Organic Architecture Design

Zaha Hadid Architects has designed the organic shaped Galaxy SOHO, a 330,000-square-metre retail, office and entertainment complex in Beijing, China. The sprawling building consists of four large domes, connected by several bridges and platforms.

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Every year Forbes magazine lists the most powerful people in the world, the newest rankings of the World’s Most Powerful Women 2015 includes six Chinese power women. And these are the six gals that are by far the most influential, rich, and powerful women in China.

Lets start from the bottom shall we?

Yao Chen 姚晨 (Number 82)

One of the most beautiful celebrities and the youngest Chinese individual on the Forbes list…

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Futuristic, massive, and wonderfully curvaceous, Beijing’s Galaxy SOHO complex cuts a striking figure on the city’s skyline. 

Designed by superstar architect  Zaha Hadid, the buildings (which house offices, shops, and entertainment venues) contain nearly 3.6 million square feet of space in a composition of five continuous flowing volumes, each fused or linked by stretched bridges. Then go inside and see the great interior courts designed in a reflection of traditional Chinese architecture where courtyards create an internal world of continuous open spaces.  A magnifique building that must be on your list when visiting Sofitel Wanda Beijing.