5 points of Happiness

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- THE SUN. I can’t start this list off without it. Despite its actual functions, the sun makes my life so much easier. I cant help but smile when I feel its warm touch on my skind when the weather is over 75. I love it when it makes me sweat.  I hate it when I don’t drink enough water and get dehydrated from too much heat. Overall though, the sun is a gift that I’m happy to be able to receive.

- two mornings after working out when you wake up after a particularly hard workout and you feel every single part of in your body.  Being sore is a reminder of where you are strong and where you could get stronger to me. 

- finding a book that you are absolutely in love with on your own, no internet searches, friend suggestions or outside influence. just a simple impulse to check it out.  Then after reading it, propagating its wonder to friends who also might enjoy it.

- long walks ( 3+ hours) alone where your location is unknown to all your friends and family.

- essential oils in coconut oil with epsolm salt. after pushing off the dead skin, I put castor oil on and put  on full pants and longsleeves. it makes me feel like a baked potato.

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