My name is Sarah, I’m a 20 year old art major from Oklahoma…I love nature & traveling! I’m the mother of a hedgehog, an Australian Husky pup, and about 13 plants. I’m very laid back, but I love meeting new people! I’m pansexual, but I’m not looking for any serious relationships. I’ll talk to anyone and everyone! 

snap: galaxygarden 

Instagram: carrythewait

My name is Sarah, I’m a 20 year old art student. I like traveling, dogs, books, nature, and witchcraft. I love deep conversations and spontaneous adventures. I’m pansexual, and I’m desperate for some new friendships, but I’m not looking for a serious relationship!  I’m extremely open-minded and I love all types of people! I’m very friendly, so don’t be hesitant to send me a message or something :)

Instagram: carrythewait

Snap: galaxygarden 

Kik: GalaxxyGardenn