel, @ameriepsds, @starlightps, @selenapastel, @stuckreblogs, @prwviews, @gawlaxy, @artcolorings, @brighticonz, @dnacoloring, @forevericons, @flighticons, @sweetdesigns, @sickpsds, @vannilapsds, @psdhampirs, @r-es0urces 

love you guys ! I hope I have placed everybody! You motivate me to continue! <3

artcolorings anastaciasgrey artjunkpsds arescoloring americapsds addictionps alphacolorize artfulpsds baepreviews birdysources breakdash c-olorings canadianps capturecoloring capturesps chasinghtml clowdps coloring-psd coloringobrien completeresources crapcoloring dirrtylady dirtbagps dnacoloring everythingsps evenstarspsd flatlinepsds galaxyps gallerygomez ghostsavatares gifspale hey-headers hipstaps hipstacoloring hogwartspsd howcolorize hunteredit iconshey illusionps iridescentpsds itsphotoshop l-agallerrie l-ecouloir lawynterpsds louderpsds louispsds lovsgifs malabamips maxiresources meansicons milavatars ohcolouring onmypsds opulencepsds othersicons pallidcoloring photogallerrie photoshopastel pinkcoloring previewscreens previewcolorings pschannel psperfect pswonderland psclarity queencoloring quinncoloring quiteicons resourcesmill safecoloring samepsd screenpastel selenapastel sempsds shinegallerie sistaroundpsds stipslerie stratfordps stuckdiesel studiocolorize stupidresources stupidpreviews swifterflyps targarycon twiheros twizoella twiniggas vampsedits wasirauhlicons wasirauhlpsds whatphotoshop whatcoloring xcaptures xxphotoshop xxthemes yeypsds yescoloring yeahsource

So that’s it. The year is over, but anyway I wanted to thank you for making my dashboard even better than the previous year. I know I don’t talk to everyone, but each of you make a difference. And that 2016 be the best year ever for all of us and that you never give up their blogs because they are amazing! Thanks for everything and happy holidays!


@alexandradaddvrio  @cameronbriel44  @matthdaddaric  @starroses7



a b c

@a7xgraphics  @aaronjohnsondaily  @aaronjohnsonsource  @aaronswarnerr  @aarontaylorjohnson  @acciomarauderera  @agrande-news  @ahlupin  @alienglert  @allisonargentdaily  @allisonmccalling  @alphalewolf  @alphathemes  @andrewgarfielddaily  @antiquario-meu  @argentie  @ariana-news  @arigrandz  @aronswarnerr  @artertonedits  @asabutterfielded  @asheathes  @atalienart  @avangifs  @avengedsevenfxld  @b-ulimiapoetica  @ben-barness  @bermuda–locket  @bibliotecadewebs  @bisoukawaii  @blondetrashbag  @bluesaiyans  @bonibennett  @bucckybarns  @capitolcouture  @caroldanmvers  @caryfry  @cerseislannistters  @city-of-shadow-hunters  @cityofrobothearts  @clacelightwood  @clareyfray  @claryherondales  @coloringobrien  @croatoqn  @crystalsreed

d e f

@daddarioworld  @daileeboothfeld  @dailya7x  @dailyadelaidekane  @dailyamylee  @dailyardenbcho  @dailybrentonthwaites  @dailycapitol  @dailydeutch  @dailyemmastone  @dailyfallensaga  @dailyfuhrman  @dailyhaydenromero  @dailyirvine  @dailyjamiebower  @dailyjemima  @dailykarengillan  @dailykaya  @dailykayascodelario  @dailyliamdunbar  @dailylilycollins  @dailylizzieolsen  @dailylizzy  @dailypotc  @dailypotter  @dailyrobertdowneyjr  @dailysamclaflin  @dailysebastianstan  @dailysiriusblack  @dailysynystergates  @daisyridley  @daisysridley  @dallisons  @darlingdameron  @deancasdaily  @divergencedaily  @doctorwhoblog  @doppelherzpsds  @douglasbooth-br  @douglasboothitalia  @dylanobriendaily  @dylobries  @editscreens  @edwigesicons  @effiedeen  @emcarstairs  @emclarkedaily  @emeraudetubia  @emiliaclarkenation  @emilybrowningdaily  @emma-stone-daily  @emmastonesdaily  @emmyfans  @emmy-rossum  @emstonesdaily  @enchantedthemes  @excepttheeyes  @ewatsondaily  @faefever  @fairestcharming  @fairlylocalz  @fallenmovies  @finnvrey  @flashsource  @fleck-or-flash  @fuckyeahbrianehaner  @fuckyeahemilybrowning  @fuckyeahmortalinstruments  @fyeahgaryoldman

g h i

@galaxyps  @gameofthronesdaily  @gemmaartertondaily  @ganseye  @geraru  @gifdaredevil  @grantsgustins  @gwenstacye  @gwenstacys  @hailee-steinfld  @hanerds  @harrypottergif  @havilliardes  @heartclubz  @heckyeahamylee  @hellomynameis-edsheeran  @hermionecorfields @herondalegasm  @herondaleness  @hirmione  @hoechlder  @hollandhunts  @hudgensnews  @hushhushers  @hyunseungjangs  @i-adore-fuhrman  @icons80s  @iconsempsd  @iconshp  @iconsevenfold  @idrisbr  @ilovearcticmonkeysandthestrokes  @imaginedragonsdaily  @imodair  @incorrectmarauderquotes  @inspiredbyedsheeran  @iratze  @ironcollection  @its-anselelgort  @itsacode  @itsdemonpox  @itsphotoshop  @izzylcwis

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@jamescampbellbowerdaily  @jamiebowerbr  @jemherondale  @jemimawest  @jemnasimmons  @jennifergarner  @jenniferlawrenceupdated  @jilyfan  @jirvines  @johnny-bonham-carter  @joshhutchersonnews  @julianblakthorn  @junknight  @justagirlnamedkayla  @justice-news  @jvh1988  @kahniss  @karengillandaily  @kayagifs  @kayascodelariosdaily  @kscodelaro  @katherinesage  @kzegers  @l3rmans  @leitorespacks  @liamsdunbar  @lightwoodsinstitute  @lightwoodsjpg  @lilycollinsnews  @lilydoepotter  @lilyians  @lilyjcollinns  @littleinfinit  @lizgillies-news  @loboicons  @logandraparadise  @lovepercyjackson  @lovingasabutterfield  @lucindap44  @lucindaprice  @lydiamrthin

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This is everyone who truly lights up my dash. I likely forgot some because I am so absentminded sometimes, but if I did forget you I’m truly sorry <3 

Hey galaxians, como estão? Como sabem, chegamos a 1k e queríamos agradecer imensamente por tudo, tudo mesmo. Sem vocês o galaxy não seria nada. Então, fizemos esse pack em forma de agradecimento por tudo o que fizeram por nós, e também pra comemorar a criação do galaxyavatarsque a maioria já sabe, é uma extensão de icons aqui do galaxy. 

O pack contém: 

  • 400 dash icons (64x e 100x)
  • 70 psds
  • 20 actions
  • 30 fontes
  • 99 gradients
  • 5 sharpen atns
  • 11 templates
  • 77 texturas
  • 550 screencaps (OUAT, OITNB, PLL, TW, TWD e UTD)

Para conseguir o pack, basta // to get this pack, you just need to: 

  1. Seguir aqui e aqui (iremos checar) // follow here and here (we’ll check)
  2. Reblogar este post, (likes não irão contar) // reblog this post (likes doesn’t count)
  3. Pedir na ask: “galaxypack”. // Ask us “galaxypack”

Esperamos que realmente gostem. Obrigada por tudo. Equipe Galaxyps

Happy New Year from throianbells.

Primeiramente,desculpem o banner kk,feliz ano novo a todos os meus followers,sei que não estarão todos aqui,mas amo vocês,não só por terem me ajudado a chegar até aqui,mas por estarem aqui,comigo. Sem mais delongas,aqui vai os tumblrs que eu amo,e alguns,não vivo sem. Não desistam nunca,pois por mais difícil que possa estar,com tiririca pior que tá não fica.


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Thanks all you guys,i love u ♥

"We wish you a merry christmas; We wish you a merry christmas; We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year." - twitminuit

Como meus amores, vocês já estão acostumados com os meus péssimos banners♥ Ignorando esse fato, eu quero dizer que eu amo muito - mesmo eu talvez, nunca tendo falado com vocês, afinal eu sou uma neyde no tumblr, mas ok - Quero dizer que aprecio muito mesmo o tumblr de vocês e o esforço que fazem para atualiza-los e para sempre dar aos seus seguidores o melhor! Aqui estão listados os meus melhores “followings” de 2014 que eu tenho certeza de que nunca me arrependerei de ter seguido :)

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Espero que nunca desistam e que os que estão em {semi}hiatus, que voltem logo, senão irei atrás de vocês u_u Mas agora, falando sério, admiro muito todos vocês e os que não estão citados aqui, se sintam livres pra vir a minha ask e me xingar, que eu farei um post só pra você me redimindo♥♥♥

Muita felicidade e festa e amor e alegria e saúde e tudo de bom que existe no mundo pra vocês!!!

External image

Here you’ll find psds to dash icons: for series and normal pics! 

For normal pics:

For series:

(vou ficar atualizando esse post)