I’ve been working several days on this design and I’m really proud of the results… It was so funny drawing while thinking on all the possible adventures that this couple could have lived… hahaha  (^▽^;)

If you want something funny and freak as hell for your special one, you can buy it here. It’s available on various clothing style, also on stickers, greeting cards and spiral notebooks. ♥

-waits for the Space Inquisition to end her for such sacrilege-


These “galaxy” tees from spiralukofficial are inexplicably named after planets (Pluto, Neptune, and Jupiter), but they are still pretty damn cool IMHO. Especially the first one, which is one of my all-time favorite space images: the Hubble Ultra Deep Field (HUDF).

Every single speck of light in the HUDF is a galaxy (save five stars) containing roughly 100 billion stars. There are a total of 10,000 galaxies in this one image which covers a patch of sky roughly equal to 1/50th area of the full moon. We have reason to believe this patch of sky is no different from any other patch of sky so imagine covering the entire sky with fields of 10,000 galaxies - that yields an estimate of 100 billion galaxies in the Universe! 

Now go buy this shirt and school all your friends with your newfound astronomy knowledge. 

- Summer